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Difference between Medical Lab Technician & Medical Technologist


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To pursue any profession, it becomes necessary to understand the qualification, roles, and responsibilities that come with it. One needs to take efforts to understand the need, analyze the demand and then start with the required steps to pursue a profession.

Similarly, medical lab technicians and medical technologists are two different professions, which might sound alike, but aren’t. Of course, the title of the profession, itself says, they’re from the medical field, but what makes them different are the duties they perform. Before knowing what makes them different, you need to know how does MLT degree assist both professions to pursue their dreams.

Who is a medical lab technician?

They are professionals who take up a lab technician course after 12th science to understand their crucial role in hospitals, clinics, and healthcare systems. They are the ones working closely with the technologists, physicians, and lab managers. They assist the vital behind-the-scene heroic role to help the patients and the doctors. MLT degree is a branch of science that manages the collection of tests and analysis of the samples to ensure the doctors have the right idea concerning the disorder.

The MLT degree gives the students idea to slide the human fluids under the laboratory equipment to understand the disorder and help the doctors find the solution to those ailments. Besides, they’re the ones diagnosing the blood type.

Skillsets required for becoming an MLT degree holder

Acquiring an MLT degree allows one to understand the necessity of possessing certain skills that help to grab an amazing opportunity in the industry. The institutes such as ITM Institute of Health Science aids students to inculcate the skills such as communication skills, technical abilities, and other needed aids. Moreover, these courses help the students to stay in touch with the alumni of the same field and get connected whenever needed.

Who are medical technologists?

Well, they’re not much different when compared to the medical lab technicians. Technologists are the ones who conduct in-depth research, tests, and analyses of treatments required by the patients. Often, one with an MLT degree acquires workspaces in hospitals, physician's offices, clinical laboratories, school campuses, or outpatient care centres. Post completing the MLT degree, you can choose to pursue a career in immunohematology, chemistry, immunology, cytotechnologist, or microbiology technologists.

Skill sets required alongside MLT Degree

While institutes provide a wide range of courses, besides grabbing an MLT degree, the professional need to develop the qualities. The qualities include being able to communicate clearly to instruct concerning the directions and procedures to be followed. Additionally, they need to understand the importance of finding and creating a medical report to help the doctors.

E. Difference between medical lab technician and medical technologist

  • Duties

MLT Degree holders analyze and prepare the samples and follow the daily routine process to ensure the other laboratory duties are performed well. They also are responsible to look after the maintenance of equipment and instruments. Medical technologist is the one performing the same responsibilities, but they are the one involved in the in-depth analysis. This helps physicians to understand the disorder and the treatments in a precise manner. Technicians work hard to collect the samples from the patients. While the technologist only focuses on conducting the research and arriving at the decision.

Though the responsibilities are similar, the severity or analysis done for research differ.

  • Core responsibilities

While technologist focuses on research and developing new methods, the other one has to know the research situation. Studying in the best colleges such as ITM Institute of Health Science helps students to understand the basic parameters and methods to adopt, assisting to understand the approach to be maintained.

Additionally, they arrange seminars and workshops to connect with the industry leaders. - To enhance the basics or know the foundation that you need to work on post acquiring an MLT degree. Throughout the lab technician course after 12th science, you will be taught about the necessary research parameters and the situations that affect the research.

To conclude, medical technologists are the ones conducting complex experiments as compared to MLT degree holder professionals.

  • Manual tests

Technologists do not only restrict their knowledge post acquiring MLT degree, instead, but they also need to train themselves to know the manual settings assisting to conduct the tests and diagnosis. While the technicians do not have an idea concerning the manual tests and settings.

The manual test ensures the process of reviewing and testing can be done without using any software or application to understand or detect faults and errors.

  • Technologists are more advanced

The lab technician course after 12th science allows the students to grab enough knowledge to understand the severity and importance of getting admitted to such courses. While the technician is not needed to study or research certain parameters in depth, the technologists are needed to do so. Medical lab technicians do have insights into the roles and responsibilities after getting into professional life. While the technologists study the advanced methods and grab one step ahead position.

  • Technologists train medical lab technician

Yes, you read that right, technologists are the ones supervising and training the technician. The MLT degree does help the technicians to understand the overall topic included in the course. To appreciate the duties, technologists are the ones who can help you know the supporting role you play to enhance the treatment provided to the patients.


The medical lab technician course after 12th science allows the students to recognize the gaps that can be filled with the help of the knowledge and skills they develop. Every course is designed in a manner that supports another role. One just needs to identify the suitable gaps in the market and enrol in the courses.

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