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An Overview of B Schools in Chennai


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Chennai's market has evolved as one of the country's largest metropolitan areas, with foreign corporations investing in practically every sector, including telecommunications, real estate, information technology, health, banking and financial services, consulting, and retail. With health care providers such as Apollo Hospitals and Fortis Healthcare based in the city, medical tourism is another key aspect of Chennai's economy. All of this has raised the number of management job chances in Chennai. The PGDM program is designed to improve skills and satisfy industry requirements through a practical approach. The best moment to enrol in a PGDM program is determined by the individual. This article explains why management courses such as the PGDM in Chennai can be beneficial.

An Overview of b schools in Chennai

In Chennai, you'll find some of the greatest PGDM programs. Top PGDM institutes in Chennai that have received AICTE approval are on par with top B-schools in the city.  These PGDM programs offer both high-quality education and good job placement chances. These PGDM colleges provide a wide range of specialties, including marketing, consulting, international business, retail management, finance, human resources, public policy, and other relevant subjects. All of this gives you a lot of options when it comes to picking a PGDM school.

In comparison to other locations, management courses in Chennai provide excellent learning opportunities with good placement rates. The city's best b schools provide outstanding management education, making it a cherished aspiration of many to pursue management education here. Management courses in Chennai are a fantastic choice because there are more possibilities for studying PGDM education from pgdm colleges in tamilnadu with reasonable fees and a high return on investment. The greater corporate interface is also available in Top b schools in Chennai, thanks to its unique status as the state capital and industrial centre.

Who Should Enrol in a PGDM program?

  • Students interested in a career in management might enrol in a PGDM program offered by a business school in Tamil Nadu.
  • After completing this course, those who can lead and manage teams will earn a high salary. Individuals with strong leadership talents should enrol in the PGDM program.
  • Because PGDM welcomes students from various disciplines, it gives them a tremendous opportunity to change their careers into something that they are interested in.
  • Many students enrol in a PGDM program in order to rise to a managing or administrative job or to change careers. You shouldn't do both at the same time since you'll wind up spreading yourself too thin, especially if you don't have any prior work experience in the new role.
  • A PGDM online or PGDM distance education can be completed by almost any student or working professional. This is beneficial to students or professionals who are short on time or money.
  • B schools in Chennai do not discriminate on the basis of age, thus professionals with a lot of job experience can progress up the ladder.

Benefits of PGDM

PGDM is an extremely rigorous program for those interested in pursuing professions in management. The demands of organisations, institutions, and enterprises are evolving in tandem with the changing world.PGDM is the equivalent of an MBA from an AIU-accredited institution (Association of Indian Universities). This program can only be offered by AICTE (All India Council for Technical Education) authorised institutes. People believe that a diploma is not the same as a degree and that it is not an education, but a PGDM is the key to learning basic management skills and earning a diploma certificate, allowing you to move across the industry regularly after completing the course. The following are some PGDM benefits that may persuade you to enrol in the program soon after reading this:

Courses relevant to the industry include:

The PGDM program has been modified to include courses that are more relevant to current industry demands. As a result, this diploma holder is more likely to adjust to the workplace and has a better understanding of the job. MBA management schools, on the other hand, have a syllabus that incorporates the same old courses and tactics and does not give students current market expertise.MBA graduates must get experience after completing the program, and they will require a significant amount of time to integrate into the sector. MBA programs also take a long time to complete and cost a lot of money, which is out of reach for most people.

Field of Specialisation:

Project management, information technology, finance, marketing, and many other specialisations are available through PGDM. These are minor subjects in Human Resource Management or MBA. Specialisation in a single field might make you more applicable to a particular industry. You'll have a better chance of being hired as a specialist for a specific position.

Holders of a PGDM have more options for further education:

PGDM holders are preferred by business schools in Chennai since they understand the differences in their educational methodologies. PGDM students have more practical experience than MBA students.

Enhanced Job Prospects:

PGDM easily fits into the running business since they have up-to-date industry knowledge and are more competent to give their all in the field, increasing their chances of landing better jobs. MBA students, on the other hand, must fight hard to gain a foothold in firms and advance their careers.

Business experience:

PGDM holders have obtained real-world experience and a greater grasp of the real business through rigorous and relevant classwork, meetings and conferences with business leaders, and internships in management in courses, and are not confined to out-of-date theoretical ideas. Their talents have been refined as a result of these experiences, allowing them to join the real world with more confidence and knowledge. As a result, they're ready to take over their responsibilities as soon as the research is finished.

Faculty who are qualified and experienced:

Institutions in Chennai that provide PGDM programs have very motivated, qualified, and experienced professors, and they pay their employees well, whereas MBA institutions have antiquated university rules that present a barrier to active learning.

Less expensive then MBA:

MBA is a very expensive study, whether you do it in college or at a university, however, PGDM is a less expensive course with a lot of requirements.

Opportunities After Completion of A PGDM

After you have completed your PGDM from a business school in Tamil Nadu, you will be able to work in a variety of industries ranging from private to public.

Public Sector:

Because global firms and many start-ups are eager to hire marketing graduates, the private sector absorbs the bulk of marketing PGDM students. You can apply for jobs such as digital marketing executive, digital marketing manager, brand manager, business development manager, marketing manager, sales executive, and Leads Analyst both on and off-campus after completing your PGDM.

Sector: Government:

Most public sector companies will not come to the institution for placement because they have different exams; nonetheless, anyone who keeps track of such exams can apply and succeed. The ideas you'll learn in PGDM will help you grow revenue in any sector.


You can be your own boss if you don't want to report to anyone. You'll be able to adapt the marketing tactics you'll learn in PGDM to your start-up with ease. With good communication skills and customer networking, one can easily grow their start-ups to new heights. You learned and practised how to acquire and retain clients during your PGDM courses. This will be more than enough to prepare you to handle the challenges of life.


If you understand and grasp the market, you can have an impact on it. You earn money by advising firms on marketing strategies and assisting them in their expansion. They will pay you modest advisory fees after they conduct business with your ideas. You have the option of starting and running your own consulting firm or working for a consulting firm.

What Steps Should You Take To Become a Management Expert?

To become a management expert, organisations offer two well-known and respectable degrees: PGDM (Postgraduate Diploma in Management) and MBA (Master of Business Administration) (Masters in Business administration in management).

These programs can help you land a prestigious career in your chosen field. Many students from various disciplines of study enrol in these courses after graduation in order to maximise their future employment opportunities.

On-the-job students and interns also prefer to enrol in a professional management course to strengthen their qualifications and broaden their skill set, which will enable them to pursue new opportunities. Most people choose the MBA because they are ignorant of the PGDM program. This is due to a lack of knowledge and understanding of the PGDM program.

Chennai has a significant presence on the national map of management education, thanks to increased facilities for industrial contacts. Chennai is a significant Asian commercial centre as well as one of India's most popular educational cities. A PGDM from one of the b schools in chennai offers a wide range of benefits. It improves your skills and helps you become a management expert in a short amount of time. It increases your chances of finding a better job in the future.

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