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Career Choices After Graduation: An In-depth Guide For Budding Professionals


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Career Choices After Graduation: An In-depth Guide For Budding Professionals


The current cutthroat competition has compelled students to go for higher studies. Though most of the time students end up taking up courses that don’t add any value to their resume nor their area of specialization.


Moreover, with the employment rates plummeting, it has become the need of the hour to zero down on courses that add maximum value to the student's resumes and help them excel at their careers.


We’ve compiled a list of best courses after graduation that can help them progress - 


Product manager

The high-end technologies of machine learning and agile have made the field of product management to be one of the most demanding and growth-oriented courses.


As the name suggests, product managers are expected to take responsibility for the product of a firm, while being responsible for tasks like client relationships, marketing, and sales. The rising requirements and expanding scope for skilled project managers has made it the best course after graduation.


Being a project manager requires skills like strategic thinking, project management skills, skilled in the technical background, and proficiency in communicating their ideas to the rest of the team.


Project managers are usually employed by the telecommunication sector and the information technology sector. The candidate for this job needs to be from the engineering domain.


Digital marketing

The massive outreach of social media and digital sources has led to a surge in the need for skilled digital marketers for firms to spread their products and services to their target audience. Not just the audience, but professionals in this domain has also helped firms to maintain credibility and authority in the field while also clearly communicating their brand message to the masses. 


Since the skills required for this domain are a mix of many skills, the remuneration in this field plays well. The candidates can get opportunities with marketing agencies as well as media houses.


A student may opt for a post-graduate diploma to get their foot in the door and be equipped with the basic knowledge of the industry.


UX designer

The growth in the field of technology has compelled creators of digital products to create better experiences and interfaces for the users of their apps.


Since the digital domain keeps on expanding and turns out an upgrade for everything traditional, the demand for skills of UX designers is on a high. These reasons make UX designing one of the best courses after graduation.


The job expands to UI as well as UX designing and these professionals are likely to be employed by firms Internet companies, E-commerce companies, and Information technology firms. For candidates who look to get in these field diploma courses after graduation can help them get a basic understanding of the industry.


Data science 

As the field of technology grows, so does the need for data science. The need for skilled data scientists is high in the fintech industry, financial sectors, and banking organizations.


Data science professionals need to be proficient at a mix of skills like mathematics, statistics, machine learning, SQL along with proficiency in product management and many such similar skills.


Mass Communication and Journalism - 

Yet another front of the digital media domain is mass communication and journalism. The credit goes to the rapidly booming social media outreach and firms' dependency on digital media. With a qualifying degree, a student can get placements as a radio jockey, anchor, columnist, editor, and many similar job profiles.


Candidates can join a media company or else work on their start-up in the same domain. Another prerequisite can be starting the candidate's publishing website. To get equipped with the fundamental knowledge and concepts of the industry, post-graduation courses can help students significantly.


Banking and financial sector

The BFSI sector is rapidly expanding and is ready to employ even more. The growth is expected to remain the same in the times to come, promising an amazing scope for students looking to join the BFSI sector.


A candidate is expected to pass an entrance exam - bank PO exam, to be eligible to join the sector. The sector tends to employ freshers on the sales front.


A candidate is expected to receive a remuneration of INR 15,000 - INR 35, 000 monthly. The remuneration in the financial and insurance sectors may fluctuate to INR 10,000 - INR 25, 000.


Animation and web design - 

The changing times have led to the growth in the quality of animations and web designs extending its applications to films, series, video games, interactive web design, and other similar fields. 


The remuneration of an animator or a web designer is from INR 10,000 - INR 50,000 depending upon the scope of work, and proficiency of the professional.

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