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CAT Exam Pattern - 2023


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The Indian Institute of Management created the pattern for 2022 in order to aid in the evaluation of future business managers. Candidates wishing to take the exam this year should become acquainted with the most recent CAT exam pattern. It will assist students in understanding the structure of the CAT question paper and the marking process in order to prepare effectively.

The CAT exam pattern is based on similar entrance tests, with multiple-choice questions (MCQs) to be answered in a set amount of time. Previously, the exam was 180 minutes long with 100 questions, but due to the COVID-19 epidemic, both the exam period and the number of questions were reduced in 2020. The number of questions was lowered to 76, and the exam was cut to 120 minutes. The 2022 exam pattern is expected to be the same as last year. Read on to learn everything you need to know about the 2022 exam pattern, including the examination structure, sectional time limit, marking scheme, and sections.

What Has Changed in the CAT Exam Pattern?

The only difference in the CAT 2021 exam pattern was a change in the overall number of questions. Last year, IIM Ahmedabad, the exam conducting institute, kept the 2020 CAT exam pattern but lowered the number of questions from 76 to 66.

Until 2019, the exam was 180 minutes or three hours long (with a sectional time limit of 60 minutes) and had 100 questions. However, the format was updated in 2020 after five years. The exam is now 120 minutes long, or two hours, with a 40-minute sectional time limit. Previously, PwD candidates received 20 minutes additional in each segment, but starting in 2020, they will only receive 13.20 minutes extra.

CAT Exam Time Limits 2022 - Overall and Sectional Exam Time Limitations

Each segment of the exam has a time limit. As a result, candidates must solve the paper in a particular method. Any segment or section start will be prohibited, as will switching from one section to another. They must go through the CAT questions sequentially, starting with section one and ending with section three as given below:

Section 1: Comprehension and verbal ability

Section 2: Data Analysis and Logical Reasoning

Section 3: Knowledge of Numbers

If a candidate fails to complete a section within the time limit, the screen will switch to the next section automatically, according to the official CAT exam schedule. Revisions made in the future will not be accepted. Each section's question count and time allocation are shown in the table below:

Exam Schedule Questions Allotted Time Allotted time for PwD students
Quantitative Aptitude 24 40 minutes 53 minutes 20 seconds
Logical Reasoning & Data Interpretation 20 40 minutes 53 minutes 20 seconds
Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension 22 40 minutes 53 minutes 20 seconds
Total 66 120 minutes 160 minutes

The Marking Scheme for the CAT Exam in 2022

Knowing the scoring system before taking the exam will allow you to choose which questions to answer and which ones to leave blank. '

  • The CAT 2022 exam would have a total of 198 marks.
  • Three marks for each question.
  • Every incorrect response will be denoted with a minus one point.
  • If a candidate does not attempt a question, no points will be deducted.

 There may be some questions in each part that aren't multiple choice, so you'll have to put your answers in.

Sections Questions Marks/Question Negative Marking (MCQ)
VARC 24 3 -1
DILR 20 3 -1
Quantitative Aptitude 22 3 -1
Total 66 198 -

The Pattern: Test Process Considerations for 2022

●       While taking the test, one might use an onscreen calculator to complete computations.

●       An onscreen clock allowed candidates to maintain track of time while taking the test.

●       The pupils were handed blank sheets of paper for rough work as soon as the exam was finished.

●       No one was allowed to start the exam before the designated start time. The computer screen won't turn on until the overseer makes a statement.

●       If a candidate is observed sitting somewhere other than their designated seat, they risk being disqualified from the exam.

CAT Exam 2022 Study Guide

The CAT exam pattern is challenging, and passing it requires complete concentration. It necessitates a daily study time of six to eight hours. To keep all the concepts and formulas fresh in their minds until exam day, candidates must regularly review them. They must make revisions in light of how they applied themselves to various types of questions. Candidates should take 40 to 50 practice tests while preparing for the exam in 2022 in order to acquire this competence.

Coaching to Prepare for 2022 Exam

The preparation process takes time. At least six to nine months before to the event, one must begin planning. Candidates who intend to study alone need to get started even earlier. Candidates who choose to enroll in a coaching program for preparation receive excellent mentoring from the mentors and coaches. In addition, the coaching center assists students with difficult themes and problems while providing all the study materials and mock exam series. However, kids will have to spend six to eight hours a day in class.

Self-Study Preparation for 2022 Exam

Applicants should choose self-study if they are unable to attend daily classes. Yes, independent study is a viable option for CAT exam preparation. In fact, many CAT top scorers did their own studying for the test. Self-study candidates need not be concerned about 2022 preparation. They only have to take the following actions:

●       Join discussion groups on websites like Facebook, YouTube, Quora, and Telegram.

●       Download study apps for the MBA entrance exam.

●       Purchase top prep books.

●       Obtain online study materials from MBA tutoring organizations, such as mock test series.

●       Make a preparation schedule for each month.

●       The CAT exam is delivered online. The question papers are often moderately to difficult in difficulty. The difference between an easy or difficult issue is how quickly and accurately you can utilize your intellect to answer it.

The first and most important prerequisite is the need to properly understand the syllabus and structure. The major areas you need to focus on throughout your preparation are being able to select the appropriate questions, read them fast and accurately, and solve them quickly and precisely.

Finally, we advise practicing and practicing some more. The more VARC, LRDI, and QA questions you practice, the more influence you'll have over the CAT question paper.

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