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6 Sectors Hiring PGDM Graduates Despite Pandemic


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When your entrance exam scores do not qualify you for your favorite MBA program, you may settle for a PGDM as it has similar curriculum, career prospects, and perks. Waiting another year in the hope of securing a better score in CAT/CET exams could be a waste of time and effort. It would also invite more competition and stress for you.

The pandemic has lent a big blow to many industries, and it has caused a major drift in the job market. While some industries have survived the blow, others are not so fortunate. However, the job market for PGDM students is still strong. 

A Postgraduate Diploma in Management allows you to explore multiple career opportunities in some sectors that are booming despite the pandemic. You can get a good profile and salary package. 

Let’s walk through some of the industrial sectors that have survived the pandemic, and are open to candidates with a Postgraduate Diploma In Management.



The E-commerce sector is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the current scenario, with multiple job opportunities for PGDM students. Both PGDM in Marketing and PGDM in Digital Marketing make you e-commerce ready. These programs equip you with knowledge, nuances, and technicalities of the industry. 

You can apply for roles like Marketing Specialist, SEO Content Writer, UX Designer, Administrative Assistant, Business Analyst, and Graphic Designer, among others.



The retail industry has seen phenomenal growth in the past few years, mostly with the help of high-end technological advancements. The curriculum of PGDM in Retail Marketing revolves around Brand Marketing, Market Research, Production Strategies, Business Communication, and other topics from the retail industry.

With a Postgraduate Diploma In Management, you can apply for positions like Product Manager, Marketing Executive, Merchandiser, or Retail Manager.



This industry best suits students who are interested in Transportation Management and Supply Chain Management. A PGDM in Operations & Supply Chain Management equips you with the skill set of handling goods, inventory management, and transportation services.

With a Postgraduate Diploma In Management in Operations & Supply Chain Management, you can be a Logistics Analyst, Sales Order Planner, or Supply Chain Manager.



A sizeable chunk of jobs in the healthcare industry are assigned to PGDM graduates. With a Postgraduate Diploma In Management, you can get excellent exposure to the operations and services of the healthcare industry. You also gain in-depth knowledge of regulations and compliance requirements.

Your Postgraduate Diploma In Management degree allows you to apply for jobs such as Healthcare Consultant, Hospital Administrator, Medical Practice Manager, and Pharmaceutical Product Manager.



The fast-moving consumer goods sector (FMCG) is an ever-growing industrial sector in India. When you sign up for a PGDM course, you learn the ‘ins’ and ‘outs’ of the FMCG sector- in the Marketing, Sales or Finance verticals. You develop expertise for a wide range of disciplines that assist in leadership and managerial roles. 

As a PGDM graduate, you can join the FMCG sector in Brand Marketing and Finance departments. Other job profiles in this sector include Retail Manager, Supply Chain Manager, Marketing Manager, and Finance Manager.


Banking & Finance

The Banking, Finance and Insurance sector is always on the lookout for PGDM professionals. The perks of this sector are many - job security, continuous learning, and rewarding job profiles.  

A PGDM in Finance enables you to learn the technical, analytic, managerial and leadership skills required for the ever-changing landscape of this sector. The course also imparts a sense of learning and growing about the new trends in the industry. 

With a PGDM degree, you can work as an Investment Banker, Loan Officer, Financial Consultant, Business Relationship Manager, Real Estate Finance Manager, or Securities Analyst. This industry will be more thrilling for you once you pursue a PGDM in Finance.

These are just a few of the endless possibilities that open up when you pursue a PGDM course. These opportunities can help you embark on a journey towards a remarkable career. Take full advantage of this opportunity by signing up for a Postgraduate Diploma In Management.

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