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6 things about Marketing Management that you should know


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Marketing can be complex as it involves different strategies, disciplines and tactics. Therefore, it is essential to have a basic understanding of how everything works in sync while honing your craft in areas like copywriting and analytics.

A PGDM in Marketing is a lucrative career option for aspirants who want to step into the world of Marketing Management. A postgraduate diploma in Marketing includes various aspects like Marketing Management, Advertising and Marketing Research. A Marketing Management specialization is more focused on managing the different sections of the Marketing and sales department.


What is a PGDM-Marketing course?

A PGDM in Marketing covers the strategic role of e-business in improving the marketing functions of a firm. In the global marketing management environment that is subject to intense competition & rapid internet-induced changes, an organization’s competitive advantages depend on key strategic marketing decisions. This program gives decision-makers a strong foundation in marketing concepts & skills, hence honing their decision-making & problem-solving skills.

The fundamentals of marketing can be learnt through a marketing management course which aims to simplify complicated topics and leads to better understanding for students. Marketing is all about driving profitable customer action which involves putting products in the marketplace for making a sale. A PGDM in marketing & management focuses on the 4 P’s of marketing and how to effectively deliver customer requirements.  


Here are 6 things you should know about marketing management:

  • Scope: A marketing management course covers the scope of marketing including a number of activities such as planning the policies, organizing sales and distribution methods and maintaining an optimum level of stock to meet customer demand with ease.
  • Importance: The modern-day business has undergone a transformation with an increase in population and change in the tastes and preferences of customers. Hence it becomes important to manage the marketing activities to suit the underlying sales factors.
  • Marketing concept: Marketing concepts act as a foundation for contemporary marketing management as they facilitate a way of thinking and provide suitable approaches to business problems.
  • Customer orientation: An organization’s limited resources and competitive strengths should be used to identify customer preferences and design marketing strategies by testing them on different groups of people. A PG in marketing should be able to do this well since PG courses aim to prepare students for designing customer-oriented policies.
  • Modern concept: Marketing is a social and specialized business function that needs constant interaction with different groups of society. It is an integration of business functions like finance, production, personnel, and research and development. Postgraduate management courses focus on these modern concepts while being in line with the latest marketing trends.
  • Goal achievement: In the past, achieving profitable sales was the only goal for companies but that has seen a change in recent times with reorganizing the role of marketing for the achievement of nonprofit goals.


What are the career opportunities after completing a PGDM in marketing management?

A PGDM in Marketing Management offers a wide range of career opportunities through which you can swiftly sail into the realm of marketing. It is a two year course that is split into four semesters, each of which helps you understand the various areas of marketing.

The blend of theory with practical exposure is imparted through a mandatory internship in reputed companies. If you perform well, you can bag a PPO (Pre- Placement Offer) in top marketing companies.


What are the Benefits of PGDM-Marketing?

PGDM in Marketing includes courses that help you to become a Professional Marketer.

The course curriculum covers the following subjects:

  • Marketing & Managerial Communications
  • Principles Of Marketing & Management-Domestic & International
  • B2B Marketing Strategies
  • Business Project Strategies
  • Basic & Advanced Level of Digital Marketing


Why should you pursue a PGDM in Marketing?

  • Higher Employability

Companies are looking for smart marketing executives & managers who push their revenue chart. As marketing efforts are linked with revenue, marketing staff is recruited all around the year. The number of vacancies is usually more than that in any other field.

  • Career Growth

Marketing has a varied number of choices for your job roles, all due to diverse types of marketing like traditional marketing & digital marketing. Marketing is an ever-evolving field & as its types increase, so does career growth.

  • Socializing & Networking

Your entire career in marketing will involve creating relationships with clients that involve networking well. It has access to some senior professionals in the industry, building relationships that lead to gaining more opportunities in life.

  • Greater Rewards

Incentives are a thing in marketing that attracts most people. The better the performance is, the greater the rewards will be i.e., salary. The salary bracket of any marketing professional is usually greater than in any other field.

  • Personal Growth & Development

A Professional Marketer is always groomed & smart. This field teaches you various skills like convincing skills, closing technique, identifying an audience & converting them, communication skills that help you to grow both personally & professionally


What kind of job roles do PGDM Marketing Graduates find?

In this field careers have great potential, along with ample opportunities to grow. If you wish to make a career in the marketing field, then PGDM Marketing is the right course for you.

Here is a list of career opportunities available in PG in Marketing-

  • Marketing Research Analyst
  • Marketing Executives
  • Business Development Manager
  • Brand Manager
  • Sales Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • Public Relation Specialist
  • Advertising Manager
  • Communication Manager
  • Digital Marketing Specialist
  • Media Buyer Promotion Manager


Summing up

Marketing, which is also known as the art of promoting products and services to meet customer needs, is rapidly changing. A marketing management course successfully prepares an individual to adapt to changes in customer likings and design products which may lead to an increase in goodwill and customer loyalty. If you wish to embark on a journey of professional success, then a PGDM in Marketing is the right course for you.

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