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List of main tools used by MLT professionals


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There are numerous instruments that you’ll use as a medical lab technician, ranging in difficulty from easy to complex. Medical lab technicians are skilled individuals trained to perform various tests in the lab. in this article, we'll look over some of the major tools they utilize to diagnose and run different tests.

All these below-mentioned equipment will be put to use primarily during your MLT courses. You can pursue MLT after 12th.

1. Microscope

In a medical laboratory, it is quite common for a test to use a microscope to examine the minute object, like blood cells, in order to diagnose the patient. A microscope is a very basic as well as a crucial tool taught to use in MLT courses. It is one of the most essential pieces of equipment for observing minute elements that are unlikely for a normal human eye to detect.

The microscopes are primarily used to observe different types of blood cells, identify different types of microorganisms like bacteria and parasites, and used to identify abnormalities in them. For example, a microscope is used in haematology tests to observe different types of blood cells. As a result, a microscope is the first and foremost tool that is considered by the students enrolled in the MLT courses.

2. Blood Gas Analyzers

A blood gas analyzer usually measures the partial pressure of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the blood, along with its pH. It will also measure glucose, lactate, and bilirubin in the blood, watching the buildup or breakdown of chemical components in your body to examine your lung status or the possibility of disease Consequently, both medical students and students taking MLT courses are taught how to use this technology.

3. Urine Analysis Equipment

In a medical laboratory, urine analysis equipment is a tool that is used to automatically examine urine samples. This tool can identify and measure a wide range of analytes, including bilirubin, protein, glucose, and red blood cells. It is simple for MLT specialists and doctors to diagnose the problem and begin treatment right away. Thanks to the usage of this equipment and experience from MLT courses, you can detect a number of ailments such as urinary infections, kidney disorders, diabetes, etc.

4. Centrifuge 

It is a quickly spinning container that uses centrifugal force to spin the fluid in the container at a high rate of speed in order to separate distinct components of fluids of different densities or liquid from solid. Utilizing this apparatus, suspended particles in a liquid are separated based on density and particle size. It is one of the key lab instruments taught to students in MLT courses since it is frequently used in a medical laboratory for the purification of cells, organelles, viruses, proteins, and nucleic acids, for example separating whole blood components from the blood in the clinical laboratory.

5. Sahli Haemoglobinometer 

Sahli's haemoglobinometer is used to estimate the amount of haemoglobin in blood samples. A tube, pipette, stirrer, comparator, and hydrochloric acid are all part of the apparatus of a  haemoglobinometer. In a haemoglobinometer first, the blood sample is added to the acid, and it turns brown.  Then Distilled water is added to the solution to make it the same colour as the comparator and as a final result, the amount of hemoglobin is indicated by the solution level on the scale.

6. DNA Analyzer 

As the name suggests, a DNA analyzer is a device used to determine the characteristics of an individual's DNA. The DNA analyzer is an automated system that can sequence DNA and analyze fragments, making it really easy and compact for MLT professionals to use but also complex at the same time thus  DNA analysis is said to be a very crucial and equally compost process for MLT courses students as well as MLT professionals.

7. Autoclave 

An autoclave is a device used for object sterilization and disinfection that uses high temperatures and pressure to kill bacteria and other microorganisms present on the object. The presence of various bacteria in a medical laboratory is evident due to the frequent tests performed there; therefore, it is imperative that the laboratory be properly cleaned and disinfected, and here the MLT courses students, as well as the MLT professionals, are advised to use the autoclave devise.

8. Haematology Analyzer 

The process of haematology analysis was initially performed manually, which required a lot of time; consequently, a haematology analyzer was invented. This device aids in tests like CBC (Complete Blood Count), which includes the count of red and white blood cells, hemoglobin, platelets count, etc. as this device is used in tests like CBC, which are generally demanded by doctors to determine patients' overall health it is termed as one of the important and crucial devices in the study of MLT Courses.

9. Differential counter 

In some diseases, for the diagnosis the proper count of individual white blood cells is essential, thus the differential counter is used to determine a specific count of white blood cells. This device counts the various percentages of white blood cells in the body and aids in the diagnosis of immature or abnormal cells or cell count in a patient's body thus this device helps in the diagnosis of various decides like various types of flu, and cancer treatment, etc. 

One of the booming career options today is medical laboratory technician, and corona and pandemic are two major contributors to this. As a result, more students are choosing to enrol in MLT courses today. 

Institute of health sciences offer MLT courses that you can research. One such Institute of Health Sciences is branched through ITM. Their MLT courses are one of the best ones. 

Since taking MLT courses can lead to promising career opportunities in the future, thus here is this informative blog about the primary tools employed by medical lab technicians for those taking MLT courses or are planning to pursue their career in this field.

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