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Do you have what it takes to become a future manager or business leader? If there is one course that can make you a successful manager or business, it is a PGDM course. 

The PGDM course is an exclusive professional qualification. It is well-recognized, respected, intensive, industry-centric and offers vigorous practical learning. This is because the course is designed in a way that the students are moulded to be future leaders and managers.


This blog answers the following questions for you:

  • What is a PGDM course?
  • Who should sign up for a PGDM course?
  • How is PGDM different from other Masters’ courses?
  • Why is accreditation important?

Let’s go about answering each question one by one.


What Is A PGDM Course?

Post Graduate Diploma In Management is an elite postgraduate qualification for students and working professionals. Most of the postgraduate diploma courses aim at equipping the students with the managerial and leadership skills needed for high-profile jobs in the field of management. A PGDM degree is considered equivalent to that of an MBA, during recruitment too. 


Who Should Sign Up For A PGDM Course?

A traditional MBA course allows you to seek in-depth knowledge about a particular field of management. On the other hand, PGDM is a postgraduate course that enables the students to practically implement the theories they learn with maximum industry exposure and interaction. It is a professional course as it covers all the important bases for a student to take a lead in the industry, irrespective of the challenges in their way. 

Pursuing a postgraduate diploma in management from a well-recognized institute serves 2 purposes. It adds value to your curriculum vitae (CV) and also assures you of a campus placement.

If you are merely interested in learning the theories of management for your academics, MBA can be a good option. But, if you truly want to go out to the cut-throat corporate world and excel, sign up for a PGDM course right away.  

A student having completed his bachelor’s can apply for a course in postgraduate diploma in management. A working professional wanting to move high up the corporate ladder can trust the postgraduate diploma in management course to assist him in achieving his goal.


How Is PGDM Different From Other Masters’ Courses?

The PGDM is a differentiated professional course. Let us briefly summarize how.

Unlike other Masters’ degrees, a postgraduate diploma in management course is not designed to expand the knowledge of a student in the subject he learned during his bachelors. It is instead an intensive course offering a wide spectrum of specializations to students who want to be specifically skilled in a particular field. 

This allows the students to be distinguishingly skilled in their specific fields, with the right amount of industry experience.


How Is Accreditation Important?

A B-school’s ranking and reputation are important factors in judging the value of its postgraduate diploma courses in management. But they are not the only factors. The quality of PGDM programs is also evaluated on the basis of its accreditation by industry bodies and management organizations.

These accreditations play a vital role in deciding the quality of a postgraduate diploma. The accreditation is offered based on the skills, industry experience, faculty members, internships, and the success of its graduates.

Accreditation is one of the most crucial things a student wants to check when comparing postgraduate diploma programs. It assures the students of the value of the courses and how they benefit the student’s career.


Concluding thoughts 

Based on the answers of the above-listed questions, you will have a fair idea on whether you want to sign up for a postgraduate diploma in management program or not. And if your answer is yes, you would know which institute you should consider.


ITM Business School 

ITM Business School is one such institute which has its postgraduate diploma programs accredited by the All India Council For Technical Education (AICTE). The PGDM course curriculum at ITM is highly industry-centric, making its students ready to face any industry challenge head-on. The students are provided with significant industry exposure and interaction during the program.

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