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What are Bsc MLT subjects?


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Does human life interest you? Well, it interests most, but only a few can make it to the last. Some different opportunities and courses help one to understand or study human life. Student who wishes to understand the human blood, tissues, and disorders hampering human life can enrol to learn in the BSc MLT subject course. For people without any idea about the BSc MLT subject, here are some insights about the courses, job positions, roles, and responsibilities you must know.

BSc MLT course

This is a lab technician course after 12th science that students from a science background choose. These courses are comprised of different subjects that sustain one to know the depth of serving the patients. Additionally, they help the pupils to learn types of fluids, tissues, and disorders. The medical lab technician course is enlisted by the one who wishes to support the doctors, nurses, and patients with the knowledge related to infection or disorder and treatment.

Well, the people who enrol for BSc MLT subject courses, can opt for various professions.

The main objective of enrolling in a medical lab technician course is to -  Understand the testing methods to know the errors in

  • Blood tests,
  • Fluids tests
  • Urine analysis, and other tests

Often, they are given the right knowledge about the machinery and the equipment that is used to discover the disorders and conduct research.

Enrol in the course to get acquainted with BSc MLT subjects and learn the essential methods to get a better position in the future. 

BSc MLT subjects

The MLT course is divided into six semesters, spanning three years. Further, this course is designed so that one can easily understand the importance of their duties in assisting others to access reliable help.  

Additionally, students get a chance to understand the depth of the subjects with the use of theory, training, workshops, and volunteers. 

The first semester courses include Human Physiology I, and Human Anatomy II, accompanied by biochemistry as BSc MLT subjects. At the same time, the second semester consists of Human Anatomy II, Human Physiology II, and a practical workshop. 

During the third semester, BSc MLT subjects get advanced and comprise practical workshops, biomedical waste management, communication lab, health, education communication, and clinical Haematology I.

As soon as the fifth semester begins, you will develop more interest and the BSc MLT subject like - 

  • Microbiology
  • Immunology
  • Serology lab
  • Clinician endocrinology,
  • Toxicology
  • Histopathology
  • Histotechniques  I

Along with your studies, you’ll likely attend a few training sessions, seminars, and workshops that help you understand the actual concept or the natural working conditions. Institutes such as ITM Institute of Health Sciences allow the students to take part in various activities that help to enrich their skills to serve the people. As said, the research is a significant part of the BSc MLT subject that helps to understand the career opportunities and duties. 

While participating in research, one is likely to practice microbial evolution of milk from various farms, anaemia during pregnancy, and other research. 

Those studies help the BSc MLT graduates understand the use of the machinery and the methods to conduct the tests concerning various parameters. 

Benefits of BSc MLT degree career-wise

Along with being an in-demand lab technician course after 12th science, this is one of the most reputed careers that will help you create a flourishing future. Once you know the proper methods, technologies, and innovations, you, too, can choose the path that interests you. 

  • In demand career

Along with being an in-demand lab technician course after 12th science, this is one of the most reputed careers that will help you create a flourishing future. Once you know the proper methods, technologies, and innovations, you, too, can choose the path that interests you. 

Even the COVID phase has shown the reality of the healthcare system. There is demand for the positions, yet the health care system has minimal sources that serve the system.

  • Ample of opportunities

A person with a medical lab technician degree does have opportunities in various fields. Additionally, the prerequisite for various profiles and positions differs. One can easily apply for positions such as - 

  • Dental machine technician,
  • Radiology technician,
  • MRI technician,
  • CT scan technician, and other relevant jobs.

Additionally, if you pursue a higher degree, you can obtain a position that helps you earn good and enjoy the higher position. Besides, you can enrol in internships that help you gather enough knowledge to acquire great jobs.

  • Good compensation

BSc MLT subject courses not only help improve skills and upgrade but also help one get the right and reasonable compensation. During the initial stage, a medical lab technician is capable to earn a great package of Rs. 3,00,000 to Rs. 6,00,000. With the enhancement in skills and experience, you will likely get excellent compensation to fulfil your needs.


BSc MLT subject assists the students in understanding the needs of the industry. Enrolling in the right courses helps one know the use of each subject assisting throughout. 

There are examples of Medical lab technicians who have impacted society. They have done excellent and important work in this field. So, are you ready to be the next MLT degree holder creating an impact on society? Now that you understand BSc MLT subjects, you are one step closer. 

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