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Who is a Medical Technologist?


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With so many passions in life, one passion is to do something beautiful. Something that can help people and something that will not only label us the one who hears but as the one, who could be sorted with things easily and has a heart living and pumping!

Are you willing to bring better out of your uncomfortable zones? If this is you, then we need to bring in more ways of making sure we are just not earning a livelihood but are soaring through this journey called life!

Do you relate yourself to the notion of being called a BSc medical lab technology pursuer? If yes, then let us dive deeper into this realm!

Why are we discussing who is a Medical technologist?

Being a medical technologist, or simply being able to accomplish your BSc medical lab technology course from one of the prestigious Institute of health sciences seems to be interesting.

But what about those doomy questions, that arise about your choice of accomplishing a degree in BSc medical lab technology? Don't they make you feel at times; that you also are willing to question your choice?

The reason is, that the field is not so clearly talked about when we try to conclude the work responsibilities of a BSc medical lab technology graduate.

Many times, the answer is so uncertain to the question, what does a medical Technologist do? And many times the answer seems to be even more uncertain, under-publicised, under- explored, under-mentioned, under-recognised and under-informed

Let us break this taboo and get cleared with, what it means to be a BSc medical lab technology person!

So, here is what any medical technologist does and you would be doing too if you opt to undertake BSc medical lab technology degree!

  • Helping doctors make informed decisions about a drug

We would never know, how a particular drug is behaving if we would not take the call to study its behaviour in the human body! This could be done, by taking a sample of blood and then studying its behaviour against the normal conditions, when the drug is not given and when the drug is given.

This allows us, or to be very precise, the bsc medical lab technology holders to know how and what it means to convey that the blood and the drug are behaving right!

The information is then passed on to the doctors, who trust their team of experienced people who have committed well to their time of study of bsc medical lab technology. And then comes the decision from the well-informed doctors, whether the particular drug should be used or not ahead in the program.

  • Specific research for the specific causes

We can see any bsc medical lab technology degree holder be placed in prestigious Clinical Research Organisations. They are responsible for helping the research by supplying the needed fragment of the body fluid.

 At times the research process requires the blood to be separated into its various fractions and then be sent ahead for the clinical research process. And all these methods mean, one needs to have an excellent team of bsc medical lab technology graduates, who have a good hold on other subjects and have been through vigorous training in the Health science courses.

Such kind of sophisticated experiments is performed in the zone of Medical Technologist alone. And one thing to notice is that such experiments are not performed in the condition and faculties of the hospital. We need to have better equipment and facilities that are provided in the set-up of clinical research spots as compared to the hospitals.

  • Building the bridge between the doctors and the patients

As soon as the patients visit doctors with some complicated parameters in their body, doctors declare a test. There are times when the tests are conducted to take care of the complicated conditions within the patient's body.

To make sure the patients’ samples are well checked and no condition of disease is still left to be discovered, the graduates of Health science courses take special care. They make sure to carry out all the proper procedures as they have learnt during their BSc medical lab technology duration.

Thus when the patients come to the doctors, with their particular needs, the need for a medical technologist is felt. The BSc medical lab technology degree holders make sure they do a deeper and more insightful study of the matter. The results after the study are then passed on to the doctors who then can make better and more informed decisions about the matter. Thus one of the well-known jobs for BSc medical lab technology degree holders is to make sure the gap between patients and doctors is bridged!

Are you looking forward to joining the stream of BSc medical lab technology degree holders?

If this is your desire, then here are a few things to hold on to:

  • Be patient when you conduct those tedious tests.
  • Have a good hold of your theory
  • Make sure, you practice the skills of preciseness and better measurements. This helps in getting accurate results!
  • Accuracy is something that any BSc medical lab technology degree holder would cherish!
  • Managing time and making sure, you can keep a trace of time is an amazing thing to take care of


During earlier days, we might feel confused and a bit irritated as well when people don't understand how and what we do in our stream. Especially understanding the difference between medical lab technicians & medical lab technologists.

How did the course of BSc medical lab technology stand out from the rest for you?

And this does not stop only here, with amazing professors and a team by our side, you can count on the team of ITM Institute of Health Sciences, to help you or your knowns through the various courses!

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