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4 Benefits Of An Academic Scholarship | PGDM With ITM iFirst Scholarship


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This is an era where education can be considered as one of the most invaluable assets. Most high school graduates plan to pursue higher education. However, they need financial assistance. Academic scholarships are their go-to solutions. Taking an education loan would mean repaying them with all you have. These scholarships are given on the basis of merit. So if you score well and pass the scholarship test, only then do you deserve the scholarship claim. 


There are many benefits of academic scholarships. Let us look at a few of them:


Enhanced Performance

When you get a scholarship, in a way all your financial worries about education fade away. You get the time to work more diligently, score well and fulfill your career dreams. You can take up other certification courses in self-development and enhance your skills and knowledge.


Easily Accessible Education

All that keeps a student from achieving his dreams is a financial gap that makes higher education impossible. No students should feel the need to give up education due to a lack of financial stability. One of the most important scholarship benefits is that it gives us youthful individuals who feel passionate about contributing towards resolving social problems like unemployment, lack of education, etc. They feel the need to give back to the society that gave them the means to achieve their dream.


Be Debt-Free

Many students complete their higher studies with huge loan debts; this in turn limits their scope for higher education. In order to pay off the education loans, you would always have a pressure on you to get placed with good companies at good pay scales. This limits your career choices as well, given you have to select a profile that pays you well, so you can pay off educational loans. On the other hand, scholarships empower you to achieve academic and career goals by removing the financial barrier as it is free money and not to be repaid.


A Strong Career Edge

When you are enlisted in the scholarship merit list, it is considered to be a prestigious matter. Your name appears in that list because you worked diligently and scored well. Your future employers will take note of this invaluable quality trait. There are competitive scholarships too, where you have to compete with the fellow applicants to win the scholarship. If you win these kinds of scholarships, you can add them as achievements in your resume.

Since scholarships have become so essential to a majority of students, many colleges and universities these days offer scholarships to students for different degree courses.

This is an era where talent is found in abundance. For this reason, it is necessary to not let a single student’s talent go to waste because of monetary limitations. 

Find some common details about application for ITM Business School academic scholarships below.


Eligibility for Application:

  • You should be a citizen of India
  • Minimum 50% in bachelor’s exam and one of these entrance exams (CAT, MAT, XAT, CMAT, ATMA, NMAT by GMAC, GMAT)


Process for Scholarship:

  • Apply for the PGDM course
  • Take the scholarship test
  • Go through admission process and secure your admission
  • One week later, the list of meritorious students eligible for scholarship will be announced.


ITM Business School Scholarship

ITM Business School offers MBA/PGDM scholarships to its students. This scholarship program is known as the iFirst scholarship program. iFirst scholarship allows students to fund their own postgraduate education and chase their dreams by themselves. 

We, at ITM, believe every opportunity should be accessible to every deserving student, hence the scholarship is offered. The students can avail scholarships upto 100% on tuition fees. The last date to apply for the iFirst PGDM scholarship is 25 July, 2021. Know more about the scholarship here:  https://www.itm.edu/scholarship/pgdm-scholarship

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