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All You Need to Know About BSc in Optometry


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India as a nation has more than 130 people in the population. With increased exposure to screens and blue light, the need for optometrists is accelerating. However, there are only 212 colleges that offer study in optometry. 

Without a doubt, the market for optometrists is exceptionally high in 2023 and will keep rising in the following decade. If you feel you can make worthy contributions to this noble field, you can choose BSc in Optometry from ITM college.

ITM college of health sciences offers the best-curated program for BSc in optometry. 

The bachelor’s degree is a 4-year course that focuses on bringing out the best professionals who know to handle modern technology and are compassionate toward people. 

The country needs eye professionals, but the awareness of this course is quite low. 

Hence, let us understand who and how BSc in optometry can be obtained in 2023. 

What is Optometry?

The occupation or profession that deals with understanding and detecting eye diseases, measuring eyesight, and prescribing correcting lenses according to the problem is the basic understanding of optometry. 

As many industries require people to use laptops or screens for 9-10 hours per day, the need for optometrists has risen. It is necessary to keep the eyes in check every now and then to keep them away from harm and problems. If proper eye care is not followed it can lead to serious issues in the future causing surgery or many other issues. 

Hence, the study of optometry will enable candidates to help people understand the basics of eye care and prescribe them the best medicines for eye health. 

Why should you consider BSc in Optometry?

The number of eye professionals in the industry is very less compared to the need in the market. 

  • The lack of people practising optometry has made it financially challenging for people to consult an optometrist. Hence, well-trained and compassionate optometrists are needed to bridge the industry gap. 
  • There are many well-paying careers after Bsc in optometry.

You can opt for product development with top eye care companies, personal practice, assisting surgeons, vision care researchers, and many more. 

Hence, optometry is a lucrative career to choose and break in an industry that is booming.  

  • You will be a part of an honourable profession making it one of the main reasons to take up optometry. If you want to make contributions to society yet pay all your bills on time, BSc in optometry is a good option to choose from. 

These are some of the reasons why you should opt for a BSc in optometry. You can study and research more for yourself and understand that this is a good option to choose and flourish. 

What will you learn while pursuing BSc in Optometry at IHS?

IHS is a leading institute to offer BSc and MSc in optometry. The ITM institute also offers other courses like hotel management, PGDM in various subjects, graduation in streams of media, other health science courses, and executive management courses. 

So, this institute will help you build a personality and develop all the characteristics of an optometrist while in college. 

  • Excellent Placements 

There are limited colleges that offer BSc in optometry and ITM being one of the best colleges in India, you will be open to the best opportunities in the industry. Many leading companies come down to hunt for talent at ITM. The ITM College has reputed collaborations with companies that secure your future being an optometrist

  • Well-versed in world-class technology 

The college infrastructure is built to make you acquainted with all the advanced technologies used in the industry. You will be hands-on experience with technologies making you the best fit for this growing industry. Alumni of the college who work at senior levels in the industry will train you to understand the industry level of these technologies. 

  • Personality Development 

BSc in optometry is designed to grow candidates in every possible way. You will be attending personality development classes and understanding how you should carry yourself as an optometrist. 

Every student that walks out with a degree of BSc in optometry not only knows about books and training but also is an empathetic and compassionate doctor. 

So, you will easily stand apart from the crowd because you will be well-groomed as an optometrist.

  • Industry Internships

In the last year of BSc in optometry, you will be pursuing an internship with medical companies that will carve your skills according to the industry. In this case, you will have an experience of 1 year when you pass out making it easy for you to get other job opportunities. 

These are some of the reasons why ITM can be your first choice to pursue a BSc in 


Who can apply for a BSc in optometry?

  • Students who have a 10+2 with Physics, Chemistry, and Biology with at least 40% marks aggregate can apply for this course. 
  • For reservation students, the mark cut-off is 35%.
  • CBSE students with medical laboratory technology as a vocational course can also apply for BSc in optometry. 
  • Students who have completed a DMLT course from a recognized university can directly apply for lateral admission in the 2nd year.

How to apply?

  • Login to the itm.edu website
  • Look for the page of BSc in optometry. 
  • Follow the application process. 
  • Submit your documents and get them verified.
  • You can be called for a personal interview. 
  • Once the process is done, you can pay the fees and get started. 

This is one of the best decisions you will make in your career. You can opt for BSc in optometry without any worries and make a fulfilling career as an optometrist. 

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