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Why and How should you Choose a Top Hotel Management College?


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Hospitality is the most dynamic, challenging, and fast-growing sector in the 21st century. The hospitality industry offers exciting opportunities for graduates who aim to begin their careers in India and abroad. As of now, there are over 187,000 hotels in the world. This statistical data beyond the limits of your imagination reveals the numerous possibilities in the Hospitality industry. 

Students are leading in the Hospitality industry for its various benefits. There are a number of reputed colleges offering hotel management courses in Mumbai that can help you start your career in the hospitality industry. 

Now, one might think that some of the other fields also provide potential career opportunities, so why should we go for the hospitality sector? For those who seek the answers, we have listed below some of the reasons why this is indeed one of the best career options and why you should get into the best hospitality management colleges. 


  • Engaging In Creative Hobbies

The hospitality industry is known for its inventiveness while catering to its customers. The only thing that adds value to your offerings is a unique perspective that sets you apart from others. Did you know that by simply engaging yourself in arts you can hone your presentation skills, using striking colours that add better contrast to your culinary knowledge? Such possibilities in the Hotel industry can go beyond one’s imagination. All your Hotel Management career needs is a unique hobby that can add quality to your work, just like a pinch of salt that gives food its taste.


  • Availability of Career Progression Opportunities

The Hotel Management industry provides a ready-made path where you can move into higher-paying positions. In most cases, job training is provided on the site which can help you work on your fundamental skills for development and progression with more job responsibility. Hotel Management courses in Mumbai provide career guidance throughout the completion of the course. 


  • Excellent Salary Packages

It is no surprise that the hotel management industry can give you what to desire. The Hospitality sector ascertains a lucrative job that would just be fine and enough to take care of your expenses plus giving you various opportunities for better growth ahead.

After passing out from a BSc hospitality management course, the top profile under which a hotel management candidate can get a good salary is of a General Manager. A hotel manager is at the wheel of supervising all of the activities that go on in the Hotel. The second most remunerative job role is of the executive chef. Hotels without a chef are like fish without water. So, perhaps that is the main reason why chefs are paid so well and the quality of food they provide to the customers speaks a lot about their uniqueness.

These three reasons are just a precursor to a lot more this industry has to offer. To shape a successful and exclusive career, one needs to have a persuasive initiation. The theoretical part of Hotel Management college India is more or less the same everywhere; however, it is the practical exposure that makes a difference.


5 Factors to keep in Mind before Choosing an HM College

Pursuing a Hotel Management degree from a reputed institute can bring about many benefits to aspirants. From increased employment opportunities to a higher scope of earning, undergoing a hotel management course in Mumbai from a reputed institute can be a game changer.

There are 5 factors that aspirants need to keep in mind when choosing their HM institute. These 5 factors can allow an individual to make the right choice when it comes to which institute can provide them with the opportunities they seek. 


The 5 factors that can help in choosing the right hotel management college are: 

  • Accreditation

This is one of the first factors that need to be taken into consideration when choosing a university. Colleges like ITM have a proper affiliation and accreditation of their courses. 

Without the right affiliation or accreditation, the value that a qualification holds becomes nil. Therefore it is important to understand what the course offered by the university is and if it is at par with standards displayed in the industry. Any national or international affiliations can also add significant value to the degree received. 


  • Content of the Course 

Conduct research and check the quality of the course content provided by the hotel management institution. The courses can be verified online. Most universities provide details on their course structure on the official website, just search for 

It is imperative to check if the course is industry-friendly and provides scope for gaining practical exposure to the industry’s workings. A reputed university. such as the ITM Institute of Hotel Management, which will have internship opportunities available for students.


  • Placement Cell Assistance 

Make sure that there is enough information on what the placement services provided by the hotel management college are. Ask questions surrounding who the recruiters are and what the placement statistics of the college is. 

Getting in touch with alumni and checking recruiters listed on the website can provide an idea of what the placement opportunities of the college are. 


  • Practical Laboratories 

The additional facilities provided in the course can also promote the development of industry-relevant knowledge and skills. It is imperative to check whether the classes have modern facilities and laboratories. This can significantly enhance the learning experience of the student. 


  • Faculty

The faculty that are delivering the course content plays an important role in the quality of education received. The professors and industry experts interacting with students help in the shaping of their careers. Ensure that the faculty is part of the industry as well, as their experiences can contribute to understanding how the field works. 

Keeping the above tips in mind can go a long way in choosing the right quality course for your career. A good course from a reputed university can boost professional growth and development over the longer run.

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