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NEET exam Preparation 2023: A Strategy, List of the Best Books, Schedule, and Key Issues


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Although the NEET exam 2022 Exam is one of the most challenging entrance exams in India, it is not impossible to perform well if candidates follow a precise strategic plan and practice. Without skipping a single topic from the syllabus, start with the subjects or topics carrying the most weight. The Entrance NEET exam Biology Syllabus, for instance, has the highest weightage, so one should begin their preparation with Biology. Candidates should regularly administer mock exams and practice answering questions from previous years' question papers to gauge how well they work under pressure.

  • The candidates should create a clever Entrance NEET exam 2022 study plan and dedicate their time to consistent practice in order to achieve a high score.
  • The most important chapters should be studied first by aspirants. Additionally, there have been no changes to the Entrance NEET exam 2022 Exam Pattern this year. The candidates can review Entrance NEET exam test questions from previous years in this regard.

Furthermore, the NEET exam 2022 Exam had a very high level of difficulty. In 2021, more than 16 lakh applicants from 412 medical schools nationwide took the Entrance NEET exam. Read the article below for Entrance NEET exam 2022 preparation advice that will help you get into the nation's top medical schools.

Review the study plan and tips for Entrance NEET exam preparation listed below:

2022 Basic NEET exam Exam Preparation Advice

Aspirants who are taking the Entrance NEET exam entrance exam, one of India's most challenging entrance exams, need to have a solid preparation plan in place. The following are preparation suggestions for NEET exam 2022:

  • Understand the syllabus: Before creating a study plan for the preparation, become familiar with the exam's syllabus.
  • Select the necessary books and materials: It is the most important component of exam preparation. One may select the books or study materials that best suit them, but if you ask a NEET exam expert, they will first suggest NCERT because it covers every subject in simple terms.
  • Establish a realistic schedule. Aspirants must attend class while studying for the Entrance NEET exam. Create a reliable schedule that you can adhere to. Use all of your time effectively. Take breaks between your studies, break up the course material for better understanding, and set aside time for revision.
  • Determine the area that requires more attention: When preparing for the Entrance NEET exam, be aware of the difficulty of each subject or the subject in which you are weak, and allocate time accordingly.
  • Take notes as you read: You must keep track of the subjects you are learning. Making notes will aid in your long-term memory and speed up your revision process.
  • Measure your learning and performance: Solve previous years’ question papers and give Entrance NEET exam mock tests on a regular basis. It will help you check your knowledge, speed, time management skills, and accuracy.

NEET exam Study Guide 2022: Subject-by-Subject

The study advice for each subject to ensure thorough NET preparation is provided below.

Entrance NEET exam Physics Study Advice

  • Make sure you understand each concept in physics.
  • Practice figuring out conceptual issues while under time pressure.
  • For a physics theory grade that is respectable, be sure to completely cover all the crucial topics.
  • When it comes to problem-solving questions, one must first evaluate the formulae. Then, as you work through the problem, see if a comparable system of units already exists; if not, use the conversion rules.
  • Formula notes should be kept separate and updated frequently.

Entrance NEET exam Chemistry Study Advice

  • The chemistry section of the Entrance NEET exam is regarded as being the simplest and most rewarding. There are three parts to it: organic, inorganic, and physical
  • Both organic and inorganic chemistry should receive the same amount of attention because they can both be used to your advantage.
  • Formula-based questions from physical chemistry are common, so become familiar with all the formulas and question types.
  • Regularly solve numerical puzzles.
  • Take careful notes for each chapter and become familiar with the periodic table.

Entrance NEET exam Biology Study Advice

  • Compared to other sections, the biology section has the most weight.
  • Over the past few years, the difficulty of biology has increased. So, prepare the topic appropriately.
  • It's all about theory in biology. Keep in mind the details, technical terms, definitions, and concepts.
  • Be well aware of the diagrams as many questions in Entrance NEET exam are based on diagrams.

Considerations for the Entrance NEET exam Preparation Timetable

  • Students should create a study plan that works for them and make adjustments as necessary, rather than blindly following any timetable.
  • Between study sessions, you should take a break to let your mind unwind.
  • When creating a study plan, keep in mind the coaching and class hours.
  • The subjects for the daily study should be planned in advance.
  • Partition of the course material and study accordingly.
  • Create a distinct schedule for holidays.
  • Set aside sometime each day for revision.
  • Determine which subject requires more time, and increase your study time accordingly.

Toppers' Entrance NEET exam Preparation Advice

  • Concentrate on the ideas: Instead of just practicing formulas and providing answers, concentrate on comprehending the concepts underlying the problems. Before beginning with complex concepts, gain knowledge of the fundamentals. Use the tips offered by coaching facilities to speed up your exam-taking.
  • Avoid excessive pressure: When exam days are approaching and on the day of the exam, remain optimistic and motivated. Under pressure, try not to freak out and only respond with confidence. If a question is difficult for you to understand the first time, move on to the next one and come back to it later.
  • Clear Your Doubts: It is advised to do so as soon as possible, but avoid choosing such topics in the final days leading up to the exam.
  • A surplus of books Instead of using too many books for Entrance NEET exam preparation, stick to 1 or 2 reference books to strengthen your weak topics. Using numerous books will only confuse you.
  • Use charts, tables, and mind maps: Using charts, tables, and mind maps will help you understand and instill data conceptually rather than simply cramming information and formulas into your head through constant revision.
  • To help you remember important information, use codes and analogies. Create your own codes; it will help you remember some material. To remember the periodic table, create mnemonic phrases using the initials of the primary elements.
  • Time management when answering the question paper: Candidates need to manage their time well and follow a productive strategy for answering questions in order to perform well on the Entrance NEET exam. If one continues to solve papers from prior years while preparing, desired results can be attained.

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