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8 Big Benefits Of PGDM Over A Traditional MBA


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Many students graduating from their high-schools look forward to pursuing higher education through either MBA or PGDM. These two are the most popular management courses. Being multi-disciplinary, students from diverse backgrounds are free to sign up for these courses. Their major objective is to rise up the corporate ladder.

MBA and PGDM are management courses that are not just pursued by graduate students but also by working professionals who are stuck at a certain level on the corporate ladder. 

Both these courses have their own perks, but students tend to bend a little more towards MBA, given the value it has already established in the market. This happens because they are unaware of what perks PGDM offers in comparison to traditional MBA. 

This blog aims at clearing all your doubts regarding the selection battle between both these courses. While reading through it, you can easily figure out that PGDM gives a tough fight with the benefits it offers. 


Find below a list of benefits that pose PGDM to be higher on the scale in comparison to the conventional MBA course.

  • Experienced & Qualified Faculty Mentors

With a PGDM course, you have a team of faculty mentors rich in both academic and industry experience, at your disposal. These faculties take it in stride to impart their knowledge to the students and mould them into management professionals who can take every challenge the industry throws at them.

  • Industry-Centric Course Design

Unlike the rigid course curriculum of MBA, PGDM follows a very dynamic approach for the course curriculum. It is updated timely to meet the industry needs. This ensures that you pass out attaining all the knowledge you need to thrive in the industry you choose to be in.

  • Exemplary Skill Sets

When you sign up for a PGDM, you develop multiple skill sets along the way that can come in handy in the corporate world. These skill sets range from managerial and leadership skills to people and soft skills, hence PGDM covers all your bases from technical to interpersonal skills. The ultimate outcome is that you are ready to work in the industry with the technical skills and to claim your position in the industry with people and interpersonal skills.

  • Wide Spectrum of Specialisations

If you apply for a PGDM course, you will find that you are presented with a variety of specialisations. This gives you the liberty to select a specialisation based on your area of interest. Being a management course that is highly industry-centric, PGDM ensures it stays updated with new career trends in the industry and adopts them into a course specialization that can get students industry-ready.

  • Interactive Sessions

There is not even a slight chance of you getting bored in a PGDM classroom. The lecture sessions of this course are highly interactive with discussions, debates, presentations, etc. The faculties urge students to interact with them and the classmates too, this boosts their confidence and improves their communication skills.

  • Industry Interaction & Exposure

A PGDM course brings you an abundance of industry interaction and exposure in the form of expert talk sessions, live projects and internships. This enables you to establish your own contacts in the industry and gain industry insights from the best of experts.


PGDM courses are considered an expensive affair universally when compared to a traditional MBA course, be it any college/university. But if you rethink while considering the above mentioned benefits that a PGDM course provides you with, you would understand it’s a small price to pay in comparison to the invaluable career edge it hands you.

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