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Difference between Pathologist and Medical lab technician


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While the healthcare system is vast, the people in charge of responsibilities and roles catering to the system are huge. Nurses assist doctors, this is something that most people are aware of. But do you know that pathologists and medical lab technicians also help doctors? Yes, they are the ones who assist doctors to know about the disorder, treatments, and the reason behind the disorder. 

While their roles and responsibilities look identical, they aren’t. Here are the things that help you know about the courses one needs to enrol in. 

What is BSc MLT?

BSc MLT is a lab technician course playing a crucial role in the healthcare system. They are gems assisting the patients and doctors with the extra care to diagnose and know the disorder. Lab technician course graduates' primary work comprises collecting blood and performing diagnostic tests to analyze the body fluids such as saliva, micro-organisms, and cell counts of the body.

They are the ones directly in contact with the patients to collect the samples. The lab technician course helps the students to understand the process, steadiness, and the opportunities waiting for them.

During the initial days, while going through the BSc MLT subjects, you might wonder about the roles and responsibilities you need to perform. Lab technician course subjects include biochemistry, pathology, and many other subjects. If you want to know what is BSc MLT, you can search or visit the ITM website to get an overview of the course.

ITM Institute of Health Science has various webinars and workshops that guide students about various courses such as the lab technician course.

If you are planning on opting for a lab technician course, you need to know the roles and responsibilities that you need to perform - 

  • Identifying and collecting the right samples
  • Gathering the data for the experiment
  • Documenting results of tests and experiments.

Overview – Pathology

If you’re a fan of crime series that involves lots of investigation, science, and constant experimentation, then you definitely will like to know about pathologist.

They are the ones working closely to know the bodies and tissues of humankind. Similar to medical lab technicians they too are responsible for conducting searches but they look for the abnormalities that help to know the disorder or problems in the human body. 

The lab technician courses help to learn the basics. Pathologists are the ones who are engaged in research units and hospitals. They also specialised in forensic pathology and directly work with the police departments or as a private investigating officer.

They’re the true heroes finding out the reason behind a person’s death. Several times they’re the ones studying the disorder from start to end and finding the reason behind the abnormalities. 

Difference between medical lab technicians and pathologists

While it seems both the professionals might require to complete a lab technician course, it's not true. Here is what makes both professions different - 

  • Jobs are different

While both professionals need a lab technician course degree, the roles and responsibilities do differ a bit.

While an MLT professional is needed to collect the samples, the pathologist is responsible to analyze the reason behind the difference in the pattern of the sample. A person performing duties in the lab needs to provide the tests, samples, and procedures that assist the doctors to know the disorder. The pathologists are the ones diagnosing the disorder, understanding what causes the disorder, and researching the treatment that helps to manage the disorder. 

BSc MLT subjects help the lab technicians to understand the severity of the tests, samples, and analyses that help to understand the condition of the patients. 

  • Educational qualification

Though lab technician course subjects are the basic foundation course assisting the students to know about the human body, body fluids, and other basic things, becoming a pathologist comes with lots of requirements. One with an MBBS degree along with an MD specialization in genetics and forensics is suitable for the position of pathologist.

On the other hand, completing a lab technician course helps the students to start earning easily. BSc MLT subjects are the foundation courses creating interest in the students to choose the specialized course. 

  • Salary package

People usually ask what is BSc MLT course. Well, they are the most respected professionals working to improve the conditions of the patients. They assist the doctors with the reports of the patients. Usually, the starting package offered to Medical lab technical ranges between Rs. 5,00,000-Rs. 10,00,000. So the salary of an MLT professional is pretty good.

With increased experience and reputed organization, you can enjoy the perks and get a good hike. The pathologist is a whole different profession and the people signing in to become one are likely to get a good package. Their salary is much more than the lab technician course degree holder. 

The institutes such as ITM IHS allow the students to learn by connecting with industry experts. They not only expose the students to the lab technician course but help them understand the world beyond the courses. 


Considering any of the above professions that are well suited according to your interest. While completing the course, you might feel the studies are competitive, but after looking at the perks and benefits, you definitely will be able to understand the need of each course and why are they different from each other. The lab technician course is a short period course assisting the students to acquire more opportunities, on the contrary, becoming a pathologist comes with lots of experience. 

MLT and pathologists are two different arrays, yet they fulfil the most required and demand gap. Those professionals take the pain to understand the disorders, problems, and abnormalities that hamper society and take the right decisions to improve those issues. 

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