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Deep Learning is a part of Machine Learning, which, in turn, is a major component of Artificial Intelligence. Deep Learning is the process of studying, analyzing, and detecting data with a pattern. The function is similar to how the human brain functions when analyzing unstructured data such as photographs and blogs. A PGDM program in Artificial Intelligence can cover Deep Learning and lead to a successful career in any of the related fields.


There are exciting jobs in the deep learning field and the future of deep learning seems to be highly positive. You can choose one of the many deep learning courses to launch your career in this field. There are some of the best colleges for PGDM in India that offer courses in deep learning and AI. If we talk about the best colleges in Mumbai for PGDM, ITM Business School in Navi Mumbai is a popular choice.


The quantity of data for a deep learning exercise is enormous, running into millions of units of data. To analyze such a huge amount of data manually is not possible. That’s why deep learning technology is used to study big data and discover meaningful information or business intelligence.  


Someone with a good degree in a deep learning course can start a career as a data scientist. However, to be able to do well, one must have a set of specific skills. These include knowledge of mathematics, statistics, and coding.


A data scientist develops a program as per the specific requirements and the kind of data he may have. This program explores the data and brings forth relevant information.


What Courses are Available and How Significant are They?

To launch your career as a data scientist with a specialization in deep learning, you would need to join a bachelor course in one of the related fields: Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, or Data Analytics. If you are looking for an entry-level opening, a bachelor's degree will be sufficient. But if you aim to secure a leadership position, you should continue your studies up to the masters or doctorate level.


Top Courses and Their Benefits

Depending on where you are located, you can choose the best course and the colleges that offer that particular course. In India, post-graduate level diploma courses that are equivalent to an MBA are considered a good way to make a foray into this field.


Here is a list of some of the top courses in this field:

  •  ITM PGDM Program in Business Analytics (ITM Business School)
  • Advanced Program in AI (IIM Calcutta)
  • PG in AI and Machine Learning (Purdue University)
  • PG in AI and Machine Learning (upGrad)


Deep Learning Role Examples in World’s Leading Companies

Deep Learning is used by all big companies these days to provide hyper-personalized services to customers. For example, when you type a keyword in Google Search, based on your previous searches, it anticipates what you may be looking for. You get a similar experience when you access Netflix. It suggests options based on your previous browsing and viewing history.


Final Thoughts

Deep learning courses can launch your career in the exciting world of AI. As companies are excited about analyzing big data and getting leads from there, there are a large number of jobs in the deep learning field. In this light, we can safely presume that the future of deep learning is very bright.


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