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Finding a Job through Twitter


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Twitter is a popular microblogging site. Because the messages are extremely short, Twitter is popular with busy CEOs, CTOs, CFOs and HR executives who can put out small messages to remain connected to their friends and colleagues. Twitter should be the only social media platform where PGDM in Marketing, PGDM in Retail, or postgraduates are members in large numbers.


Each social media is primed to suit a certain type of people. Look at Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, and Twitter. It is the twitter where you find most professionals discussing matters of their interest. The short message format makes conversation possible for the busy tech and management professionals. Can employment prospects be discussed on Twitter?  


Many people are using twitter for hiring


Yes it can be. In fact a lot of people find this the easiest way to find a job. Many busy promoters of startups and young companies try to find talent from the people who interact with them on social media such as Twitter. For these people, finding the skillset that they are searching for a particular role is not easy. They are always on the hunt for individuals who have the right skillset. For them, Twitter is an easy way to scan talent, inquire about interests of a likely candidate, and offer a job.


Easy for employer to find right candidate


Anybody who is successful soon develops a huge number of followers on social media including Twitter. But the number of comments and retweets are limited. From what we observe we can say that only highly inspired and motivated people make comments and retweets. For an employer, it is easy to find such people through their comments. Some of these people may have the right qualification and skillset for a role that a company may be looking for.


As a job-seeker


As a job seeker, you can follow companies and executives who are hiring or maybe hiring. Following the people in your segment on Twitter will allow you to have inside information. You will be clued in to all that is happening in your sector. You will also be well-informed about the movers and shakers in your industry. All these will help you know who is hiring and for what role. When you find something of your interest, it will not be difficult for you to reach out and cut a deal.


Better growth prospects


PGDM courses in Mumbai or elsewhere may not be teaching how to use Twitter for finding suitable jobs. However, this is a growing trend and a lot of management students have found jobs through their contacts on Twitter. In this kind of hiring, you are not exactly hired but chosen because of your qualification, skills and suitability to the job. Here, the employer understands well why he is hiring you. The chances of your contribution being recognized and appreciated in the organization are higher.


Final thoughts


Whether you are a PGDM in HR or PGDM in Business Analytics, the world of Twitter is big enough to have you covered. You can use this popular social media to hunt a job as prospective employers are already there searching for the right candidate, qualification, and skillset.  


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