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8 Types of Medical Lab Technician Jobs you can opt for!


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Feeling sick, having disorders, and having medical emergencies are some harsh parts of life. Whenever such instances occur, we rush to the hospitals and emergency rooms. While we pressurize the professionals to ensure our loved ones are safe, most of us are unaware of behind the scenes. There are multiple working professionals to save just one life- doctors, nurses, and medical lab technicians. While doctors and nurses work on the frontline, lab technicians are the backend people assisting to save the lives of people. 

Lab technicians work in the labs to understand the cause and reason behind the disorder that any person might have. They assist the doctor to understand the detection and severity of disorders. If you’re interested in this job role, you can enroll in an MLT course and understand the subject closely.

There are various other branches of this MLT course. Various indirect technician courses that one can take up and acquire certification to pursue a career in the same. If you have minimal information about the MLT course, here are a few careers that you can choose from,

1. Cytogenetic technologists

They’re the laboratory specialists studying the normal and abnormal chromosomes in cells, and human development. They study fertility issues, blood disorders, and birth defects. Additionally, they’re responsible to examine the blood, amniotic fluids, and bone marrow with the help of different techniques and machinery.

If you have completed the MLT course, you might be aware of the roles and requirements that you need to fulfill. While practicing the techniques during the course, you are taught about the 20 different methods. Students are well guided about the meticulous records that help to communicate with the family members, and physicians and provide the right test results.

2. Pathologists Assistant

BSc MLT colleges in Mumbai can train and certify you for becoming a pathologist's assistant. Institutions such as ITM IHS provide academic and practical training to the students. Grabbing an MLT course certification provides students to grab an opportunity with a licensed, board-certified, or eligible anatomic pathologist.

Acquiring an MLT course certification allows one to work in both surgical and autopsy pathology. A lot of work experience with reputed industry experts can also be sought. Top-notch institutes such as ITM IHS assist students to interact with industry experts and network.

3. Anesthesia Technician

Anesthesia Technician or AT is an allied health care professional. Well, they’re not pharmacists, nurses, or MDs but their responsibilities are crucial. During the MLT course, one can encounter the crucial tasks that are to be performed like diagnosing illnesses, caring for patients, and maintaining equipment. The health care system functions smoothly with the help of those professionals. They also are supposed to have a deep understanding of anesthesia techniques, dosages, instruments and technology, and monitoring equipment and drugs. Additionally, their roles and responsibilities consist of ensuring the dosages are adequate and patients are monitored throughout the process. The BSc MLT colleges in Mumbai encourage the students to take up internship opportunity that helps to understand the duties in a defined manner.

4. Medical equipment repair technician

MLT course briefs you about the other careers you can choose under this branch. Becoming a Medical equipment repair technician is one of them. They are the professionals working for hospitals, clinics, and suppliers. They perform repairs and look after the maintenance of the various types of machinery. For one who completes a medical lab technician course, one needs to either work as a lab technician or can choose to repair that equipment. The majority of the students who prefer to sign-up as a working repair technician are self-employed.

5. Clinical laboratory technician

MLT course allows you to choose one of the best career options. Being Medical Lab Technician, you’re responsible for the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disorder.  The clinical laboratory technicians are the critical components of the entire ecosystem. The medical lab technician is expected to know the blood samples, tissues, body fluids, urine, screening, and sampling analysis. Professionals can choose to enroll themselves in BSc MLT colleges in India as they allow one to network with the best experts in the industry. Networking plays an important role and makes a room for fresher to connect with experienced people.

6. Histotechnician

MLT course allows you to upgrade and know the necessary courses of your interest. It alerts you about the branches that are available and guide you about the further assistance that you might require. A Histotechnician uses special tools to collect the samples, mount the sample on the slide and prepare them for further analysis under a microscope. Histotechnician specializes in the areas such as-

  • staining, 
  • frozen sectioning, 
  • immunohistochemistry, 
  • dermatology specimens, or 
  • specific organ biopsies while completing the MLT course. 

7. Radiation protection technicians

Everyone is aware of the harmful radiation and they’re monitored and need to be controlled to ensure the people in the world are safe. After completing the MLT course, you can apply for the internship opportunities to know the actual work that takes place in nuclear units and the environment one needs to work in. Students need to understand and learn about the radiation detectors, map radiation levels, and other necessary factors. Additionally, the MLT course assists students to become responsible to monitor the worker activity from a control room and alert the respective personnel to safeguard others.

8. Nuclear medical technologist

Nuclear medicine technologists are specialized health care professionals. They look after the functions of the body to understand the diagnosis and the treatments depending upon the range of conditions and the disorder. Nuclear medicine includes imaging, physics, computer technology, medicine, and patient care. The best BSc MLT colleges in Mumbai assist the students with the right and necessary knowledge about the industry. Conclusion

Be it any industry, knowing the depth of the courses and the need is necessary. Along with that, you must know facts about the MLT career. The BSc MLT course allows students to understand this and the different opportunities available.  

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