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What is the role of Hotel Management interns?


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Interning at a major hotel is the finest method to get your foot in the door of the hospitality business. Best hotel management Colleges in Mumbai frequently aid students in obtaining internships at hotels.                                 Internships are just as crucial as theoretical papers in a hospitality degree program. The fact that these internships are frequently accorded significant weight in the final semester exam of HM course is proof of this.

This is due to the nature of the profession into which a student is entering after completing an HM course. The hotel management sector is all about handling customers well, and students can only obtain this experience if they learn how to connect with them appropriately.

In response to this, most HM courses require students to participate in a six-week internship.

  • What function do hotel management interns play?

Interns will be assigned to departments based on their areas of interest. Students in hotel management might focus on only one area of interest. Best hotel management colleges in Mumbai are linked with a few hotels that offer their employees to train in various departments and get further expertise.

If a student chooses to intern as a manager, the individual will have various options. The primary focus of the job is to look after the designated department. Customer satisfaction is critical in hotel management, and the manager's job is to ensure that the needs of the customers are addressed.

As part of their HM course internship, students are required to work in several departments of the hotel, including the front desk, housekeeping, food and beverage service, and kitchen. Some of the most popular hotel management internship profiles are as follows:

  1. Front Office Manager: Oversees the front desk crew, which welcomes visitors and clients and assigns hotel rooms according to their preferences. Another fascinating option for students is front desk duty in the lodging portion of the hotel management degree. Interns in this section will be taught how to perform various reservations and receptionist jobs. Attending to customers, making reservations and canceling them according to the demands and hotel regulations, and looking after the customer's fundamental needs are just a few of the responsibilities of a front office intern. There will also be opportunities to gain experience as a porter or concierge.
  2. The Housekeeping Manager is in charge of the hotel's sanitation, cleanliness, and appearance. In this position, you can be in charge of hiring and training housekeepers. You'll also need to arrange employees so that each shift has the appropriate quantity of individuals. They are also in charge of inspecting. Interns will be in charge of cleaning the hotel rooms and ensuring that the room attendants have done their jobs correctly. They are responsible for laundry, landscaping, gardening, and building upkeep.
  3. Manager of Food and Beverage: This position is in charge of overseeing eateries and refreshment administrations to assure uniformity. The role entails requesting equipment, dealing with bills, and maintaining the kitchen. Students who specialize in the food and beverage industry may work as a bartender and be assigned responsibilities such as stock purchases, receiving and storing the same, and working as wait staff/host in the hotel dining room. Interning in the Human Resources department provides interns with training, recruitment, and employee relations experience. Those who work as accounting interns, on the other hand, receive expertise in handling hotel accounts. They are taught how to set budgets.
  4. Interns from the culinary school in Mumbai in the culinary department must be comfortable with cooking, catering, and working in the banquet area. Cooking enthusiasts should consider working as interns in this department. In the kitchen section of hotels, motels, etc students can work as chefs or bakers.
  5. Interns in hotel sales and marketing departments learn everything there is to know about promotional events. They will be taught how to maintain a database of hotel visitors as well as disseminate promotional material for a new business.
  • How can one apply for a Hotel Management Internship?
  1. Check Hotel Websites: The simplest way to apply for hotel management internships is to check directly with the hotel's training department or HR department to see if one is available. If there is an opening, you will be prompted to submit your CV. You will be contacted for an interview if your CV is chosen for further examination.
  2. During college: The quickest approach to getting an internship is applying for one at a hotel. The majority of colleges send their candidates' resumes to hotels. The candidates are then interviewed in front of a jury.

ITM IHM is one such institute that offers a wide range of hotel management courses in Mumbai. It is currently the most flourishing education destination offering hotel management courses in Mumbai and India. They have the best culinary school in Mumbai. Following are the hotel management courses offered by one of the best hotel management colleges in Mumbai offered at ITM.

These are the most valuable courses at one of the best hotel management colleges in Mumbai. ITM IHM provides you with internships in the leading entities. They also offer 100% placement assistance after completing courses from one of the best hotel management colleges in Mumbai. On a global scale, ITM has partnered with numerous companies and institutions to assist students in developing an advanced program in hospitality and other services. ITM IHM can open several doors for your personal adventure.

Students benefit from internships since it makes their job easier. When interns look for a job after completing their studies at one of the best hotel management colleges in Mumbai and internships under precious hotels, their skills are also evaluated. Working as an intern in the best hotels in the country or abroad is therefore required. Learning from the finest will help you build a strong resume, making it easier to find work.

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