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GMAT Practice Test- 10 ways to prepare for it!


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To apply for management studies, students need to pass entrance tests. One of these tests is GMAT. The full form of GMAT is Graduate Management Admission Test! It is conducted by the GMAC which is Graduate Management Admissions Council which is situated in Virginia, United States. The GMAT Practice Test is something you will have to attempt several times to crack the exam. It is valid for admissions in approximately 2300 business schools across the world.

Keep reading to learn more about the exam! 

How to register for the GMAT exams?

The GMAT exams are conducted throughout the year. You just need to register yourself and choose a date for your exam. Then you can do the GMAT preparations and attempt accordingly. We recommend you choose a date for the exam 2 months after your registration. This will give you enough time to prepare.

  1. Go to the official website to register yourself.  
  2. Fill up the needed information. This will need you to enter your name, address, qualifications, etc.
  3. After that, choose your center for the GMAT exam. 
  4. Choose your preferred country in the next section.
  5. You will be given a list of test centers in the dropdown menu. From them, you can select 3 test centers.
  6. Lastly, you need to choose a GMAT exam date.

The website will show you the available exam dates. From them, you can choose a date that is suited to your requirements. 

The GMAT exam tests your arithmetic, grammatical, and data-analysis skills to enter the realm of management studies. It tests your ability to critically think and analyze a situation.

GMAT exam syllabus!

The exam has four sections. Each of them has a different score and time limit. The GMAT practice test will prepare you for each of these sections. Let's take a look at them!

GMAT exam syllabus!
No. Subject Format Time
1 Quantitative 31 Questions 62 Minutes
2 Verbal 36 Questions 65 Minutes
3 Integrated Reasoning (IR) 12 Tasks 30 Minutes
4 Analytical Writing Assignment (AWA) 1 Task 30 Minutes

This isn’t the fixed sequence for the GMAT test. You can decide in which order you want to attempt the exam.  You can make this decision at the test center. There will be a computer tutorial for you to schedule the subjects. You can choose from these three orders! 

a) Analytical Writing Assignment-Integral Reasoning-Quantitative-Verbal

b) Verbal-Quantitative-Integral Reasoning-Analytical Writing Assignment

c) Quantitative-Verbal-Integral Reasoning-Analytical Writing Assignment 


  • Analytical Writing Assignment- It is scored separately from 0-6 in half-point increments.
  • Integrated Reasoning- This section is also scored separately from a 1-8 scale in one-point increments.
  • Verbal & Quantitative- Both of these sections have a scale score of 0-60.

 All of these scores are then combined to generate a score on a 200 to 800 scale with 10 point increment. The GMAC algorithm then assesses your score. Although all of these sections are treated equally, Quantitative and Verbal still stand out. The top management colleges give more weightage to the combined score obtained in these two sections.

The GMAC algorithm is designed brilliantly to analyze your critical thinking. When you start the exam, the computer gives you a medium-difficulty question. If you answer it correctly, the algorithm gives you a harder question. If you give a wrong answer, it will give you an easier one. The algorithm judges your score on the rightness of your answer, but it will also consider the difficulty level of the questions.

You will find several articles on the internet talking about tricking the algorithm. But the best way to pass the GMAT exam is to be prepared for it. You need to work on your speed at answering questions. This can only be achieved by practicing! You will also need to attempt more GMAT practice tests to get a hold of your score.

Also, there’s no skip button for the questions in the exam. You have to attempt whatever question it throws at you. You can’t leave the question unattempted, because it will cost you a penalty.

10 ways to prepare for the GMAT exam!

So, here we are with the best ways to prepare for GMAT exams! These 10 ways, if followed right, will help you with your dream score. Let’s see how!

1. Plan early:- As said before while registering choose an exam date at least two months later than the registration. During this time, you can attempt several GMAT practice tests. They will prepare you for critical thinking and analysis for the exam.

2. Know your syllabus:- The above-mentioned sections for the exam are what you have to prepare for. Include these sections in your study plan. You can do it better with GMAT practice tests.

3. The material:- Your study books also play a vital role in your preparations. The best material for this is available on the official GMAT website. It is presented to you by the GMAC itself.

4. Self-analysis:- While attempting the exam, you need to be aware of your strengths and weaknesses. The GMAT practice test will help you in understanding them more clearly. You have to identify your weak points and work on them.

5. Time management- You will have limited time to solve more and more critical questions. You can’t spend more time on one question. That’s why you need to practice finishing the GMAT test within given minutes. The GMAT practice test will help you with time management effectively.

6. Don’t get stuck-  As mentioned above, you can’t spend more time on one question wondering if you’ve answered it correctly. It will only build pressure on you. Instead, try to be calm.  Focus on the flow of your thoughts. And remember, you can’t spend more than two and half minutes on one question.

7. The elimination process:- If you are confused about an answer, don’t dwell on it too much. As said, don’t spend much time on assurance. If you are not sure about the answer compare the options. Whatever feels more doable, go with it. You can even create a guessing strategy to save time.

8. Visual literacy:- To save more time, you need to learn to read the pictures. There will be symbolic or photogenic language in the GMAT exams. To decode them quickly you need to first understand what they mean. In the Quantitative section, you may come across a non-standard mathematical question. It will need you to be able to read the symbols.

9. Math:- In the GMAT exams, you won’t be allowed to use a calculator. Also, you can’t spend much time calculating the answer on the sheet. To save more time, you will have to practice calculating mentally.

10. Try advanced questions:- The advanced questions can earn you the desired spot in a reputed business institute. As the algorithm gives importance to the difficulty level of questions, the advanced questions can help you achieve good grades.

So, these are the things you need to do to prepare for the GMAT exams. Let us know if this information was helpful to you!

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