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With the growth of E-commerce, operations and supply chain management has also risen. This management has various roles to fill and a lot of opportunities ahead. Let us discuss some.


For selecting a path in operations and supply chain management, you have to take an undergraduate course degree which will provide you with a basic level of skills, and knowledge. After that, a post-graduate diploma in supply chain management course will provide you with advanced skills and knowledge of supply chain management.


 Which includes planning and control of operations, sustainable supply chain management and logistics, managing queues for service operations, revenue management, decision making and simulation, six-sigma quality implementation and data mining for business. 


These skills will provide you with sufficient grip on this field and make you confident to do anything with these skills. There are a lot of jobs that hire someone with a degree in PGDM in operations. And if you have also done PGDM in global business operations, you can be hired by an international company with a great salary package.


An average PGDM graduate can expect 4,00,000 to 5,00,000 lakh per annum. It will depend on your skills and experience. You can earn more if you have more experience and skills in this field. The best will get the best salary package. You can choose from various job positions this field offers. 


This field is full of job positions but lacks talented candidates who are interested in building a career in operations and supply chain management. You might be the one who can fill one of the spots. The Georgia Centre of Innovation for Logistics report says that 200,000 jobs will be vacant in supply chain management each year due to less competitive individuals. 


You can apply for various jobs in this field. These jobs are so important and high that you might wonder how these jobs can be vacant. These jobs include Logistics Manager, Operations team Leader/Operations manager/ Operations analyst, Procurement specialist/Buyer/ Purchasing manager, Project manager, Supply chain specialist and many more. 


In a few words, this course and career is full of untapped talent and can be a great opportunity for you to pursue it. You will learn all specializations and skills an operations and supply chain manager need to manage his or her work. This field will provide you a good high salary with a responsible post to fill. 

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