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Syllabus for NMAT 2022

The NMAT, like other MBA entrance exams, has no set curriculum. However, some specialists have created a thorough list of topics based on prior years' NMAT Exams for your review.

The most prevalent subjects in NMAT over the last two years, according to a review of the last two years, have been:

Quantitative Aptitude and Data Interpretation: This is one of the most essential areas of the NMAT entrance exam because it covers all of the conceptual foundations of mathematics from eighth to tenth grade. This portion, however, would not only feature questions based on mathematics, but also Data Interpretation and Data Sufficiency, in accordance with the NMAT 2022 syllabus and exam style. The Quant section of the NMAT by GMAC Syllabus 2022 remains modest for the most part. Even yet, a few challenging questions are thrown in at random on some of the topics covered in the GMAC syllabus for the NMAT. The quantitative component has 36 questions and a time limit of 52 minutes for each candidate.

Language Skills

Reading Comprehension, Verbal Ability, and English Language Skills are all tested in the Language Skills section of the NMAT 2022 Syllabus of the NMAT by GMAC exam. There will be 36 questions in this section, and you will have 28 minutes to finish them. According to the NMAT syllabus, the Language Skills section will test you on the following important themes, which are divided into three sections: Vocabulary, Grammar, and Reading Comprehension. Grammar and Reading Comprehension are two important skills to have.

Logical Reasoning

This portion offers a thorough assessment of the test taker's analytical, critical, and logical reasoning abilities. Its purpose is to assess your aptitude and indirectly synthesize the information provided in the question without verifying its accuracy. To be able to see patterns, grasp family trees, code and decode, and have a sense of complex directions, you should brush up on your visual and logical reasoning skills. Rather than depending on real-time circumstances and your assumptions, you should make your decision based on the information supplied in the questions. This segment will consist of 36 questions that a candidate must answer in 40 minutes.

Eligibility Criteria for NMAT exam 2022

Before paying the NMAT Exam costs, each NMAT 2022 candidate should be informed of the NMAT Eligibility Criteria. Only students who meet the qualifying requirements will be permitted to take the NMAT Exam.

Only candidates who follow GMAC's regulations and register for NMAT 2022 on time will be allowed to take the exam. The application fees will not be returned if you register for NMAT 2022 and later decide not to take it. GMAC also has the authority to revoke your examination and cancel your candidature if any of the information you provided is proven to be frivolous or false.

  • Students must have received a bachelor's degree with a minimum of 50% aggregate from a UGC/AICTE-approved institute or equivalent.
  • NMAT has no nationality requirements or age restrictions.
  • Work experience isn't required.
  • Candidates can take the GMAT three times: once for the exam and twice for retakes, including any no-shows.
  • To be eligible for the NMAT, candidates must have a graduation grade point average of at least 50%.

NMAT 2022 Exam Pattern Highlights

Except for NMAT 2020, which is projected to continue over to NMAT 2022, the NMAT Exam Pattern has remained the same in recent years. The following are the most important points to remember while studying for the NMAT 2022:

  • According to NMAT 2020, there will be 108 questions in NMAT 2022.
  • Unlike NMAT 2020, each of the three NMAT sections (quantitative skills, logical reasoning, and linguistic skills) will have a separate weighting.
  • Candidates have the option of verifying their NMAT score immediately following the exam. Within 48 hours of taking the exam, the candidate will get an official scorecard in the mail.
  • In comparison to other entrance exams such as the CAT, XAT, and IIFT, the level of difficulty will be moderate.

NMAT registration for 2022

The NMAT 2022 registration period will begin on August 3, 2022, and will expire on November 10, 2022. The exam will take place over an 88-day period, beginning on October 14, 2022, and ending on December 27, 2022. To avoid late costs, candidates must register for the exam by November 10th, 2022. There is a provision for late registration between November 11th and November 15th, 2022, with a cost.

  • Creating an account on the official NMAT website with a valid email address and other personal information.
  • Open your email account and click the verification link sent by GMAC to complete your NMAT 2022 registration.
  • Enter your personal information, academic credentials, job experience details, preferred test cities, and ID number (Aadhaar, PAN, Driving License, etc.). You can choose up to five MBA courses from various colleges that accept NMAT scores.
  • GMAC specifies the resolution (max 1 MB) and format (JPG/JPEG, PNG, GIF) for scanning and uploading your photograph and digital signature. GMAC will not allow the document to be uploaded if it exceeds the defined format.
  • Save and submit all of the above-mentioned data before proceeding to payment. You will receive your "NMAT ID" after paying the fees, which will be issued by GMAC. Make a copy for yourself to keep. GMAT will now contact you to schedule your exam, book your slot, and get your hall ticket. Your NMAT dashboard will reflect this as well.

How to Plan for NMAT 2022

Between the 3rd of August and the 10th of November 2022, you can schedule your exam after creating your NMAT account. Here are the procedures for properly scheduling your NMAT exam:

  • Visit your NMAT Dashboard after logging in to your NMAT account.
  • After you have successfully paid your exam cost, go to the 'Schedule Exam' option.
  • Activate the functionality to schedule your NMAT date and time.
  • Choose between a test center-based online test or a remote proctored online test from the comfort of your own home.
  • The test hall ticket can be downloaded from your dashboard.

Hall Tickets for NMAT 2022

Within 24 hours of registering for the NMAT, your hall tickets will be available on your student dashboard. You can access your NMAT dashboard by logging into your NMAT by GMAC account at nmat.org.in. The hall tickets for NMAT 2022 can be downloaded from the NMAT dashboard. The NMAT exam window will run from October 14th to December 27th, 2022. On the day of the exam, you must bring this hall ticket together with a government-issued photo ID. The following are the details that will appear on your NMAT 2022 hall tickets.

  • Name
  • Registration ID
  • Test center name
  • Exam date and Exam time
  • Course
  • Social Category

Important Notes for NMAT 2022 Registration

As we all know, NMAT 2022 has experienced significant modifications, and GMAC has the ability to make even more changes in the future NMAT exam, here are some key items to remember during NMAT 2022 registration.

  • There is no upper age limit for NMAT 2022 registration. The exam administrator, GMAC, will be in charge of extending the registration deadlines.
  • If there is a registration delay, you can rest assured that admit cards will be issued on schedule.
  • After the results are announced in the first week of January, the cut-offs and shortlisting process for NMIMS and other NMAT colleges accepting NMAT scores will begin.

How do I retake the NMAT in 2022?

After the first attempt, you have two chances to retake the test. After you have taken the NMAT once, the option to retake the test will be activated on your student dashboard. You will also be required to pay the Rs 2300/- retake fee every try.

How to reschedule NMAT 2022

NMAT applicants may be able to postpone their NMAT examination in the event of an emergency. You can postpone your NMAT exam to a later date if you have pre-booked a slot and are unable to keep to that timetable. However, you will not be able to reschedule your exam to the previously scheduled date. The exam rescheduling fee would be Rs 1200 including taxes.

We hope that this blog has provided you with the necessary insights regarding the NMAT exams and the registration process. Before enrolling in this examination a student should keep in mind that they should gather up all the information regarding this examination in detail from various institutes and also from online sources.

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