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A career in Marketing after PGDM: Benefits, Scope, and Opportunities


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Products don’t sell by themselves, they need the means to reach the audience. For example, you will find at least 15 varieties of rice at the same price in the market and the same is applicable for other commodities and goods that you consume daily. With the consumer having a number of options in a single commodity, the competition to be the top priority in the mind of the public has increased. This is where marketing becomes the brain of the business unit. 

Marketing includes media advertisement, human interaction, and promotion to create awareness about products and services. Marketing acts as the perfect medium for the right product to reach the correct user. 

But marketing is not made for everyone. One requires additional skills for this profession like researching to identify the target audience, presence of mind, developing marketing campaigns, good communication skills, leadership quality, team player, and hardworking. If you have all these qualities, then you should go for PGDM in Marketing Management. 

PGDM Marketing 

A PG in Marketing not only teaches you all the theories of human behavior but also tells you how to apply them to get things done. PGDM in Marketing is a two-year post-graduation course that is split into four semesters, each of which helps you better understand the various aspects of marketing. 

The focal point of PGDM courses is to provide industry-centric, practical study rather than swamping the students with theoretical studies. But before taking any specialization, candidates need to understand the benefits and the scope of the career. 

Benefits of PGDM in Marketing 

Marketing is one of the most diversified business fields with endless career opportunities. Almost every major company or organization has an in-house marketing team. 

  • Higher Rate of Employability 

Companies are always looking for smart marketing managers and executives who can push their revenue chart. With the help of your PGDM degree and other required skills, The chances of you getting into a company are more than any other person in the market. 

  • Higher Career Growth 

Companies have various job roles, each having its different importance in the smooth running of an establishment. Jobs related to marketing have a higher career growth as compared to any other roles of an establishment. 

  • Incentive Rewards

It is rightfully said that marketing is a highly rewarding field and most of the time the incentive is even higher than the salary itself. The more you excel in your job, the better your incentive and salary get. The salary of marketing professionals is higher than that of any other professionals working in different sectors. 


Career Opportunities after PGDM 

Everyone wants a successful career, and with a PGDM Marketing degree, you open new doors to success. The various opportunities that await you are: 

  • Private Sector

The private sector is one of the major recruiters for a PGDM Marketing student as multinational companies are looking forward to taking marketing pass-outs into their team. Once you are done with your PGDM degree, you can apply for any on or off-campus placement for the roles of digital marketing manager, marketing manager, digital marketing executive, brand manager, sales executive, and other related jobs. 

  • Public Sector

Marketing professionals are required in various sectors, even in the public sector. Most of the public sector companies won’t come to colleges for placement as they have different exams. The lessons that are taught in PGDM, can help make you a perfect candidate to push revenue in any sector. 

  • Entrepreneurs

It’s okay if you don’t want to work under someone. With a major in marketing, you can be your own boss. With the in-depth knowledge of identifying and defining your audience, building a persona, and retaining customer strategies, that you are taught in PGDM Marketing, you can easily apply these marketing strategies for your start-up too. 

PGDM Marketing will provide you with various career opportunities. If you are someone who understands how the market works, then you can successfully pursue your career in marketing. But it is not a cakewalk; it comes with its challenges and problems and if you can overcome this, no profession is higher rewarding than this. 

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