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Different types of Digital Marketing and top Reasons Why Most Career Aspirants Pursue It


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Today more than 60% of the world's population uses a smartphone as an increasing number of processes are being carried out online. The number of social media users worldwide keeps growing with each passing day. This has encouraged a large number of businesses to create an online presence and take advantage of the huge online community.

In the last two decades, our relationship with the internet and digital world has undergone a major change. The stats mentioned above are evidence of the time we spend online on a daily basis. Hence it is not surprising that brands are capitalizing on the online presence of their customers for marketing themselves better.


Top reasons to pursue a Digital Marketing course

If you are still deciding the direction in which you should take your career then take your bet with a digital marketing course. Here are the main reasons why aspirants consider pursuing a course from an institute of digital marketing.

  • It is in high demand

The digital marketing influence is tremendous as it helps brands reach new markets and customers that have never been reached before. Social media and other online tools enable marketers to position themselves in the minds of new potential customers and create a demand through promotions. 

Research suggests that as many as 80 percent of Indian marketers believe that digital campaigns are advantageous for an increased conversion. Therefore there is no doubt that the demand for digital marketing is huge and will only increase in the future. 

  • It gives you the freedom to explore different sectors

Digital marketing now exists in every sector thus giving digital marketers the opportunity to explore numerous industries. From entertainment to fashion and from education to health, digital marketing is in high demand in every sector.

Additionally, there are different roles under the umbrella of digital marketing to choose from. Some of these roles are content marketer, SEO specialist, creative specialist, mobile marketer and online PR expert.

  • It helps you boost your career

Traditional advertising careers require you to wait for years before getting the right opportunity that would take your career to the next level. With a PG in digital marketing, the world is your horizon! There are multiple examples of people who have been hired after they showcased their digital media talents.

If you want to stand out from the crowd, enroll yourself in a renowned institute of digital marketing to learn from industry experts. To attract exciting job opportunities, build your own social media presence, contribute to conversations, start a YouTube channel or blog, and identify ways to show prospective employers how valuable you are.

  • It does not require a specific academic background

One of the greatest benefits that drives aspirants to the field of digital marketing is that your academic background holds very little importance. What matters is your ability to think outside the box, your creativity and passion for the job. 

With that being said, it is essential to know the industry you will be entering rather than going in blind. PGDM courses from top institutions will prepare you for your journey in the digital world. Digital marketing can take you higher up the ladder of success while giving you the exposure you need.


The different Types of Digital Marketing

Before we get into the various digital marketing jobs, let us first explore the topics that they cover. Although digital marketing can be pursued by aspirants who have no prior academic or work experience, having sound knowledge of the various specializations covered under digital marketing is crucial.

Digital marketing is divided into 10 major types. The following are types of digital marketing most commonly used:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization aims to increase the number of visitors to your website by targeting certain keywords to achieve a high ranking in Google or other search engines. It is a mix of on-page SEO and off-page SEO strategies that are carried out to win customers over. While on-page SEO deals with creating engaging and useful content on your website, off-page activities are what you do outside your website like linking activities. 

  • Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing enables you to use paid ads and reach the intended demographic for the duration you have set. These campaigns are measurable and direct interactions with your target audience can help you understand them better. 

  • Pay-per-Click

It goes without saying that Pay-per-Click marketing needs a detailed analysis of keywords that are relevant to your business. With the help of Google AdWords and Google Keyword Planner, you can carry out your research and arrive at a set of cost-effective keywords that work for you. 

  • Content Marketing

Content marketing plays a role in transforming passive website visitors into active customers for digital marketing companies. The key is understanding what your customers desire and delivering that through blog posts, social media posts or articles to add value to their lives and enhance their experience.

  • Mobile Marketing

Marketing messages sent in the form of SMS is a tried and tested way of gaining the recipient’s attention since about 90% of such messages are opened right after receiving them. With modern geofencing options, you can ensure that a specific demographic is being targeted with ease and precision. 

  • Email Marketing

Email marketing may be viewed as an archaic method, not yielding a positive outcome like other marketing efforts. But the modernization of technology has given rise to personalization and tracking tools that would help you design your email campaign while making it easy to monitor. 

  • Influencer Marketing

Many digital marketing agencies work with celebrities and influencers to create brand awareness and use their fan following to convert some of them into profitable leads. Apart from this, website owners can make money by using Google AdSense to carry ads and make their products and services more visible. 

  • Viral Marketing

In today’s modern age, it is not difficult to become an online sensation if you put out eye-catching content that your audience just cannot miss. This content can take any form such as videos or blog posts and can revolve around genres such as lifestyle, beauty, travel and food. 

  • Electronic Billboards

Renting an electronic billboard for an advertisement can cost you anywhere between one to fifteen lakhs in a major Indian city. However, many marketers argue that it is not worth the price they pay since the charm of billboards is lost due to the rise in digital media advertising. On the contrary, some claim that the more attention-grabbing your advertisement is, the higher will be the conversion rate for your business.

  • Radio & TV ads

Radio and television had taken the world by storm at their launch but with the development of other powerful communication channels, their popularity has slowly decreased. However, the advent of digital radio has made it possible to know exactly how many listeners are present thus making it easier to reach people anywhere, at any time. Advertising can also be carried out on platforms like Amazon Prime and Netflix, as they have established a large audience in a short time span.

To kickstart your digital marketing journey, it is a good idea to get trained in at least one or two of these specialty areas to get a better understanding of this field. A renowned institute of digital marketing can offer affordable course structures and flexible course timings, while ensuring that their faculty is qualified who can thereby impart excellent education to students through their brilliant industrial network and years of expertise.


Reasons why digital marketing courses are so popular amongst graduates

  • Growth opportunities

After emerging as a popular industry, the field of digital marketing has widened to offer ample opportunities for aspirants to explore. If you are inclined towards making a career in a social media profile, becoming a social media executive or social media manager is the perfect role for you. In a similar way, if you are passionate about writing and have excellent writing skills, then you can start your career as a content writer. 

  • Market demand

As traditional marketing is becoming obsolete, the need and demand for skilled social media marketing professionals is increasing at a rapid rate. In order to bridge the gap between the demand and supply, digital marketing institutes are coming up with interactive courses to encourage candidates to enroll themselves.

  • Easy to get started

Digital marketing is a field that is easy to get into as compared to other industries. It is a field that you can relate to since our lives revolve around the internet and it is replacing the traditional ways of getting things done. If you are a creative individual who has a drive to learn new things then a PG in digital marketing can take you a long way in your career. 


Summing up

The popularity of digital marketing courses lies in their cost-effectiveness and the viability of building a strong community to get your message heard and read. Being entrusted with a brand’s online presence can be exciting as well as challenging. Do you think you are ready for it? If yes, enrol yourself in a digital marketing course today!

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