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Difference between DMLT and BSc MLT


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Diploma in Medical Lab Technology (DMLT) and Bachelor in Medical Lab Technology are the two most sought-after courses after 12th by many aspirants. If you need clarification and are scratching your head to choose the right course between DMLT and BMLT, this blog is written for you. Multiple colleges and medical institutions in India offer BSc medical lab technology. DMLT can be an entry point to start your profession as a Medical Lab Technician. But to excel in this field, Bach's in MLT is a good choice. Though both courses have to do with medical laboratory technology, there are some fundamental differences between them. 

  • What is DMLT? 

DMLT full form is Diploma in Medical Lab Technology, a specialized course in the paramedical science field. Upon completing this course from a recognized institute of health sciences, you'll be acknowledged as a professional medical laboratory technician. Your primary job will include collecting patients' blood samples, analyzing various samples, drafting accurate reports, and assessing patients' conditions. In essence, you play a crucial role in analyzing patients, testing and creating a positive impact on their health.

After the COVID-19, there has been tremendous growth in the medical sector, leading to increased demand in the field of BSc Medical Lab Technology. As a result, you may find ample job opportunities in this field.

  • What is BSc MLT? 

BSc in MLT stands for Bachelor of Science in Medical Lab Technology. It is an undergraduate course. It is a three-year course. Once you complete the BSc medical lab technology, you become a professional covering many aspects of healthcare. Studying BSc medical lab technology has its perks. A BSc in MLT College will make you skilled in medical technologies, and you will be able to perform calling functions: 

  • Diagnosis of diseases.
  • Preventive care.
  • Handling complicated cases.

BSc medical lab technology subjects focus on basic parameters and theoretical aspects of the field. It is dynamic and incorporates subjects of basic anatomy, human physiology, clinical pathology, medical microbiology etc. However, the main objective of studying BSc medical lab technology should be to learn various testing methods and understand the art of conducting tests without errors. 

  • Significance of DMLT and BSc MLT college courses:

Currently, the BSc Medical Lab Technology is one of the trending and well-known courses in the healthcare sector. During your BSc medical lab technology course, you will be trained as a professional who can give technical support to many doctors during medical treatment or surgeons during surgery. These professionals are an essential and inclusive part of the medical profession. The curriculum of these courses includes proper understanding and diagnosis of diseases, offering suitable treatments, knowing multiple tests and providing attention to complex medical conditions. These professionals are responsible for the preventing further illness or any future complications. BSc Medical lab technology covers the following factors: 

  • Blood Testing
  • Basic Pathology
  • Understanding of Biochemistry
  • Eligibility criteria for DMLT and BSc MLT:

As we know, DMLT and BSc MLT are two well-known popular courses. Different institutes have different eligibility criteria for the BSc medical lab technology. Though the eligibility criteria are subject to change from institute to institute, candidates are requested to check with their institute of preference for detailed eligibility criteria. 

Both DMLT and BSc MLT require 10+2 academics in science. 10+2 is the standard criteria across India for BSc medical lab technology courses. There are also minimum percentages necessary to pursue these courses. For DMLT, candidates require 40% or more. For BSc MLT, candidates require 50% or more in the 10+2 standard. For the BSc medical lab technology field, certain subjects must be studied at a 10+2 level. Physics, chemistry, biology or mathematics or the required subjects. 

  • Course fees for both DMLT and BSc MLT: 

Institutes of health sciences may charge different fees for candidates, and there are varying fees for Indian and international candidates. The course fees for both DMLT and BSc MLT differ from one institution to another, whether it's a public or private institution.

There are plenty of scholarships available for BSc Medical Lab Technology courses. However, there might be some gaps in scholarship as well. The essential criteria for eligibility are the percentages obtained in the 10+2 grades. Different brackets of percentages are assigned different scholarship amounts. You can check it on the respective institutions you will apply to. 

  • Admission Process: 

For DMLT, many colleges admit candidates to a three-year undergraduate programme. This programme may require candidates to take an entrance-based test, and admission to their respective institutions depends on the marks obtained in this test. The criteria for admission may vary among different institutions.

The admission process for BSc MLT is similar to that of other medical colleges. Candidates have to take an entrance test or merit-based admission test. The admission process for BSc Medical Lab Technology is similar to other medical colleges. Candidates have to take an entrance test or merit-based admission test.

  • Entrance-based exam for BSc MLT: 

Candidates have to appear in an entrance exam conducted for a BSc multi-course. After taking the exam, the examination body will check the scores and publish a merit list on their website or respective facilities. Counselling and other facilities are also available for this kind of examination, so be sure to check out the counseling centers before applying.

  • Merit-based exam for BSc MLT

Once you submit your application, you should go through the selection process via merit list. Do not forget to take the respective counselling from the institution. 


If you want to work as a medical lab technician, enrol yourself now. Admissions for the upcoming academic year have started for the BSc MLT course at ITM IHS. We can even provide you with career counselling through our renowned counsellors.


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