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Postgraduate Management courses enable students to widen their insight, advance their comprehension and update their knowledge about a focused subject area. Most PGDM courses are 2-year, full-time courses. They are at the same level as Master’s degrees but are shorter in duration.

If one wishes to pursue higher studies or employment abroad, it is important to know that a PGDM is worth 120 credits while a Master's degree is worth 180 credits. The average PGDM course fees in India is approximately INR 3 lakhs to 12 lakhs for 2 years.


Courses to pursue after graduation

While post-graduation courses have gained a lot of popularity in the last few decades, an increasing number of candidates are opting for postgraduate diploma courses instead of master’s degrees. PGDM courses offer numerous benefits and can be pursued along with a full-time job.


Let us take a look at the PGDM courses to find out which one best suits you and would be most beneficial for your career. Here is a most sought-after postgraduate courses list:

PGDM in Marketing 

This course helps in understanding and mastering all the possible marketing activities that a brand or venture can undertake for the best results. It covers topics such as Brand Value & Recognition, Target Consumer Analysis, Marketing Strategies, Sales, and Distribution. The course fee for a postgraduate diploma in marketing ranges between INR 1 lakh to 4 lakhs.

For a fresh graduate, the average starting salary is between INR 2 lakhs and 5 lakhs. The top 5 career positions after completing this course are Business Development Executive, Marketing Executive, Marketing Analyst, Sales Manager and Brand Manager. 


PGDM in Finance

A PGDM in Finance is a wide subject area and covers topics such as Financial markets, Accounting, and Investment management. It also includes Market Analysis and Banking. One can advance their position to that of an Investment Banker, Financial Portfolio Manager, and other high profile positions, post this course. The current PGDM course fees for a Finance program is between INR 50,000 and 5 lakhs.

The top recruiting areas after completing this course are banking and insurance. The career opportunities that a candidate is presented with include financial advisor, bank executive, investment banker, portfolio manager and financial manager. Having completed this PGDM program, a postgraduate can attract an average salary of INR 2.5 to 25 lakhs.


PGDM in Human Resource Management 

This course offers students the opportunity to learn and hone the knowledge to manage human capital, ie: employees within organizations. Subjects within this specialization include Performance Management, Training & Development, HR Information Systems, and more. The course fees at a reputed institute can range anywhere between INR 8 lakhs to 25 lakhs.

The job opportunities after completing this course are employee relations manager, training and development manager, HR generalist, technical recruiter, HR manager, HR Director and many more. The average salary of a candidate with a PGDM in Human Resource Management is INR 3 lakhs and can go up to INR 15 lakhs with experience.


PGDM in Supply Chain and Logistics

A PG Diploma in Logistics is a part of business management and deals with all the aspects of Supply Chain in manufacturing-related businesses while logistics deals with managing the complexities of the whole operation. Subjects in the course include Customer Relationship Management, Operations Management, Total Quality Management, Enterprise Resource Planning and Logistics Management.

The job opportunities after completion of this course include logistics analyst, purchasing agent, operations manager, retail store manager and materials analyst, while the average salary for a supply chain postgraduate is between INR 3 to 14 lakhs. 


Tips on choosing the right institute for a PGDM course

Once you have identified the PGDM program you want to get enrolled in, the next step is to choose a well-reputed institute that will offer you the course along with other benefits. Most students make the mistake of choosing a college based on the PGDM course fees associated with it.

Here are 5 useful tips which can help you make the right choice of an institute for pursuing PGDM courses.

1.  Understand your goals

The first step in determining which PGDM institute is right for you is to assess your personal goals. A course can be evaluated in terms of how well it can help you to achieve your goals. A few of the most common goals and motivations for pursuing a management degree are to start your own business, to opt for a career change, upgrading yourself for your existing career and so on.

2. Course content offered by institutes

Once you have identified your goals and needs, it’s time to compare colleges by reviewing their courses to find one that suits you best. If you are interested in marketing, a PG in digital marketing can be considered since it has a vast syllabus and includes other sub-disciplines of digital marketing as well.

3. Quality of education

Wouldn’t it be disappointing to spend your time and money on learning from an institute that wasn’t qualified to teach you? To avoid this, it is always better to verify the trustworthiness of your trainer by digging deep into the background of the creator of a course.

4. Reputation of the college

Completing education from a reputed college can increase your chances of being hired by renowned organizations owing to a number of factors such as updating course curriculum, exposure to the industry and working on live projects.

5. In line with industry needs

The chosen course syllabus should be in accordance with the recent trends in the industry to avoid outdated knowledge. The PGDM college you choose should prove to be useful in getting you selected for your desired job or the promotion you were aiming for.


Summing up

The management capability holds an exceptional spot in the Indian and Global markets. The PGDM course considers the general characteristics of the students, from their capacity to impart and make ideal choices, to creating critical thinking abilities. After finishing a PGDM course, one can fill in as sharpened, talented, and proficient in multiple related fields.

Being a versatile and all-around development course, a PGDM degree is considered the best course after graduation since it will equip you with a superior comprehension of changes. It can show you a huge number of abilities and allow you to broaden your horizons in multiple related fields. There will be a liberty to connect with different experts who can assist you with expanding your organization and gain a broader point of view of your industry. 

The career opportunities for PGDM candidates from reputed colleges are plenty due to the increasing number of postgraduate pass-outs. Today a PGDM in any management field is highly in demand and offers exciting career opportunities to well-trained individuals who have the potential to contribute to the success of the company.

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