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All you need to know about the CMAT exam


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The CMAT exam has historically allowed candidates plenty of time to read and complete all of the questions, although several have expressed dissatisfaction that they were unable to resolve a sizable number of them. This occurred as a result of pupils' lack of attention to the technique of recognizing and leaving speed-breaker questions.

If you've worked on a problem for a long period without success, move on. If there is still time, you may always return to it. There are plenty of simpler questions left that are just waiting to be utilized.

The Nationwide Testing Agency administers the Common Management Admission Test, a national admission examination (NTA). According to the instructions of the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD), the Government of India, it was conducted by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) till 2018. Over 100 cities in India host CMAT events. Every year, over 50,000 applicants take the test to realize their MBA dreams.

All AICTE-approved and affiliated institutions recognize the results. Based on the exam, more than 1000 institutions in India provide admission. Compared to admission exams like the CAT, XAT, and a few others, the exam is easier. Every year, more and more MBA aspirants choose the exam due to its level and breadth.

CMAT Exam day guidelines

  • The exam will start on the mentioned CMAT 2022 exam date at 3 p.m., so it is advised for students to be on time. Examinees are advised to arrive at the testing location at least one hour before the exam.
  • What to bring: CMAT 2022 admit card, a legitimate ID (such as a passport, driver's license, PAN card, voter ID card, or Aadhar card), a passport-size photo that matches the photo on the application form, a blue or black ballpoint pen, a mask, and hand sanitizer.
  • What is prohibited in the exam room: It is not permitted for students to bring personal objects like watches, cell phones, or calculators.
  • What is given: Calculation sheets will be given to test-takers, who must return them to the invigilator after the exam.
  • Finally, it is important to keep the CMAT exam date in check to avoid any last-minute mishaps. 

How to prepare for CMAT?

A solid strategy is essential for the exam preparation. You will be properly taken care of if you decide to enroll in a coaching program to study for the CMAT exam. Start early, though, if you intend to study independently for the 2023 exam.

Making an exam preparation strategy is the next step after learning the fundamentals of the syllabus and test structure. A decent preparation schedule should include a daily schedule, topic-by-topic hour allocation, and set aside time for working through practice problems and gaining conceptual understanding. Remember the following:

  • Candidates must start their preparations at least six months before the CMAT exam date.
  • Every year, the exam is taken in February or March, thus CMAT study must start by September or October.
  • Obtain the study guides and preparatory materials for the exams.
  • Join online study groups and download tools to help you prepare for the MBA entrance test.
  • Create a test study plan for each month. To ensure that you have a proper study plan in place, ensure that you are aware of the CMAT 2022 exam date. 


One of the most essential study tools that any student has to have while getting ready for any exam is the syllabus. It provides a general overview of the crucial subjects and subjects the test will cover. The Verbal Ability, Reading Comprehension, Data Interpretation, Logical Reasoning, Quantitative Aptitude, and General Knowledge sections of the CMAT course are included. In addition to these courses, students must also take the optional course Innovation and Entrepreneurship.


  • To be qualified for the 2023 exam, applicants must meet several prerequisites. Therefore, before CMAT 2022 registration, make sure you satisfy the following requirements:
  • Anyone with a bachelor's degree who is an Indian citizen may apply for the test. Any discipline's three-year graduation requirements must have been met.
  • Students attempting to complete their bachelor's degree who expect their results before the commencement of admission for the academic session 2023–24 are also eligible.
  • It is crucial to keep in mind that the precise qualifying requirements may vary depending on the individual MBA/PGDM programs or different B-schools. Visit the official websites of the relevant B-schools for further information such as the CMAT exam date.

CMAT Exam schedule

The CMAT exam is a yearly test. The first or second week of October sees the formal announcement of the CMAT MBA test, and the third week sees the beginning of online CMAT 2022 registration. Up until mid-December, CMAT 2022 registration is still open. The CMAT test, which typically takes place on the third Sunday in January, is announced after the admission card or hall ticket is published in the second week of the month. In the middle of February, the results were published on the official website. In contrast to the CAT and XAT exams, the CMAT is a very simple exam to pass. To be eligible for admission to some of the best MBA universities in the nation, MBA aspirants should think about taking the test.

Exam pattern

  • 04 (four) points are assigned to each question.
  • Each appropriate response will get the candidate 04 (four) marks.
  • One (1) mark will be subtracted from the final score for each incorrect response.
  • Candidates must select one choice that matches the right option displayed on the screen to correctly reply to a question.
  • However, if more than one answer is shown to be accurate after the key has been challenged, the multiple right answers will receive four marks (+4). Any incorrectly selected choice will receive a mark of minus one (-1). Unanswered/unattempted questions won't receive any points. All candidates will receive four extra points (+4) whenever a question is abandoned or disregarded, regardless of whether it was attempted or not.

Preparation tips

  • Stick to practicing mock exams at this stage of CMAT exam preparation, and set aside a few hours to review key ideas and formulas.
  • It's also time to concentrate on the CMAT's General Awareness part. Start studying static GK subjects. The current events part will be covered if you have been following the news.
  • Make notes of important details while you review challenging material. To refresh your memory the day before the test, you might refer to them.
  • Reach out to your study group or mentors if you need clarification on any subject or idea. To be sure you understand it, put it into practice at least twice.
  • Keep track of the questions you can quickly and accurately answer in practice exams. To lessen the potential of negative grading, target these questions throughout the exam.
  • One of the most crucial study tools is the syllabus. It is essential that students carefully read the syllabus before identifying their areas of strength and weakness. They can allocate their time appropriately when they have analyzed it.
  • To understand the sorts of questions asked, the marks given, and the amount of time allowed for each question, review the test format and marking system provided above. Create a study plan taking all of this into account. When taking practice exams, students benefit from being aware of the exam format.
  • Make a solid schedule and stick to it religiously.
  • Make sure you cover all the material on the syllabus and attempt to finish it early so you have plenty of time for revision.
  • The exam, like other management exams, is broken up into sections to assess the applicant's various skills. These areas should be addressed and prepared for individually by each student. A strong performance in each area will raise the overall grade.
  • Other components of the exam are also included in other tests, but the "General Knowledge" section is distinctive and socially connected with the CMAT. To keep their general knowledge current, students must read newspapers and other publications. This section may have an impact on your outcome.
  • The candidates should participate in a mock exam series to assess their readiness. This will aid in improving applicants' time management skills and provide them with a thorough understanding of how to approach this exam.
  • In addition to studying for the exam, candidates should keep the selection procedure in mind. The majority of institutions will do group talks and individual interviews following the results to wrap up the application process. To do better in these areas, students should also build on their communication abilities and knowledge foundation.

Admit cards

Since April 6, the admissions documents can be downloaded.

This is how to download it:

  • Visit cmat.nta.nic.in.
  • Select the link that says "Download Admit Card."
  • Your application number, birthdate, and security PIN must be entered (generated by the website).
  • View and verify the information on the admission card.
  • Save the admissions card.
  • Publish the downloaded admissions card.

Exam center

In all states and union territories, there are 125 cities with the exam centers. Participants might choose up to four cities when filling out the application form. On their admission cards, candidates would find information about the exam center assigned to them.

The next CMAT 2022 exam dates will follow the same rules as last year's program, the National Test Agency has confirmed.

A score of 347 out of 400 was recognized as the 100 percentile on the exam in 2020. This grade in 2019 was 372 points.

The 63,297 applicants who registered for the 2020 exam have all passed.

Key takeaways

Recalling these details keeps you clear of perplexity. You gain a comprehensive understanding of how you should appear for the exam. What you need to pay attention to and what queries you need to leave.

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