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An insightful look into the top PGDM colleges in Mumbai


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Mumbai is known as the city of dreams. Our life is meaningless without a dream This city allows us to dream big as well as accomplish those dreams.

Education gives us a platform to stand tall in a group of people. You gain the confidence to face people and learn to do better with time.

Be it an artist, engineer, doctor, choreographer, editor, filmmaker, aspiring businessman or marketing employee, and more. All these careers and job profiles need quality education and guidance. 

Only then we can be capable of achieving our dreams.

For students who want to go into management, Post graduate diploma management in Mumbai will have many courses and colleges to choose from.

Why choose PGDM in Mumbai?

Building a successful management career usually necessitates the use of well-defined tactics, and enrolling in a top PGDM college in Mumbai

Finding the best college that will adequately prepare you to compete in a highly competitive market is one such strategy.

The Postgraduate Diploma in Management is one of India's most advanced courses, catering to business needs and assisting management aspirants in developing specific skills to become industry-ready professionals. 

Employers value PGDM services because they add value to the standard MBA curriculum. Management aspirants must select the appropriate program and management college for their specific career goals.

Benefits of doing PGDM from Mumbai

  • Option for an Entry-Level Job

Unlike in many other industries, your previous experiences will be kept in mind. Choosing a management career in India will provide you with a wide range of career opportunities as soon as you graduate from your institute with proper training. This is critical because top-level management often values a strong work ethic, quality service, and a great personality over experience. 

  • Professional Development

As industries grow in terms of the gross economy each year. This is a fair representation of the workforce needed to meet the industry's ever-increasing demands. A well-chosen career in management can lead to a plethora of opportunities. Graduating from a top PGDM college in Mumbai will be helpful 

  • Possibilities for travel and management

Perhaps we are combining two things, but with a good Post graduate diploma in management, the beauty of this industry is traveling, people, or work management. There are job opportunities available across India, whether you work in large industries or start-ups. This may differ depending on the courses you've taken, your focus or specialty, and the exposure you've received during training.

PG diploma courses are available in top PGDM colleges in Mumbai 

  1. Post-graduate diploma in management in Human Resources Management
  2. Post graduate diploma in management inDigital Marketing
  3. Post-graduate diploma in management in Hospitality Management
  4. Post-graduate diploma in management in Information Technology 
  5. Post-graduate diploma in management in Business and Analytics
  6. Post-graduate diploma in management  in Sales and Marketing
  7. Post-graduate diploma in management in International Business
  8. Post-graduate diploma in management  in Entrepreneurship

Eligibility criteria for top PGDM colleges in Mumbai

As with most postgraduate courses, there are eligibility requirements to be able to take the course from the top PGDM college in Mumbai. The requirements are not stringent, but make sure you meet them. Otherwise, you will be unable to apply for admission.

 Here are the requirements:

  1. You must be a graduate with a cumulative final score of 50% or higher.
  2. Your degree must be recognized and from a university accredited by the government.
  3. Students in their final year may apply on a provisional basis.
  4. You must pass a competitive entrance exam required by the institute to which you are applying.
  5. Exams such as the MAT, CAT, CMAT, XAT, SNAP, and GMAT
  6. Following the entrance exam, you may be required to complete a personal interview and a group discussion round.

Top PGDM colleges in Mumbai

In recent years, there has been a surge in interest in the PGDM degree among management aspirants. The main reason for this popularity is that skilled students have more career opportunities than MBA students.

The top PGDM colleges in Mumbai will teach you to deal with real-time problems and handle situations more confidently and wisely. We need a sense of understanding and learning to benefit from the wide range of opportunities we will face in the near future.

Here are some of the top PGDM colleges in Mumbai

  1. Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies (NMIMS)
  2. VES Business School (VBS)
  3. Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies (JBIMS)
  4. Thakur Institue of Management Studies and Research
  5. Welingkar Institute of Management Development & Research (WE School)
  6. IES’s Management College & Research Centre (IES MCRC)
  7. Jamanlal Insttute of Management Studies
  8. Lala Lajpatrai Institute of Management (LLIM)
  9. Vidyalankar Institute of Technology (VIT)
  10. K J Somaiya Institute of Management
  11. SIES College of Management Studies 

All the above colleges offer valuable courses to enhance our level of education and learning.

Top colleges in Navi Mumbai

  1. ITM Navi Mumbai - ITM Business School
  2. DY Patil University, Vijay Patil School of Management.
  3. Pillai's Institute of Management, Navi Mumbai
  4. Evolve Business School, Navi Mumbai
  5. ITM Institute of Financial Markets, Navi Mumbai
  6. Oriental School of Business, Navi Mumbai
  7. Pillai HOC Institute of Management Studies and Research in Khalapur.

Skills that you acquire while doing PG diploma from top PGDM colleges in Mumbai

  • Improves communication skills-

You are prepared to communicate and develop skills to handle projects and tasks more efficiently. This will help you to do better at every opportunity

  • Learning through experience enhances knowledge and skills-

Students learn faster when they visit industries, interact with corporate leaders, understand corporate culture, and so on. This also allows them to apply what they've learned in their professional lives. Classroom training alone cannot provide a thorough understanding of management concepts. Students learn the nuances of the business world by doing things practically.

  • Helps to develop good entrepreneurship skills-

A manager and an entrepreneur are not the same things. Students in a management college should be trained in leadership skills, effective time management, business development, and other areas so that they can launch their own venture if they so desire.

  • It makes a student more employable in all sectors-

Management institutes should update their curriculum more frequently to keep up with current industry trends. The students learn the most recent concepts, making it easier for them to apply them in their professional lives. 

The corporate case studies and real-life examples assist students in understanding the problems and devising solutions. Employers are looking for problem solvers who are up to date on market trends.

Top PGDM colleges in Mumbai offer the following job profiles 

  1. Business Consultant
  2. Marketing Manager
  3. HR Manager
  4. PR Officer
  5. Finance Manager
  6. Strategic Manager
  7. Brand Manager
  8. International Sales Manager
  9. Administrative Officer
  10. Human Resource Manager
  11. Business Analyst
  12. Public Relations Officer
  13. Financial Manager

Average salary after pursuing a PG diploma from a top PGDM college in Mumbai

A good salary becomes our motivation to find better opportunities. 

But when can we attract good salaries? Only if we have done our PGDM from good B-schools with a high reputation.

Top PGDM colleges in Mumbai offer you some of the best jobs with lumsome salaries!

PGDM jobs in India are among the highest-paying in the country. The average salary for a PGDM course in India ranges between INR 5 and 20 LPA. Finance, sales, marketing, human resources, and other industries all have PGDM positions available.

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