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6 Things To Consider Before Choosing A PGDM Specialization


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Once you decide on pursuing a PGDM degree, you need to choose two things — the institute and the specialization. Usually, the PGDM course has the students learning all the foundational subjects and basics in the first year so as to provide them with an in-depth exposure to their specializations in the year to follow.


The standard specializations that most PGDM programs offer are: 

  • Marketing
  • Business Analytics
  • Operations & Supply Chain Management
  • Finance
  • Digital Marketing & Transformations
  • Retail Management & Marketing
  • International Business
  • Human Resource Management


Hence, you should be extra careful when choosing your specialization. This blog covers a few factors that should be on your checklist for deciding on a PGDM specialization. 

  • Identify Your Strengths And Interests

Do a self-analysis. Sit down and consider all your strengths. Check what you excel at. Next, see where your interests lie and ensure they coincide with your strengths. Once you have a full picture, you will know which field would suit you the best. That should help you decide your PGDM specialization.

  • Consider Your Future Goals

When we say consider your future goals, we mean reflect on where you see yourself a few years down the line. This will help you determine which PGDM specialization would help attain that goal. It may also give a comprehensive picture on what job profiles you might consider applying for.

  • Foresee Market Scenario

One important thing that would help, not just for selecting a PGDM specialization but also in your overall development, is staying updated with the market conditions. Keep a close eye on the trends and if all is well in the industry you choose. This will help you foresee if making a career in a specific industry would be fruitful, at least, in a few years down the line.

  • Decide On An Institute

Every student has a dream institute where he would like to pursue his education. This is valid even for a PGDM course. Once you decide on institutes, you should perform research on the different specializations they offer. Read about these specializations and  see what skills set each of them equip you with and the kind of job profiles you can find with a PGDM in these specializations. Your final placement with that specialization also depends on the institute’s ranking, hence select your specialization wisely.

  • Evaluate The Placements Offered

Keep a track on the different companies coming to campus in different PGDM institutes, and evaluate the salary packages offered in these placements. This evaluation assists in knowing which industries visit the campus most. This will help you fix a PGDM specialization that will have many jobs coming in.

If many companies of your chosen specialization come to the campus, you can be assured about your placement.

  • Analyze The Specialization Subjects 

Run briefly through the syllabus that most PGDM colleges cover in the different specializations they offer. When you know what subjects and syllabus different specializations cover, you can get a fair idea about which PGDM specialization best suits your interests. You will also know which specialization will provide you with the skills set you need to achieve your future goals.

Choosing a specialization is a big opportunity. Don’t be casual about it. Carefully consider all the above-listed pointers and then make a decision. You wouldn’t want to dive into something and then find out that it wasn’t worth it.

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