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One of the greatest pleasures we, as human beings enjoy is good food. We crave delicious food and seem to scout for new restaurants so frequently. Plus, new trends and multi-cuisine dishes have started emerging due to global influences, digitalization, and many other factors. 

All of this is made possible due to talented chefs who work day and night to create visually amazing and tasteful dishes. They try and put forth concepts on a plate. Well, needless to say, their jobs are one of the toughest ones in the industry. They go through intensive training and practice through a hotel management institute, and secure internships before landing a job. 

If you are someone who loves cooking and want to be the next master chef, enroll yourself in a hotel management institute as careers after 12th. In this blog, we will decode all that you need to know about being a chef. Right from the roles, and responsibilities, which hotel management institute to choose, is it a good path careers after 12th? etc. So, strap on and read ahead to know it all. 

Before we start, here are some facts/FAQs about this job profile - 

  • What is the eligibility for the HM course to become a chef?

You can opt to become a chef as careers after 12th. You need to take up a Bachelor’s course in Culinary Arts from a reputed hotel management institute to start with. 

  • What is the average starting salary of a chef?

The average starting salary ranges from INR 2,00,000 to INR 3,00,000. 

  • In which industries do chefs get to operate?

Chefs can be stationed in the following areas - 

  • Hotels
  • Cafes
  • Restaurants
  • Airlines
  • Food catering
  • Railways
  • Food manufacturing, factories
  • Food labs
  • Royal Houses
  • Personal houses, estates, etc.


  • What are the different job roles assigned to chefs?

Chefs are allotted the following job profiles based on experience, and area of expertise - 

  • Head Chef
  • Sports Dietician Chef
  • Sous Chef
  • Food Critic
  • Pastry Chef
  • Event Caterer
  • Food Consultant
  • Cookbook Writer
  • Food Consultant


  • Who is a Chef?

Managing a kitchen takes a lot of hands, but most importantly, it is the chef who runs the entire service from start to end. Chefs are trained in a hotel management institute and they later gain expertise by working in various restaurants and kitchens. Since being a chef involves 99% of physical tact, one needs to go through proper training. This training starts from their hotel management institute days and continues forever in the culinary industry.


  • What are the basic requirements for becoming a chef?

Chef Qualifications: Some of the basic requirements for becoming a Chef are listed below.

  • There is a wide range of HM courses made available by a hotel management institute that a chef has to complete.
  • There are various state and national level entrance exams that an aspiring chef must pass after the 12th standard exams, of course.


  • What are the responsibilities of a chef?

Beings a chef doesn’t just end by cooking amazing dishes. There are a lot of factors involved in this job profile. The contribution of a chef is very much important. 

Mentioned below are various responsibilities a chef has to undertake -

  • Curate a menu based on the theme of restaurant/cafe/hotel.
  • Take proper measures related to the hygiene regulations of the kitchen. 
  • Manage the kitchen stocks, ranging from food supplies, kitchen utensils, cutlery, etc.
  • Manage and run the service hours of the kitchen.
  • Keep an inventory count. 
  • Make sure that the quality is maintained with every order.
  • Dedicate the kitchen duties to junior staff and sous chefs.
  • Modifying the recipes as per trends, requests, and guest preferences. 


  • Step-wise Guide to becoming a chef in India
  1. Research and make sure you are mentally prepared to become one: By reading the above pointers, we gave you a realistic view of what it means to become a chef. The life of a chef is not easy and the course plus training years are both extensive as well as intensive. Therefore, we suggest you do thorough research and look at every factor of this job profile. We are talking about both - the challenges, the perks, all of it. After researching, make up your mind and get mentally prepared for the thought of it.
  2. Select the right HM course: Once you have finalized your decision on becoming a chef, there is no stopping you now. The next step involves selecting the right course for you. For this, you need to sort out your preferences and shortlist the hotel management institutes that meet them. According to us, you must select something that will not just help you study but also help you explore and unleash your creative side. BA In International Culinary Arts is a great course option for an aspiring chef. 
  3. Do a solid internship: After you complete your hotel management degree, please opt for an internship. This will open up several learning opportunities for you. During the internship, do not care what your pay is, just focus on getting the best hands-on experience from some of the top hotel entities. A solid internship will also help you gain a better job.

You can opt for ITM IHM as your educational source for the best HM knowledge. We have a variety of HM courses for you to choose from. With the best facilities, best pedagogy, and best career assistance, you will be fulfilled with everything you need to become a successful chef. 

Not to forget that we are also amongst India's most promising Hotel Management Institute by Higher Education Review 2021. And, even after all the self-talk, if you need guidance, there are our career counselors who can guide you throughout your journey. You can enroll yourself by filling out the APPLICATION FORM for 2022.

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