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How do new nurses nail the interview?


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With increasing opportunities and needs, the healthcare system thrives to grow. While everyone needs to start with some or other position, the healthcare professionals who are at the initial stage need to struggle a lot. The nursing college in Mumbai guides the students with ample knowledge that safeguards the position and career. Even after acquiring BSc in Nursing, landing the first job comes with effort and careful preparations.

These health science courses provide the students with an opportunity to flourish future. Nursing is a social path and some minimal people choose to follow it. Multiple options allow the students to grow well and explore niches or growth opportunities. When it comes to grabbing an opportunity, you need to know how to ace the interview after doing your course at a nursing college in Mumbai. 

Here are a few tips, and tricks that one can follow when it comes to nailing the interview with the top recruiters for nursing graduates in India

Learn about the opportunity

Nursing college in Mumbai helps students identify the opportunities closely. Once you get experienced in identifying the opportunities, you can easily apply for them. The institutes such as ITM assist the students to understand the ways to discover and search for new opportunities.

Know about the organizations

While you’re looking for opportunities, you actively apply for the job. While doing so, you need to do research about the organizations you’ve applied for. When you get enrolled in a Nursing college in Mumbai, you get an idea about the organizations, healthcare facilities, and other related institutes. You simply can gather the details of their recent work, appreciation, rewards, and recognitions. Knowing about the organization depicts your interest in learning new features and keenness in the field. Also, the top nursing college in Mumbai, ITM IHS allows the students to network with mentors who are industry experts to learn about various organizations.

Prepare for the interview

Once you complete these health science courses, you need to prepare for the interview. Preparing for an interview comes with various other factors. Right from grooming, preparing a few questions and many other factors should be on the checklist. After you acquire a degree from nursing college in Mumbai, you have ample idea about the courses, industries, and other aspects to be taken of. The reputed institute ITM IHS engages the students by arranging workshops and seminars to ensure the students are provided with the right insights about the industry. Also, they arrange the mock tests to ensure the students are prepared in the right manner.

Learn humanity

BSc in nursing course gives the students idea and brief knowledge about the courses and other factors, one of the important aspects that you will learn about is humanity. 

Humanity plays an important role and while you’re new to this profession, practising calmness and humanity become necessary. You can easily enrol in internship opportunities after completing your degree from a nursing college in Mumbai. Those opportunities give the students insights into the industry and work. While completing the small tasks, you can inculcate certain qualities that are required to work as a nurse.

Learn to bond

Well, the health science courses guide the students about the industry, yet, creating and maintaining the bond between the higher authorities, colleagues and patients become necessary. While working organization, firm, or system, it becomes mandatory to ensure you do know how to bond with the people. Being in the nursing profession, you’re required to have good relationships with your patients. Not only does it speed the recovery but helps to create loyal customers for the brands. You learn how to bond during your years at nursing college in Mumbai. 

Aim for being professional

When you apply for a certain course, you’re supposed to get dressed in a particular manner. Usually, we are said “Dress for the job you want” but it’s not the same when applying for nursing jobs. You need not dress like a nurse even if you graduate from the best nursing college in Mumbai.

Well, now that you’re aware of the things that can help to nail the interview. There are a few things that are to be excluded. The students who have completed a degree from nursing college in Mumbai are recommended to avoid doing certain things and including,

Asking irrelevant questions

Most of the interviewees ask the last question- ‘do you have any questions?’ when such questions are asked, you should ask the relevant query you have. Consider asking relevant questions that help to get some more idea about the company. You can ask about the culture, expectations, and many other factors related to your roles and responsibilities. The renowned nursing college in Mumbai provides you with an opportunity to meet mentors or panellists from the industry to give you a brief idea about the interviews.

Keep your attitude aside

Any nursing college in Mumbai or other colleges would not be recommended to carry the wrong attitude. While you’re appearing for an interview, do not carry the college attitude. Now that you’ll be working in the professional world, ensure you do try to solve most of your problems with a smile on your face.

Turning up late

Nursing college in Mumbai teaches you punctuality and discipline. Those core values are inculcated in the students to ensure they follow them throughout their life. Hence, whether you hold BSc in Nursing degree or other equivalent degrees, do not turn up late for your interviews. This creates a negative impact on the interviewee and portrays your ill interest in your profession.


While you’re new to any field, studying it constantly helps you improve. Similarly, unless you appear for a few interviews you might not be able to answer a few questions. The nursing college in Mumbai prepares you for the best future. Yet, you can appear for a few mock tests, practice, or observe a few interviews online and practice the mandatory questions that can be asked during the interviews.

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