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The world today functions on a base of technology. Technology has proven to enhance life in more aspects than one. One of the fields of expertise that has seen an increase in the number of aspirants is that of digital marketing. Producing as many as 20 lakh jobs in a year, the industry of digital marketing is a fast-growing and lucrative career.


Digital marketing is recognized to drive an organization's success via employing consistent marketing strategies on various online media and platforms. Considering how digital marketing is a significant contributor to a brand’s development, many consider pursuing professional degrees in the same. 


A digital marketing postgraduate course is a much-sought specialization by freshers and graduates. Most PG in digital marketing courses are of 2 years duration. The advantage of a postgraduate degree in digital marketing is that it is affiliated to the AICTE. This allows for the syllabus of this professional course to reflect any industry changes and trends. 


Considering the dynamic nature of this industry, there are different kinds of courses that are offered to enter the field. A postgraduate digital marketing course such as PGDM in Digital Marketing specialization provides an all-rounded understanding of media and technology. A digital marketing certification course can also be undertaken by an aspirant. These courses allow for the development of relevant and specific skill sets. 


Companies all over the world are employing recruits with a professional degree in digital marketing to tend to all their marketing requirements. Individuals who are skilled in their area of expertise are employed to implement different tactics on digital mediums. These are strategies that allow the establishment of a personal relationship with the audience. 


The primary reason to strengthen customer relationships stems from the connections that develop between prospective buyers and sellers. Social mediums are used to enable interactions between the customer and a brand. In this manner, any concerns raised by customers can be dealt with appropriately. This interaction over digital media can create loyalty with the brand and support for its products and services.


The four most significant aspects of digital marketing that are covered by postgraduate courses include Technology, Digital Marketing, Analytics and Digital Media. This design of the syllabus allows for students to develop an all-rounded knowledge of the field. The marketing course further enhances specialized skills to implement important marketing strategies. There are some universities such as ITM Group of Institutes (Navi Mumbai) that have fully-functional social media labs. This allows students to explore different digital media campaigns in real-time with guidance from experts in the field. 


Another key reason that students pursue a postgraduate course in digital marketing is that there is 100% placement assistance offered by the university. This allows for the students to get in touch with reputed names and work for the same with their skills.


Some of the career options that can be considered with a PGDM in digital marketing course include Mobile Marketing Expert, User Experience Designer, E-Commerce Manager, Conversion Rate Optimizer, Digital Content Strategist and Social Media Handler.


Specialization courses that are available online are taken by aspirants who are looking to receive a certification and in-depth knowledge about an aspect of the field. Many choose to pursue specific certification courses even after the completion of their postgraduate degree. Professionals in the field also register for specialization courses, to up the relevance of their knowledge. 


Some of the specialization course areas include Google Analytics, Search Engine Optimization, Customer Analytics, Advanced Excel and Social Media Marketing. 


Courses grant students the relevant skills required as per the brand and its interactions. Given the rapid pace at which the field of digital marketing is evolving, participating in the fundamental courses enables entering the field with the right knowledge.

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