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Would You Prefer Doing PGDM at the Foreign Campus of an Indian University?


Are you a student who is looking to study at a foreign campus of an Indian university? Or, are you confused about whether you should study in a foreign university or at a foreign campus of an Indian university? Don’t worry! In this blog, I am going to tell you whether a foreign university or a foreign campus owned by an Indian university is good for you.

As far as PGDM courses in India are concerned, there are thousands of business schools and universities that offer management courses. However, studying overseas has distinct advantages. For example, you get to know the life, culture, economy, and social milieu of another country. This helps build a more balanced worldview which will help your career.

If you are planning to do a PGDM in Finance, an Indian campus may be a better choice. The curriculum in an Indian university will be more India-focused and that will help you in your career. However, studying MBA or PGDM in Finance at an overseas campus can induce you to find a career overseas. If that’s your idea, well, you can go for it. 


Why Study at a Foreign Campus

Many Indian students are keen on admission to a foreign campus for their higher studies. Many universities all over the world are very famous because of their advanced pedagogy. There are many reasons why Indian students want admissions to foreign campuses.

However, many PGDM courses in India can compare with the best globally. For example, ITM Business School offers specialization in over 10 different management functions offers globally competitive management education in India.   


The Foreign Campus of an Indian University

There are many overseas campuses all over the world tied to Indian universities. Some leading private universities have opened campuses in many important cities across the globe. The education in these campuses is very modern yet familiar to Indian students.

Studying in these colleges, you will have a feel of India. But at the same time, you get international exposure and experience. Education in overseas campuses will conform to international standards. So, you might even get a job in the same country after your studies. You may also find many Indians on the campus so you will never feel lonely.

However, if you want to do PGDM in Finance, many Indian institutions can compare with the best globally. For example, ITM Business School offers a highly rated PGDM in Finance program at some of its campuses in India.   


Why foreign campus of an Indian university is better?

The foreign campus of an Indian university can prove to be better than colleges of foreign universities because of many reasons. For example:


They are more affordable

Yes, it may sound unusual but it is true. These colleges are owned and funded by Indian Universities. So, the fees are lesser than those of colleges of America, Australia, or German universities. Many students want to study abroad but do not want to spend a lot of money. 

For them, studying at a foreign campus of an Indian University can be a good option. But only the college fees may be less while the living cost will be the same as for any other person in that country. As many students do not know about these campuses, there will be less competition. It will be easier to get a scholarship for your studies.


They are familiar

As these campuses are owned by Indian universities, probably many of the teachers and students will be Indians. Communication between you and your teacher will be good which will definitely help in your studies. And also, you may find some Indian friends who can help you in making notes which may affect your marks in a good manner.


Concluding Thoughts

Indian universities are no longer a laggard when it comes to offering competitive and qualitative education. They are growingly becoming better and more tuned to the needs of the job market. For these reasons, overseas campuses of Indian Universities have become mainstream institutions in many countries.  


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