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How to Become A Nurse: Complete Nursing Course Details


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What is a Nursing Course?

As a lifesaver, Nurses are an inevitable part of the healthcare industry and the Nursing Course is the formal learning and training in this branch of science. With a combination of theoretical and practical training, the objective of a Nursing Course is to provide autonomous and collaborative care to all individuals, irrespective of age, families, groups, communities, sick or well in all situations. Thereby, the role of nurses can be regarded as an advocate for health promotion, including an educator, a caregiver, and a counselor. 

Roles and Responsibilities of Nurses

The roles and responsibilities of nurses vary as per their specializations and being more than a full-time job; they have to perform the below duties in a challenging medical environment-

  • Assisting doctors during the physical examination of patients and taking a lead role in implementing the prescribed care plan
  • Recording medical history and symptoms by checking the temperature, blood pressure, and pulse rates
  • Collaborating with medical teams to execute the patient care plan
  • Communicating with patients and relatives regarding the medical condition and update
  • Managing the recording and confidentiality of sensitive information
  • Administered medications and treatments
  • Providing emotional support for the health and well-being of patients 
  • Operating medical equipment and managing their settings and sterilization
  • Guiding the patients regarding the management of their illness

Skills of a Nurse

As an incredibly rewarding career, the nurses have to perform various duties with diligence like 

  • Keeping the patients healthy
  • Keeping a check on schedules of medication
  • Treating their illnesses and injuries
  • Preventing the spread of diseases
  • Providing emotional support to patients and their family members
  • Educating patients about aftercare and supervising and teaching the junior nursing staff. 

So, a Nursing Course looks into the multi-dimensional roles of a nurse as their skills extend beyond administration, medication, and other therapies. To further simplify, one can segregate the nursing skills into clinical and soft skills. 

The following section will give an overview of the necessary skills-

Clinical Skills-

● Patient care

● Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)

● Life support and Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS)

● Emergency and Critical Care Nursing

● Case Management


Other Technical Skills-

● Pharmacology

● Cardiology

● Endocrinology

● Neurology

● Psychology

● Neonatal care and more

In the above cases, the nurses should possess the technical know-how in the above areas to manage the safety of patients.

Soft Skills-

● Effective communicator

● Critical thinking

● Flexibility and adaptability

● Detail-oriented

● Commitment to constant learning and development

Nursing Course - Types

Based on the above roles and responsibilities, the Nursing Course provides a distinct idea regarding the functions of nurses, and the educational courses and training programs are prepared accordingly. As a highly sought-after profession, under the Indian Nursing Council, nursing degrees vary in accordance with specializations. After class 12, the various types of courses are B.Sc. Nursing, M.Sc. Nursing, ANM Nursing, GNM Nursing, and Diploma in Nursing. A student with an aggregate of 50% marks can apply for the Nursing Course after the 12th. The following tables will give an overview of the different courses-

Certification Nursing Courses-
Courses Duration
Certificate in Maternal and Child Health Care 6 months
Certificate in Care Waste Management 6 months
Certificate in Nursing Care Assistant 6 months
Certificate in Baby Nursing and Child Care 6 months
Certificate Course in Home Based Care Helper 6 months
Certificate in Maternity Nursing 6 months
Certificate in Primary Nursing Management 6 months
Certificate in Home Nursing 6 months
Certificate in Nursing Administration 6 months

Table 1: Various Certification Nursing Courses

Platforms provide all these online certification courses like Udemy and Coursera and fees range between INR 10000 – INR 100000 approximately. 

1-year Nursing Courses-
Post Basic Diploma in Operation Room Nursing
Post Basic Diploma in Neurology Nursing
Post Basic Diploma in Mental Health Nursing
Post Basic Diploma in Ortho and Rehabilitation Nursing
Post Basic Diploma in Neonatal Nursing
Post Basic Diploma in Burns & Reconstructive Surgery
Post Basic Diploma in NephrologyRenal Nursing
Post Basic Diploma in Gerontological Nursing
Post Basic Diploma in Critical Care Nursing
M. Phil. Nursing

Table 2: Various Post Basic Diploma Nursing Courses

Diploma in Nursing Courses- Diploma courses are generally a year shorter than B.Sc. Nursing and admissions are based on merit and fees ranging between INR 10000 – 700000 approximately.

Diploma Courses
GNM Nursing
ANM Nursing
Diploma in Nursing
Diploma in Home Nursing
Diploma in Nursing Administration
Post Graduate Diploma in Neonatal Nursing
Post Graduate Diploma in Orthopedic and Rehabilitation Nursing

Table 3: Various Diploma Nursing Courses

B.Sc. Nursing Courses- This 4-year professional program can be pursued after the 12th with course fees ranging from INR 1600-500000. The following table will give an overview-

Graduate Nursing Courses
B.Sc. Nursing
B.Sc. (H) Nursing
B.Sc. Nursing Post Basic

Table 4: Various UG Nursing Courses

M.Sc. Nursing Courses- The professional postgraduate program in Nursing Courses can be done after UG in a variety of domains like operation room nursing, gynecological nursing, pediatric nursing, psychiatric nursing, mental health nursing, medical-surgical nursing, and others. For this program, the eligibility criteria for the candidate are completing UG from a recognized institution with 55% aggregate marks. Further, admission in M.Sc. Nursing sometimes mandates a year of experience after graduation.

M.Sc. Nursing
M.Sc. Mental Health Nursing
M.Sc. Community Health Nursing
M.Sc. Child Health Nursing
MSc Pediatric Nursing
MSc Obstetrics and Gynecology Nursing
MSc Medical-Surgical Nursing
MSc Maternity Nursing
MSc Psychiatric Nursing

Table 5: Various PG Nursing Courses

So, it can be stated that as an advocate for patient health and care, the nurses have to fulfill a range of duties to support the healthcare program.

Do you want to be a nurse? ITM Can Assist

As a nurse, you will have exceptional career growth opportunities. If you have always wanted to work in the medical sector as a nurse, a nursing course from ITM is a terrific way to get started. Increased demand for nurses, especially after the Covid-19 pandemic, implies more work opportunities for nursing professionals. A profession in social work, saving people’s lives while also making great earnings is a satisfying way to impact the lives of people. Over the next several years, there will be a 25% growth in registered nursing profession jobs. 

ITM has been making our students' ambitions of pursuing a nursing profession a reality by providing 100 percent placement support, top-tier teaching personnel, and top-tier infrastructure. The B.Sc. nursing program at ITM is designed to provide students with both academic and practical knowledge and the necessary nursing skills. 

Do you want to learn more about our nursing programs? Come see us here.

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