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4 Personality Traits That Help You In PGDM Admission


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Most PGDM colleges evaluate their students on the basis of the attributes and knowledge they demonstrate during their selection interviews. There is no denying that to get to this stage, you first need to have an adequate CGPA score and success in an entrance test. 

PGDM graduates are required to face business challenges and provide intelligent and actionable solutions. For this purpose, they should possess the skills of critical thinking, problem-solving, and informed decision making. 

Given this, PGDM colleges are highly particular about their selection process and tend to shortlist students who have the right aptitude and attitude. The students must have the potential to become competitive and compassionate corporate professionals. 

Usually, the admission process to a PGDM program is designed to evaluate the candidate’s motives, self-awareness, and skill and knowledge levels. 


Following are some of the most sought-after attributes that B-schools seek in students during the admission processes: 


Are You Self-Aware?

Self-awareness refers to your understanding of yourself — your motivations, choices, and abilities. Students who are self-aware know both their strengths and weaknesses. That’s why they are able to develop their knowledge, skills, and mindset for a successful career in management. PGDM colleges appreciate these students who know what they are doing and where it can lead them to. 


Do You Have A True Purpose?

Purpose is basically the driving force that explains the reason behind the candidate being in the admission process for a PGDM program. An aspiring candidate is expected to be driven by certain motives for taking the decision to pursue a PGDM program. These motives could be revolving around business management, entrepreneurship, corporate leadership, managerial positions, etc. A purpose is a strong indicator of how serious the candidate is about doing well in the post graduate diploma program. It unveils the professional desires of a candidate. This way, the B-school can know if the candidate does have a strong purpose behind pursuing PGDM.


Do You Seek Knowledge Voluntarily?

PGDM is a professional course that moulds you for the corporate world. Hence, it requires you to keep your eyes and mind wide open for fresh information and knowledge. This ensures you know every small detail of the industry you choose to work in. Thus, all B-schools will expect you to possess basic knowledge about business, culture, people, politics, environment, and technology. And by knowledge, we mean current and upcoming trends in each of these areas. 

As a PGDM aspirant, it is mandatory to keep yourself updated with important happenings in political, environmental, and business domains. Most importantly, those happenings are important to a business leader. 


Do You Possess The Basic Skills?

PGDM students should possess some basic skills that can help them start their corporate journey after the program. These skills include oral and written communication, critical thinking, problem-solving, and teamwork. Micro presentations, group discussions, essay writing, and personal interviews, are a few assessments used to evaluate students for these skills.

These skills lay the foundation of various other skills that you will be exposed to during your PGDM program. However, if the foundation is weak, you are not ready to take up the professional demands of your career. These foundational skills are very important for your admission to PGDM and a management career later on.

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