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What is MBA in Digital Marketing? Course, Eligibility, Syllabus, Scope, Salary 2024


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Through this blog explore the dynamic landscape of an MBA in Digital Marketing in 2024, offering unparalleled opportunities in the realm of online business.



Are you prepared to handle the ever-evolving business and marketing landscape? 2024 brings unmatched opportunities for those seeking to master the digital world. In this complete guide, we unravel the essentials of pursuing an MBA Digital Marketing course, offering you a roadmap to success in the dynamic world of online business. This revolutionary program can propel your profession into the digital age and define your future. Let's study everything from the digital marketing institute to the nuances of the MBA in digital marketing syllabus. 


MBA Digital Marketing Course Highlights

MBA in Digital Marketing opens doors to a dynamic realm of opportunities, making it today's most sought-after specialisation in the MBA landscape. While recent graduates are eligible, this program is particularly tailored for working professionals seeking to amplify their industry experience. 


Degree Name - MBA in Digital Marketing or Master of Business Administration in Digital Marketing 

MBA in Digital Marketing Course Level - Postgraduate

MBA in Digital Marketing Duration - 2 Years 

MBA in Digital Marketing Eligibility - Bachelor's degree in any field with an average aggregate score of 50%

MBA in Digital Marketing Admission Process - Entrance Exams

MBA in Digital Marketing Fees - INR 6 to 15 LPA (varies by institution)

MBA in Digital Marketing Entrance Exams - CAT, MAT, CMAT, MAH CET, GMAT, etc.

MBA in Digital Marketing Colleges - ITM Business School, IMT Ghaziabad, Pune Institute of Business Management, etc. 

MBA in Digital Marketing Jobs - Digital Marketing Manager, Digital Marketing Executive, Campaign Manager, Paid Media Manager/Specialist, Content Writer, SEO Manager, etc.

MBA in Digital Marketing Average Salary - INR 4 - 8 LPA

MBA in Digital Marketing Top Recruiters - Ogilvy, Sweans Technologies, JWT, Edelman, Webmaxed, ThatWare LLP, etc.


What is an MBA in Digital Marketing?

MBA in Digital Marketing is a dynamic two-year program tailored for those intrigued by the intricacies of the digital marketing field. This MBA digital marketing course emphasises personal and professional development, aligning with the growing demand for digital expertise. The digital marketing course syllabus delves into various components driving brand growth across digital platforms, providing students with a comprehensive understanding. With a focus on technology and advancements, this program equips individuals for rewarding careers in the ever-evolving digital landscape. 


Why Study an MBA in Digital Marketing?

  • Skill Enhancement: The digital marketing certification course helps develop crucial managerial and administrative skills, fostering a more professional outlook for navigating challenges in the digital era. 
  • Career Diversity: The MBA digital marketing course expands professional horizons, creating a broad scope for a career in digital marketing roles such as content writing, social media management, SEO, digital marketing, etc. 
  • Versatile Employment: Graduates of MBA in digital marketing can explore diverse career paths, including Market Research Analyst, Brand Manager, Sales Manager, and Public Relations Manager. 
  • Entrepreneurial Edge: This program also provides an entrepreneurial edge, offering valuable insights and concepts to effectively establish and manage business ventures upon completion of the MBA in Digital Marketing.   
  • Industry-Relevant Curriculum: The meticulously designed MBA in digital marketing syllabus blends creativity with technical knowledge, providing students with a holistic understanding of crafting successful digital marketing strategies.


MBA in Digital Marketing Eligibility Criteria

Securing admission for an MBA in digital marketing colleges in India is contingent upon performance in entrance exams or merit. The process may involve personal interviews and group discussions. Notably, the admission criteria for MBA candidates, including those specialising in Digital Marketing, remain largely uniform. Some general criteria for eligibility are as follows:

  • Completion of graduation or its equivalent from a recognised university is a must.
  • Bachelor's degree accepted from any of the three streams: Arts, Commerce, or Science.
  • Generally, a minimum aggregate of 50% for General/OBC category candidates and 45% for SC/ST candidates in their graduation.
  • Some institutions may prefer students with English as a compulsory subject in high school.

These eligibility criteria pave the way for a diverse pool of candidates, encompassing various educational backgrounds, ready to embark on the MBA in Digital Marketing journey.


MBA in Digital Marketing Syllabus

The syllabus unfolds a rich tapestry of knowledge with the latest digital strategies in the journey of an MBA in Digital Marketing. Each subject serves as a building block, preparing you for a successful career in digital marketing. The syllabus for first- and second-year covers:  

First Year Subjects

  • Marketing Basics 
  • Business Research Management
  • Decisions Science
  • Operations Management
  • Organizational Behaviour 
  • MS Excel
  • Enterprise Analysis
  • Marketing Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Accounting for Business Decisions


Second Year Subjects

  • Content Marketing 
  • Affiliate Marketing and Google AdSense 
  • SEO
  • SPSS Lab
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Services Management
  • Digital Entrepreneurship 
  • Strategic Management


Benefits of an MBA in Digital Marketing

In today's digital era, the importance of pursuing an MBA Digital Marketing course has surged. This program empowers brands to pinpoint their target audience precisely, employing various digital methods for effective product promotion. The key benefits are:  

  • Audience Precision: An MBA in Digital Marketing sharpens the ability to identify and reach a target audience, enhancing the effectiveness of promotional strategies. 
  • Internet-Centric Approach: With the widespread use of the internet, the program emphasises contemporary digital marketing strategies, staying relevant in the digital age. 
  • Social Media Impact: Recognising that over 65% of the population is active on social media, the MBA teaches how to strategically promote products on these platforms strategically, ensuring maximum visibility and engagement. 

The digital marketing certification course offers a strategic advantage in navigating the digital landscape, making it a valuable investment for brands and marketers.


MBA in Digital Marketing or MBA in Marketing - Which is best?

An MBA Digital Marketing course focuses on the rapidly evolving field of digital marketing, covering strategies like social media marketing, SEO, content marketing, email marketing, and data analytics.

Meanwhile, an MBA in marketing covers a broader spectrum of marketing topics, encompassing product marketing, market research, consumer behaviour, branding, and overall marketing strategy.

Choosing between an MBA in Digital Marketing and an MBA in Marketing depends on your career goals and interests. Both programs have advantages, so let's explore each option to help you make an informed decision.


MBA in Digital Marketing

Type of Degree - Postgraduate     

Degree Duration - 2 Years      

Mode of Examination - Full-time, Part-time, Distance and Online learning     

Entrance Exams - CAT, CMAT, MAH CET, etc.     

Course Fees - INR 1 to INR 15 LPA and above     

Average Salary - INR 7 to 8 LPA     

Top Colleges - ITM Business School, Pune Institute of Business Management, IMT Ghaziabad, IIM, etc.     

Job Profiles - Digital Marketing Manager, Paid Media Manager, Social Media Manager, SEO Manager, Content Writer, Campaign Manager, etc.     

Top Recruiters - EZ Rankings IndeedSeo, Sweans Technologies, ThatWare LLP,  Webmaxed, etc. 


MBA in Marketing

Type of Degree - Postgraduate     

Degree Duration - 2 Years      

Mode of Examination - Full-time, Part-time, Distance Online     

Entrance Exams - CAT, MAT, CMAT, etc.     

Course Fees - INR 3 to INR 25 LPA     

Average Salary - INR 5 to 20 LPA    

Top Colleges - ITM Business School, IIM Calcutta, NMIMS, Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, etc.     

Job Profiles - Marketing Manager, Head of Digital Marketing, Sales Manager, Market Research Analyst, etc.     

Top Recruiters - Flipkart, ITC, Godrej, Nestle, Coca-Cola, Marico, etc.   


Career Scope of MBA in Digital Marketing

An MBA in Digital Marketing opens doors to dynamic job roles with promising salaries. From SEO Managers optimising website content to Social Media Managers enhancing brand presence, explore diverse career paths. Top recruiters, acknowledging the value of specialised skills, actively seek graduates, making the field ripe with opportunities for those completing an MBA in Digital Marketing.


MBA in Digital Marketing Job Roles and Average Salary

Upon completing an MBA in Digital Marketing, individuals can pursue diverse job profiles across industries, including IT, e-commerce, FMCG, Goods and Services, Manufacturing, Sales & Marketing, etc. The career prospects for digital marketing professionals are promising, with competitive salaries. Salaries vary based on experience, expertise, and the industry. Explore job roles and the average salary listed below:


1. SEO Manager: 

  • Oversees and implements search engine optimisation (SEO) strategies, optimising website content to improve search engine rankings and drive organic traffic.
  • Average Salary: INR 5 to 6 LPA 


2. Social Media Manager:

  • Responsible for formulating and executing effective social media strategies, enhancing brand presence, engaging audiences, and achieving business objectives.
  • Average Salary: INR 3 to 4 LPA  


3. Digital Marketing Manager:

  • Develops and implements comprehensive digital marketing strategies to promote products or services online, ensuring a solid and impactful online brand presence.
  • Average Salary: INR 8 LPA  


4. Paid Media Manager/Specialist:

  • Creates and implements digital marketing campaigns, utilising paid channels to generate leads, increase website traffic, and maximise revenue for the organisation.
  • Average Salary: INR 6 to 7LPA  


5. Campaign Manager:

  • Coordinates and oversees the planning, executing, and evaluating specific campaigns or projects within media, public relations, advertising, or politics.
  • Average Salary: INR 6 to 7 LPA  

MBA in Digital Marketing Top Recruiters

As the demand for digital marketing services continues to surge, many companies in India recognise the value of hiring MBA graduates specialising in Digital Marketing. Below are the top recruiters that hire graduates who have successfully completed an MBA digital marketing course.

  • iProspect India
  • Quasar Media
  • Reprise Media India
  • Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide
  • Pinstorm
  • AdGlobal360
  • Social Panga
  • Webchutney
  • To The New Digital
  • Resultrix


Get Ahead with ITM

With an MBA in Digital Marketing, start on a life-changing adventure in the digital sphere in 2024.As the business landscape evolves, this program becomes your compass to navigate the dynamic world of online business. Take advantage of unmatched chances, acquire adaptable skills, and shape your future in the rapidly changing digital landscape with ITM Business School leading the way. Make wise decisions, choose ITM, and confidently enter the digital age, knowing that a world of opportunity awaits.



What does a digital marketing MBA do?

The MBA in Digital Marketing is a specialised program that teaches how to use digital platforms for marketing. It offers a contemporary perspective on marketing methods and includes social media marketing, email marketing, online analytics, digital advertising, etc.


Is an MBA in Digital Marketing worth it?

Yes, an MBA in Digital Marketing is worth it. It leads to diverse career opportunities, including roles like Digital Marketing Manager and SEO Specialist, providing valuable skills for success in the digital realm.


What job can I get with an MBA in Digital Marketing?

With an MBA in Digital Marketing, you can land various roles such as Social Media Manager, Digital Marketing Manager, SEO Specialist, Brand Manager, Market Research Analyst, Competitive marketing, Public relations Manager, Content marketing, Business development, Affiliate marketing, etc. 


Which degree is best for digital marketing?

The best degree for digital marketing is typically a bachelor's degree in marketing, business, or a related field.


Is digital marketing good for career?

Yes, a career in digital marketing is excellent. It offers versatile jobs, attractive salaries, and flexibility, making it a rewarding choice for professional growth.


What is the highest salary in Digital Marketing after MBA?

After completing an MBA in Digital Marketing, the average salary typically falls between INR 8.30 LPA to INR 12 LPA.


Which field of digital marketing is the most effective?

The most effective field in digital marketing is Social Media Marketing, given its crucial role in modern business marketing strategies.


Is an MBA beneficial for a career in Digital Marketing?

Yes, an MBA can benefit a career in Digital Marketing, but its suitability depends on your personal goals and circumstances.


Whose salary is more, an MBA in Digital Marketing or an MCA?

For entry-level positions, an MBA in Digital Marketing generally earns higher salaries, INR 4-6 LPA than MCA (INR 3-7 LPA). In mid-level positions, the trend continues, with an MBA in Digital Marketing earning around INR 8-15 LPA, whereas MCA sees mid-level salaries ranging from INR 7-12 LPA.

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