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All You Need to Know About International Business Management


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 What is International Business Management?

  • International Business Management is usually a postgraduate course, like a Master’s or diploma. It is useful for students who have an undergraduate degree in business or any other related field.
  • It teaches students knowledge and skills about managing a business that is being operated globally.
  • Under this course, students cover topics like business strategies, international finance, supply chain management, international trade regulations, cross-cultural communication, and global marketing.
  • This course teaches students about the challenges and opportunities of running a business, as well as effective strategies to address them.

 Why study International Business Management?

 An international business management diploma is useful for people who want to learn global business strategies and cross-cultural communication skills. Here are some benefits of choosing an International Business Management course- 

  • An International Business Management course will help you get a global perspective since it teaches about global challenges faced by businesses.
  • When you take up this course, you develop strategic thinking skills, problem-solving skills, and management skills by working on projects, presentations, reports, etc.
  • International business management will expose you to various contacts from different backgrounds. It is very important in the business world and will build your cross-cultural communication skills.
  • The demand for candidates with experience in international business management is high, and there are a plethora of career opportunities with high earning potential.
  • For students who want to start their own businesses in the future, a course is a great option as it strengthens your foundation in business.

International Business Management degree course details
Course level Postgraduate degree
Duration Two years
Examination type Semester system
Eligibility 12th pass with a minimum of 50% from a recognized board, and a Bachelor's degree in Business, Economics, or a related field.
Admission process Merit-based
Course fee INR 12, 000 to 6,00,000
Average starting salary INR 4.2 Lakhs to 24.0 Lakhs
Job profiles International trade, global finance, international marketing, supply chain management, entrepreneurship

International Business Management course syllabus

Here are the International Business Management subjects included in the syllabus.
Semester 1 Semester 2 Semester 3 Semester 4
General Management International Business Environment International Marketing International Marketing Research
Research Methodology and Business Statistics Internet Security and Cyber Laws International Trade Practices, Procedures, and Documentation International Human Resource Management
Entrepreneurship and New Venture Planning International Trade and Policy Framework International Supply Chain Management & Logistics Global Strategic Management
Accounting for Managers International Financial System Service Marketing and Customer Relationship Management Cross-Cultural Consumer and Industrial Buyer Behavior
Economics for Managers Operation Research for Business Decision International Financial Management International Advertising and Brand Management
Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility of Business Marketing Management Foreign Language for Business – 1 Foreign Language for Business – 2

Eligibility for an International business management diploma

  • A candidate must pass 10th and 12th with an aggregate of 50% marks from a recognized board.
  • A candidate must have a Bachelor’s degree in business, economics, or other related subjects.

Admission process for International Business Management 

  • Students should first select the colleges they want to join and then fill out their forms.
  • Candidates interested in the PGDM-IB will have to sit for entrance exams like the MAT, CMAT, CAT, etc.
  • After the examination, colleges will release their list of selected candidates and the cutoff.
  • The qualified students will be called in for a personal interview.
  • Finally, the selection will be made based on their performance in exams and personal interviews.

How to Prepare for International Business Management Entrance Exams

Here are some steps to prepare for the International Business Management Entrance Exams.

  • Start your preparation by understanding the syllabus and exam pattern. This will reveal the types of questions, marking scheme, etc.
  • Make a study plan and manage your time, as it is very important.
  • Identify your stronger and weaker sections and work on them accordingly.
  • Do rapid revision for retaining information.

How to get Admission to Top International Business Management Colleges?

The selection process usually takes place in three stages, i.e. appearing for the MBA entrance exam, filling up forms at the selected University, and giving a personal interview. But here are some other points to keep in mind if you want to get into a reputed college.

  • Start preparing early, and try building a good academic record that is a minimum of 50% in 10th and 12th grades.
  • Perform well in your Bachelor's Degree as well. Even though the minimum percentage required is 50%, try showing improvement.
  • Although experience is not mandatory, experienced people are more likely to get admission.
  • Start early with your group discussions, personal interviews, and written aptitude test (WAT) preparation.

International Business Management jobs and salaries

Here are some job descriptions for a student pursuing International Business Management:

  • Business Analyst- Checks about the changes in businesses and communicates their advantages to all stakeholders. The average salary is 3 lakhs.
  • International Product Manager- The charge of the products and services that are marketed lies in the hands of an international product manager. They would check the product packaging and other requirements. Their average salary is between Rs 4 lakh and Rs 10 lakh.
  • Human Resource Manager- They ensure that the best staff are hired for the company. They communicate with other members for smooth functioning and also ensure the staff are comfortable. Their average salary is between Rs 4 lakh and Rs 15 lakh.
  • Product Manager- They are in charge of checking the steps necessary to introduce a product to the market. The average salary is about 16 lakhs.
  • International Marketing Manager- They are in charge of increasing market profits by implementing marketing strategies. The average salary ranges between 4 lakhs to 8 lakhs. 

Future Trends and Developments in International Business Management

As mentioned, international business management offers a wide range of job opportunities. Most of them are managerial posts; however, there are more options to discover in the course. This is:

  • Business Consultant- In this job, you can act as an expert to guide companies in their businesses by working as both full-time and part-time consultants.
  • Teacher- Doing this course will not hamper your dream of becoming a teacher. You can be a teacher in various business schools and prepare students for different MBA entrance exams.
  • Entrepreneur- You have been taught in the international business management course that you can successfully start your startup or any business and enter into entrepreneurship.

Skills Required for Success in International Business Management

Here are the top skills required for every student pursuing International Business Management-

  • Outstanding networking skills
  • Flexible thinking
  • Cross-cultural communication skills
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Cross-cultural communication skills
  • Resilience and motivation
  • Collaborative

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