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Although there are numerous hotels, only a select few are able to draw a sizable number of guests, as we have all observed. The amenities and services offered by many of the hotels are largely the same. However, a select few of them are able to generate more revenue than most hotels. The hotels' thoughtful placement is to blame. Some lodging establishments are adept at giving guests special experiences that encourage repeat business.

However, before we continue listing the ways that strategic positioning can be applied to your hotel, let's first talk about how important it is to enroll in the right hotel or Hotel management course.

The course's description for Bachelor of Hotel management

The target audience for this leadership and management-focused course is business professionals and people who want to advance their careers in the Hotel management courses after 12th.

  • This highly regarded MSc in International Hospitality Management has been accredited by the Institute of Hospitality. It will support your development as a manager and leader in the hospitality industry.
  • Flexible study options using 'blended learning modules,' which allow you to work while you learn.
  • Learn about managing cultural diversity, internationalizing your industry, marketing, finances, and strategy in a variety of contexts, including hotels, trade shows, festivals, product launches, and sporting events.
  • Because you'll be taking classes with people from all over the world, you'll be better able to understand international business practices in Bachelor of Hotel management, which is crucial for managing a business in the hospitality sector.

You should exercise caution when selecting a university to study hotel management. In Mumbai, there are many institutes for Hotel management courses after 12th, but not all of them provide the same high caliber of education that some of them do. A reputable Hotel management course college in Mumbai will provide you with thorough theoretical and practical training. 

Additionally, you will have the chance to speak with elite visiting faculty members and business titans. The institute will also assist you in finding a job on campus and send you for an internship. It's possible that not all institutes offer these features in the same quantity or caliber. That’s why you should do enough research and study at only the most reliable and high-quality institutions. 

In this blog, we'll talk about strategies for positioning your hotel strategically. In-depth instruction on these techniques can be found in a Mumbai hotel management course. Here are a few techniques for doing this:

The Secret to a Successful Hotel Business

It's crucial for a hotel management expert to comprehend how strategically positioning the hotel brand can boost business and revenue. A hotel is a business that sells services because it belongs to the services sector. It must raise the bar on both quality and services if it is to improve its offering. In the hotel industry, it's crucial to anticipate customers' needs and deliver experiences and services that go above and beyond their expectations. The entire workforce and the available resources should be focused on delivering outstanding customer experiences.

Using different hotel room names

Have you considered renaming the rooms in your hotel? For instance, you could call them standard, premium, and platinum. The names Corner Rooms, Mountain View Rooms, or Rooms By the Pool are also acceptable. What one of these two approaches will you employ? More details about the hotel rooms are provided by the second option. While those who want to spend time by the pool will select a room close to the pool, those who prefer a quieter experience at your hotel may prefer the Corner Room. You can more effectively market your hotel rooms by choosing names that are more appropriate.

Effective Advertising

You can clearly define your objectives while planning an advertising campaign for your hotel and work to accomplish them through clever marketing. What distinguishes your hotel from others when they all provide the same services, amenities, and meals, for instance? To highlight it, you should look for or make it. Listed below are all the specifics of your available goods, services, and amenities. This will assist you in letting both current and potential customers know about the full range of goods, services, and amenities available at your hotel. You can emphasize how your guests will enjoy better comfort and experiences while staying at your establishment.

Utilize the Menu

Is there a restaurant, coffee shop, or any other similar facility at your hotel? Emphasize the unique features of these facilities in the menu and brochures. Consider including everything the kitchen at your restaurant is capable of producing. Allow it to be if the entries for the dishes and beverages grow too long. Customers typically arrive at restaurants with a predetermined menu in mind. However, they enjoy reading and turning the menu pages. Make sure your menu has enough items and pages for your customers to find. All other brochures used by facilities like coffee shops, spas, bars, etc. should be created with the same caution.


Owner/manager of a hotel.

Depending on the size of the property, hotel management managers may have different specific duties and responsibilities. The following are the duties that a hotel management manager typically performs:

Planning, organizing, and ensuring the smooth operation of all hotel management services, including lodging, dining, events, and conferences, are responsibilities.

Ensure that visitors enjoy their stay and are comfortable.

Although it requires a lot of responsibility and labor, Hotel management courses after 12th are thought of as a highly rewarding profession.

Supervisor of visitor relations

Guest relations managers collaborate closely with the hotel manager and serve as the primary point of contact for visitors. Some of the typical duties and tasks of a guest relations manager include the following:

  • extending a warm welcome to visitors and giving them a wonderful and unforgettable experience
  • coordinating and planning the arrival and departure of guests.
  • offering assistance to guests during their stay, including knowledge of local attractions and hotel management services.
  • willingness to go above and beyond to make visitors feel comfortable and satisfied
  • preserving a positive outlook in the face of hardship
  • swift resolution of customer requests and grievances and follow-up to ensure that they have been
  • Reviewing customer input on a regular basis in order to enhance services, facilities, and business strategies


Your hotel brand can be strategically positioned in a variety of ways. Some of them have been covered in this blog. In-depth research on them can be done in your hotel management program in the institute of Hotel management. Just be careful to enroll in the right program at the right college because it can have a long-lasting effect on your career.

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