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Important Criteria to Remember When Pursuing a PGDM in Nagpur


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The current job market is booming at an exponential rate, with a plethora of lucrative career opportunities for aspirants with the relevant skills. Therefore, there is a growing demand for graduates who have industry exposure and all the practical skills needed for a career in their chosen field of specialization. 

Of the different postgraduate programs that are considered, there is a surge in the demand for the ‘postgraduate diploma in management’ or PGDM degrees. 

PGDM degrees are fast being recognized for the quality of their training. By pursuing a PGDM program, you gain a vast range of practical knowledge and skills needed for a career in your chosen field. 

PGDM programs are also recognized to be on par with MBA programs offered across the country.

PGDM vs MBA - Which is Better? 

Choosing between a PGDM and an MBA can be challenging. But there are several benefits of pursuing the former over the latter. 

For instance, PGDM programs are practically-oriented as compared to the textbook format of traditional MBA programs. PGDM programs are also offered in a wide range of specializations across different disciplines. 

Finally, PGDM and MBA programs offer the same return on investment in terms of financial compensation. However, PGDM qualifications are now being favored given the alignment of the curriculum with current industry growths and developments. 

Nagpur is one of the many states in India that offer excellent PGDM programs to choose from. However, before making a financial commitment to one of the many PGDM colleges in Nagpur, it is important to thoroughly assess the university. 

The quality of the university plays an important role in determining the kind of opportunities you will receive after completing a PGDM in Nagpur. Therefore, making a choice based on the below criteria can help you find a university that is most suited to your requirements, interests, and professional goals! 

5 Criteria to Keep in Mind When Selecting a PGDM College in Nagpur 

With the plethora of excellent universities offering PGDM programs in Nagpur, it can be difficult to make the right decision. 

The following criteria are designed to help streamline your decision-making process, finding you the right PGDM university! 

1. Accreditation of the University

The accreditation of the university is one of the key determinants of the quality of training you will receive. All PGDM universities are AICTE-approved. 

Therefore, a PGDM in Nagpur that has AICTE accreditation can be considered among the best universities to pursue a PGDM program. Additionally, national and international accreditations also work as certifications for the quality of education that you will receive. 

All the information on the university’s accreditations will be available on the official website in detail. Make sure to go through all of these details before making a decision. 

2. Qualifications of the Faculty 

Secondly, the quality of faculty that are a part of the PGDM institute will be a significant determining factor for the kind of knowledge and skills you will receive. 

A good university offering a PGDM in Nagpur will have faculty who are industry experts themselves. Many faculty also will have participated in several research projects contributing to the developments in the field. 

All the information on the qualifications of the faculty will also be available on the official website of the university. You can also consider connecting directly with the faculty on professional networking platforms such as LinkedIn. 

3. Opportunities for Industry Exposure 

One of the most significant aspects of PGDM programs is that they are AICTE-approved. This means that the syllabus is continually updated to reflect current industry trends and situations. 

As a result, pursuing a PGDM program will equip you with a wide range of industry-relevant skills and knowledge that is currently in demand. 

Additionally, PGDM programs should also provide significant opportunities for industry exposure. In today’s competitive job market, the experience of the practical workings of the industry is crucial and can provide an advantage over the rest. 

A good PGDM in Nagpur program by a recognized university will have compulsory internship projects as a part of the curriculum. Students are encouraged to work directly in the field under the supervision of faculty and industry mentors. 

The result is the development of significant knowledge and understanding of the current industry trends. This can also contribute to an increase in employability once the program is complete. 

4. Investments in Educational Infrastructure 

One of the key determinants of the quality of a PGDM in Nagpur university is the investments made in educational infrastructure. Educational infrastructure is designed to support your regular learning and growth from the program with additional training and guidance. 

A good PGDM university will regularly conduct seminars, workshops, and sessions that are designed to bring students face-to-face with leaders and experts. 

In the case of practical programs, a PGDM university should also have the right laboratories and facilities designed to mimic the field. 

5. Placement Statistics 

Finally, a good university offering a PGDM in Nagpur should have excellent opportunities for placements. Given the current competition in the job market, several recognized businesses in the country opt to hire students from a pool of fresh graduates. 

This is primarily because graduates have a newfound perspective on the current happenings within the industry. The theoretical and practical skills gained are also aligned with the requirements of the field, making graduates some of the best hires for organizations across different industries. 

It is recommended that you conduct detailed research on the placement statistics and job opportunities that have been presented to students graduating from the said university. Connecting with alumni on platforms such as LinkedIn is another great way to receive clarity on this criterion.

Once you have narrowed down the college of your choice based on the above-listed criteria, the next step includes finding a specialization. The specialization you choose should be aligned with your interests and professional goals, allowing you to practice your innate talents and strengths with remarkable compensation. 

One of the advantages of PGDM programs over traditional MBA programs is that the former is offered in a diverse range of specializations. This allows you to choose a niche that is just right for you. 

For the next part of the blog, we will be covering the most popular specializations offered under the aegis of PGDM programs. 

Top Specializations to Consider for a PGDM Program 

Another important criterion to consider when selecting a PGDM college in Nagpur is the different specializations that are offered to students. A good PGDM university will have multiple specializations to choose from. 

These include: 

1. PGDM in Retail Management 

Retail management is fast gaining popularity for the plethora of lucrative career opportunities that it presents. As a part of the retail management curriculum, you will be trained in the techniques and analytical tools needed for the industry to flourish. 

With a PGDM in retail management qualification, you will be able to secure senior, managerial-level positions at some of the top retail companies in the country. 

2. PGDM in International Business 

If you are someone who enjoys traveling and would like your professional work experience to include exploring new countries, a PGDM in international business is recommended for you. 

This is a specialization that will equip you with a wide range of relevant skills needed to adhere to international business practices, import and export, global laws, and the management of business operations on a global level. 

3. PGDM in Business Analytics 

Businesses and organizations generate large volumes of data daily. Making sense of this information requires professionals who have a business analytics qualification. With a PGDM in business analytics, you will be trained in the technology, research, statistics, and science needed to deal with quantitative analysis of business data. 

A business analyst is also tasked with making sense of raw information and converting it into actionable insights that can streamline the processes within the organization. 

4. PGDM in Operations and Supply Chain Management 

Productivity is an essential component of ensuring the corporate success of any business. Therefore, professionals with the relevant qualifications are trained to improve productivity and operations within an organization. 

Several businesses in the industry are now seeking individuals who can plan, create excellent strategies, and execute the main tasks required to drive organizational success. 

A PGDM in operations & supply chain management will equip you with the relevant knowledge and skills needed to optimize the supply chain, minimize overhead costs, maximize profits, and efficiently manage everyday functioning. 

5. PGDM in Marketing 

Marketing is fast being recognized as one of the most popular industries in the global economy. A PGDM in marketing can equip you with a wide range of skills needed for opportunities at advertising agencies, digital marketing companies, and corporate organizations. 

This is a specialization that is recommended for individuals who are creative and ambitious, seeking new & innovative ways to find solutions to problems. 

Keeping the above in mind can help you be thoroughly prepared for every step of the next stage of your academic career. Remember to do your research thoroughly and reach out to alumni, mentors, and faculty on professional social media before making a financial commitment. 

Good luck!

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