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5 Career Opportunities After PGDM In Marketing


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PGDM in Marketing is a postgraduate management degree with a focus on marketing. It prepares you to be a future leader in the field of business and marketing. With a specialized study of consumer preferences and behavior, it offers you a strong professional edge.  

The syllabus of PGDM Marketing mostly revolves around marketing, branding, consumer behavior, digital marketing, and market research. It is a worthwhile course which provides the foundation for a high-flying career in marketing management. A PGDM in Marketing course equips you with a range of multidisciplinary skills. 

Let’s find out career opportunities you can bag after the completion of PG in Marketing.


Market Research Analyst

A market research analyst can apply for jobs in sectors like media, retail, entertainment, and FMCG. With your degree in PGDM Marketing, your profile as a market analyst will involve analyzing the current market scenario and work as per the present trends. Also, you have to gather information and data through surveys and other research methods. If the research and analytics get you interested, this profile is for you.

Average Salary per annum:

  • Rs 5-6 lakhs  for Freshers
  • Above Rs 15-20 lakhs for Senior positions


Brand Manager

With a PGDM in Marketing, you can apply for a brand manager’s position. As a Brand Manager, you will be responsible for developing and implementing a brand strategy. You will be considered a guardian of the brand. You will ensure brand integrity is maintained across all marketing initiatives and communications in the company.


Average Salary per annum:

  • Rs 6 lakhs for Freshers
  • Rs 8-10 lakhs for Senior positions


Sales Manager

Being a PGDM in Marketing, you can work as a Sales Manager. If you can see yourself happy setting sales targets, creating sales plans, analyzing sales data, allocating sales territories, and leading a sales team, then the profile of a sales manager is suitable for you.


Average Salary per annum:

  • Rs 5 lakhs for Freshers
  • Rs 7-10 lakhs for senior positions


Digital Marketing Manager

With a PGDM in Marketing, you can make a career in Digital Marketing as a Digital Marketing Manager. Planning digital marketing campaigns, including web, SEO/SEM, email, social media and display advertising are some of the tasks your job profile will include. Apart from this, you will also have to ensure your company’s social media presence across all digital channels. You would measure and report on the performance of all digital marketing campaigns.


Other roles you can explore as a PGDM in Marketing in Digital Marketing are:

  • SEO manager
  • SEM/PPC expert
  • Social media manager
  • Content Writer


Average Salary per annum:

  • Rs 3-7 lakhs for Freshers
  • Rs 6-15 lakhs for Senior Positions


Public Relations Manager:

After PGDM in Marketing, you can explore your career path in Public Relations as well. As a PR manager, you will be responsible for creating and maintaining a favorable public image of your organization or client. Public relations managers are tasked with fielding media questions and pitching stories to the media, preparing media kits and organizing press conferences.


Average Salary per annum:

  • Rs 4-6 lakhs for Freshers
  • Rs 7-15 lakhs for Senior Positions


Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Manager

As a PGDM in Marketing, you can make a career in customer relationship management (CRM). A CRM Manager is responsible for development and execution of multi-channel consumer relations. A CRM Manager is entrusted with the development of programs, roadmaps, consumer relation strategies, loyalty and retention marketing strategies.


Average Salary for per annum:

  • Rs 4-6 lakhs for Freshers
  • Above Rs 8 lakhs for Senior positions

Now, you know PGDM in Marketing can get many career opportunities. You can explore them and find a suitable role for yourself.

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