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6 Reasons Why You Should Consider Scholarships| Pursue PGDM with ITM iFirst Scholarship


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Scholarship programs can assist you in attaining your higher education goals. With a scholarship on hand, you can be free to apply for any degree course of your choice. Scholarships can be offered by a variety of different sources, for instance, clubs, organizations, charities, foundations, businesses, colleges, and universities.

We will be specifically looking at the academic scholarships offered by colleges and universities, so as to give an equal opportunity of education to all students.


Here are the different types of academic scholarships:

Academic Merit Scholarships

These are awarded when you achieve an incredibly good academic score. In these kinds of scholarships, you might be asked to present the official statement of your grades/GPA, test scores and graduation ranking as evidence.

Athletic Scholarships

To obtain an athletic scholarship, you must contact different coaches from the universities you’re interested in and send them a portfolio and resume. A stellar recommendation from your previous coach, along with your resume, can help you win this scholarship.

Essay Scholarships

These are scholarships awarded for outstanding essay submissions. If you are a good writer then these essay submissions are a good way for you to fund your education.

Here’s a list of top 6 reasons explaining the need for you, as a student, to consider these scholarships:  


Spiraling College Fees

The fees of your favorite program are increasing every year. This is a prominent reason for you to consider scholarships. Therefore, it is highly beneficial for you to enrol yourself for scholarship programs that fund your education and rid you of all the financial worries. This will allow you to better concentrate on studies.


Rocketing Loan Rates

Almost half of the urban families are knee-deep in mortgages and loans to make sure their children receive quality higher education and achieve their dreams. The high fees and loan rates put the parents under tremendous stress. Scholarship programs offer an opportunity to these students to help their parents get rid of this stress.


Reap The Benefits on Resume

A scholarship surely has its share of financial benefits, but there’s also an exceptional personal benefit. These scholarship programs add a lot of value to your resume as you can mention them under your personal achievements. Apart from that, these convey that a student is extremely dedicated towards academics and, overcoming all financial hardships, has worked hard to attain his educational success. Even during recruitment, students with scholarships are given preference over others.


Standard Living Cost

College or university students also have to shell out money for food and travel. These everyday expenses may seem minimal but soon pile up into a huge number. It becomes all the more difficult to meet the standard living expenses if your parents have already invested all their resources to pay your tuition fee. But winning a scholarship can help you and your parents a lot.


Emerging Expensive Degree Courses

Special degree programs/courses cost a lot. But that does not mean you cannot apply for them. Because a scholarship can easily help you meet the costs. In such cases, a 100% scholarship program is highly beneficial to look at.


Respect & Dignity

Getting a scholarship on your merit earns you the respect and appreciation, not just in your parents’ eye, but also your own self. You have the confidence that if you could pay your way through education, nothing in the world can stop you from achieving greater success.


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