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A national MBA entrance exam called NMAT is required for enrollment in the best MBA programs. For some candidates, preparation, like any other competitive MBA test, might be intimidating. On the other hand, the NMAT  exam can be easily aced with the right strategy and advice. Simple to moderate difficulty is the range. This exam is a speed exam, not like the CAT. Candidates can schedule the exam after registering and show up at the location and time of their choice throughout the scheduling procedure. Your test results may allow you to enroll in MBA or PGDM programs at some affiliated top B-schools. Here is a blog that will go into great detail about the NMAT exam's nuances if you want to enroll in respected Management Studies colleges.

Eligibility requirements

The Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) will release the NMAT exam prerequisites. Below is a list of the precise requirements set forth by the GMAC for taking the NMAT exam.

  • Academic Requirements: Candidates must have earned a Bachelor's degree in any field from a reputable university or institute with a minimum grade point average of 50%.
  • Third-year students can also take the NMAT Exam. Admission will be given consideration to those who have earned their diploma by then. This means that final-year students pursuing a Bachelor's degree (regular) may take this test; however, they will only be granted provisional admission if they successfully complete both the NMAT exam and their Bachelor's program with a minimum score of 50 percent.
  • Age Limitations: There are no age restrictions for this exam.
  • Work Experience – Candidates do not need to have any prior work experience in order to take the exam. However, through this test, candidates with two or more years of work experience will be given preference in the MBA admissions process.
  • This test will be based on the aforementioned standards. Depending on the institute you apply to, different requirements may apply for admission. As a result, applicants should verify the data before submitting it.

NMAT Registration

Candidates can apply for the NMAT exam if they have finished or will finish a bachelor's degree program. Over 40 different colleges register applicants for their MBA programs through the Graduate Management Academic Council (GMAC). Before scheduling a test through the login window, applicants must complete an application form. Candidates can complete this test by registering with GMAC up until the second week of November, according to the suggested schedule. On the other hand, the exam schedule will be accessible for a longer period of time. To take the NMAT exam, candidates must submit an application and set a test date. the filling of personal, academic, and communication information, the adding of school preferences, the creation of an account, and the payment of the application fee are all steps in the registration process.

NMAT Exam Registration: Online application type

  • Credit cards, debit cards, and other payment options include net banking.
  • Step 1: Register for the NMAT exam.
  • Step 2: Sign up and complete the form (personal, academics, contact, work experience if any, Photo ID). Check to see if the name and birthdate on the photo ID match the information there.
  • Step 3:  Choose the MBA programs and BSchools you want to apply to.
  • Step 4: Upload your photo and signature 
  • Step 5: Select This Test by GMAC as the format for your exam.
  • Step 6: Pay the annual NMAT exam fees.


The Graduate Management Admission Council has made the syllabus available (GMAC). Questions from the logical reasoning, mathematical skills, and language skills sections will all be on the NMAT exam. With the aid of this test by GMAC syllabus, candidates would find it simple to prepare for this entrance test.

Candidates should be conversant with the test structure in addition to the material. This is a national entrance exam for postgraduate management programs offered by NMAT colleges that are participating.If candidates are familiar with the syllabus, they will be able to study for the MBA exam more efficiently. The test syllabus consists of the themes in each area and the parts from which questions will be drawn. The three elements of this course are numeric skills, language skills, and logical reasoning.

Syllabus section-by-section 

In order to adequately prepare for the exam, the candidate should be familiar with the NMAT exam syllabus in addition to the exam structure.

Language Skills important topics

  • Reading Comprehension
  • Para Forming
  • Error Identification Prepositions
  • Sentence Completion
  • Analogies

 Quantitative Skills topics

  • Number Properties
  • Arithmetic
  • Algebra and Probability
  • DI Caselets and Tables
  • DI Graphs and Charts
  • Data Sufficiency
  • Profit, Loss and Discount
  • Time and Work
  • TSD
  • Permutations and Combinations
  • AP/GP
  • Quadratic Equations

Logical Reasoning section 

  • Critical Reasoning
  • Analytical Puzzles
  • Deductions
  • Other Reasoning

NMAT Exam Pattern 

For candidates to become familiar with the exam structure, the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) will provide the NMAT exam pattern on its website. Using the NMAT exam pattern, candidates will be able to carefully evaluate the question paper and effectively prepare.

The test pattern comprises details regarding, among other things, the NMAT exam's duration, a number of sections, frequency of administration, manner of administration, marking scheme, and an overall number of questions. Before starting your test preparation with GMAC, it would be useful to be aware of these facts.

Marking Plan

A point will be added to the candidate's score for each correct response.

Incorrect responses or unanswered questions will not be penalized or given any points.

Mock Test

Students can better comprehend the exam format and prepare for this examination's difficulty level by completing the sample test series. The test's questions are a combination of those from last year and those that were anticipated. The free sample test's questions have varying degrees of difficulty to aid with preparation. The results of the mock exams shouldn't deter candidates; instead, they should spend time analyzing their performance and noting their strong and weak points.

NMAT Exam: Why Take It?

The National Management Admission Test administered by the Graduate Management Admission Council

functions as a catalyst

This test's main objective is to support applicants in getting accepted into the universities of their choosing.In order to prepare students for a global market, the test by GMAC  was developed with international management entrance tests in mind. Candidate friendliness, comfort, and flexibility are prioritized. A balanced and non-leaning exam structure allows students from all streams to compete on an equal footing.

The test is flexible:

In the NMAT exam, candidates are free to utilize their individual skills. The students may begin with the issues that they find the simplest because they are not compelled to answer the questions in any particular order. Candidates don't have to worry about difficult questions. They can go on to other issues after that and come back to the difficult ones later.

Candidates who are taking the NMAT exam can select the day, time, and venue for the test. Furthermore, the candidates are not under any time limits because the exam had a 75-day time limit (exam day). When they are fully prepared, they can schedule an exam.

The ability for applicants to review their responses lowers the likelihood of error and further sets this examination apart from other management entrance exams.

Additionally, there are no negative marks, which enables candidates to guess intelligently when they don't know the precise answer to a question.

Retests are provided.

There are three opportunities for candidates to retake the exam. After a 15-day delay, a student may retake the test if they are unhappy with their performance.

Several practice tests are available for the NMAT exam, including the following:

  • The only management exam in India that provides practice questions online and an offline study guide is this one.
  • The online study tool comes with two paid exams, each with 120 questions, and one free exam with 120 questions from the past. The exam bundle that was purchased comes with answer explanations and scoring.
  • The Official Handbook contains four complete 120-question sets of previous NMAT exams that candidates can use for practice. The handbook contains 550 questions in all.
  • Seven full-length tests are available overall from GMAC. 1390 questions altogether, 4 from the GMAC Guide NMAT exam and 3 from the online practice exams, are provided for candidates to practice.
  • Each of the seven complete tests has 120 questions (120 * 7 = 840), with an additional 550 practice questions. A total of 840+550 = 1390 questions are available for candidates to use as test practice.
  • The NMAT exam is unpredictable in terms of pattern or difficulty level, so the 1390 sample problems in this study guide are the most useful in helping candidates become accustomed to the test environment.

For MBA admission to India's top MBA schools, the NMAT exam administered by GMAC is required. Its most well-known aspect is the MBA/ PGDM program. B-School. This Management entrance test by GMAC scores is accepted by many institutions in India and around the world. Remember that dedication is the secret to success. If you put in the necessary effort, you'll no doubt succeed on the test.

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