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The workforce shortage in labs


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The condition of the healthcare system when COVID hit made us realize where the healthcare system lacks. Right from the shortage of nurses, and doctors to lab technicians and other important people, there is a huge shortage that needs to be filled in this industry. 

Not only the pandemic situation but daily too, there is a limited number of people who work in a lab and assist the doctors and nurses to provide the right results. 

Knowing the retiring workforce

The healthcare industry comprises various people who are likely to get retired after a certain period. Seniors have worked and are about to retire, and the lab technician course that they have acquired has advanced now. Therefore, the knowledge that the retiring profession has today is due to experience and not the lab technician course that they’d enrolled for. While there are hundreds of people retiring in a year, the system is not yet ready for the new workforce who can replace them. Hence, it becomes necessary to fill the requirement by assisting the healthcare system with well-skilled professionals. 

BSc MLT course details allowed these senior professionals to understand the need decades ago.

Today, while lots of lab technician course professionals are about to leave due to retirement, there must be at least half the count of newcomers ready to fill the position. The gap in the workforce is created due to the retiring workforce that is getting ready to leave the system and not filling them with the new workforce.

New training programs

BSc MLT course details are not enough to become a lab technician. Students need to learn all the necessary tips and tricks that assist them to serve the system tomorrow. If the students are not given access to practical knowledge, there are chances that the new workforce might not have much knowledge about actual working in the industry. The lab technician course is not just theoretical, one needs to learn ample things that can be implemented practically. When one does become a lab technician there are plenty of roles and responsibilities that one needs to perform. And for that, one needs to get admitted to a lab technician course at a reputed university. 

Colleges such as the ITM Institute of Health Sciences have lab technician courses that help students inculcate the knowledge required to become successful lab technicians. ITM Institute of Health Sciences not only ensure the students are not only provided with limited knowledge. Instead, they are recommended to attend seminars and webinars that polish their skills. Training ensures the students are provided skilled and are able to fill the upgraded requirement of the system. 

Though the mentioned points might seem to be minor, they’re the major ones influencing. Here are a few things that can help to replenish the gaps. 

Introducing small courses

People ask what is BSc MLT. To conclude in short, the lab technician course teaches one to understand the fluids in the body and the impact they cause on the human body. Curating smaller courses for a year or six months can polish the students with the needed knowledge and permit them to fill the gap at the earliest. Not only do such courses help to get educated but provide the current and the upcoming knowledge assisting the whole system.

  • Cross-training

Cross-training allows the lab technician courses to get advanced. Now that people are looking for skills and knowledge as compared to a degree, introducing short-period lab technician courses or cross-training proves to be beneficial. Due to lack of time and minimal knowledge accessing the cross-training for freshers becomes a bit difficult. 

Once the BSc MLT course details are inculcated, new technology or methodology may disrupt the old ones. Institutes that come across any such lab technician courses can introduce cross-training wherein the updated skills and methodology are taught to the students. 

  • Basic efficiencies

Properly organizing a lab can be done by professionals. The lab technician course allows students to learn the importance of equipment in the lab and the necessity to use them.

Whether you’re working for a long or are new, you need to understand the basic efficiencies that ensure the shortage of workforce can be filled. Installing certain technologies provides the lab technician course degree holder to perform the tasks in a given time.

  • Involve the students

It becomes necessary that the students are well trained and involved in the necessary tasks and activities. Involving one in such activities helps the pupils to understand the need of collecting samples, prepare them for analysis, and providing the right and relevant results. Involving them in those activities builds confidence and guides them to work from day 1 in the future. 


The shortage of labour is common in every sector. While every sector is trying to meet its ends, the healthcare system has to come into action quickly and take practical moves to save lives. Moreover, the system requires educated, skilled and trained people to accomplish the duties.

And therefore, there has been a rise in students opting for lab technician courses as they see potential in this field. 

To understand more about what is BSc MLT, and more about the lab technician course, contact us. Our career counsellors will provide you a guide to lab careers.

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