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6 Highest paying nursing jobs in Mumbai


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The nursing field has numerous certifications, degrees, licenses, certifications, and specialities that you can build your career with. To achieve all the degrees and experience the students need to get admitted to the best Institutes of Health science and acquire the degree. 

Once you complete the 12th science, you can apply for the BSc Nursing course and serve the patients along with earning well. 

One needs to know there are ample opportunities and the Institute of Health Science helps the students to know the right BSc Nursing courses and provide them with the right guidance concerning the courses. When you get admitted to the best college for BSc nursing, you’re likely to explore other opportunities that help you earn well and grow professionally.

Here are various nurse roles that one can apply to secure good positions, salaries, and benefits. 

1. ICU and critical nurse

The demand for ICU and critical nurse are increasing day by day. With increasing demand and the opportunities for such roles and responsibilities, this is one of the highest-paying jobs. To grab an opportunity as ICU and critical nurse, one needs to apply for a Diploma course or a BSc nursing course after acquiring a degree from the best college for BSc nursing. Various institutes help the students to understand the severity of the BSc nursing course, roles, and responsibilities and guides the students pursue their dream. The skills and knowledge required for this position or role are a bit advanced and can be known only with the help of mentors.

Institutes such as ITM IHS help the students to network with mentors around the country and know the gaps that can be filled with the needed skills. If you’re a fresher, you can easily grab an offer between Rs. 3,25,000-Rs. 4,00,000, while the experienced professional can grab Rs. 8,00,000- Rs. 9,00,000 post your BSc nursing course. Additionally, if you acquire a BSc nursing course degree along with voluntership certification, the chances to get a well and lucrative package increases. 

2. Chief Nursing Officer- CNO

Chief Nursing Officer or CNO is one of the highest administrative opportunities that a nursing professional can opt for. Once you complete the BSc nursing course, you can continue enhancing your skills and experience and pursue the needed qualifications to grab opportunities as CNO. Most CNOs need to brush their skills and enhance them with time. You need to network with the mentors to ensure you are updated with the needed skills and techniques that help you train the other departments. The best college for BSc nursing aids students to network with mentors and get real insights into the trends in the market.

The BSc nursing course professionals working specifically for this position can easily grab an annual package of Rs. 9,00,000 to Rs. 10,00,000. With polished and advanced experience, you can grab the opportunities with increasing experience. 

3. Pediatric Nurse

If you love being with children, you can pursue Pediatric Nursing. This position is considered of the top 3 highest paying jobs in the Nursing profession. The students need to get admitted to a BSc nursing course and then acquire an MSc Pediatric Nursing degree. The students with this background can work as Nursing Home/Child specialists. 

The skilled professionals working as Pediatric Nurse can easily grab the salary offer ranging from Rs. 7,00,000- Rs. 8,00,000. As soon as you begin to specialize, you can become a consultant and provide private consultation. 

4. Home Nurse

Have you ever seen a woman dressed in a white shirt and skirt taking care of an ill patient? They are called Home Nurse and to acquire this profession you need to complete a BSc Nursing course, as the demand for this profile has increased with time. Now that people focus on health and wellbeing more, the Institute of Health Science has introduced courses that help one to become a Home Nurse.

Sometimes, the home nurses are paid per hour, otherwise, the salary package offered starts from Rs.25,000. The BSc nursing course provides you with an opportunity to recognize the various courses that require such specialized skills. 

5. Nursing Superintendent

Usually, the Institute of Health science guides the students who want to follow the social path of nursing. The superintendent is the one working under CNOs. They are the ones planning and developing the services in the hospital. A person working for this professional needs to work on evaluating confidential budget and nursing budget. They are experts working on the basic but most important operations. All those operations are well introduced in the BSC nursing course to elaborate on the tasks one needs to perform.

The students belonging to this profession can easily grab the salary package of Rs. 8, 50,000. With the right experience, this salary is increased up to Rs. 10, 00,000 annually. 

6. OT Nurse

The scary operation theatres have specialized nurses. Once you complete the BSc Nursing course, you can volunteer or directly start working under the best mentor or doctors and enhance the needed skills. Basically, the work of OT nurses is to care for the patient during, before, and after the surgery. OT nurses need to work with the surgeons. They also need to prepare the equipment and instruments required while performing the surgeries. All the knowledge and insights about such roles and responsibilities are provided in the best college for BSc nursing such as ITM IHS.

However, the salary package offered to them ranges between Rs, 3, 00,000 to Rs. 3,50,000 annually. The package differs depending upon the private and government hospitals. 

7. Conclusion

Nursing is a social path nobody else apart from the interested students can choose. The BSc Nursing courses in Mumbai help the students to get the details about the relevant courses and the salary packages.  We are sure you’ll be a great nurse with our guidance.

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