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Hotel management is a glamorous and thrilling profession that is popular among students. Hotels, travel, and tourism are critical components of the hospitality business with the greatest future growth potential, given the high demand for these accommodations now.

ITM is a great Institute for Hotel Management in Mumbai to pursue an HM course. It is the undisputed leader in transforming budding personalities into management professionals, with over 45000 successful alumni in the last 20 years! ITM's IHM programs are designed to prepare students for careers in the hotel industry. All the programs at ITM's institute of hotel management are AICTE-Approved. 

They offer -

  • a Cutting-edge curriculum, 
  • strong industry links, 
  • practical internships, 
  • and top-notch placements that augment the curriculum, making for a fascinating and rewarding experience.

There are numerous benefits of studying hm courses from a good institute of hotel management. One of them is that it provides you with some of the best and most promising employment prospects in the business world. An Institute of Hotel management provides a comprehensive education. All the skills acquired can assist you in developing some of the best talents that are useful in any field.

ITM Institute of Hotel Management offers a total of 6 courses. Let's go through each of them one by one.

1. Bachelor of Arts in International Hospitality & Tourism

ITM IHM's BA in International Hospitality & Tourism is aligned with industry standards. This HM course assists you in gaining profound and practical information to apply in real-life circumstances. This hm course empowers you to think and build an attitude toward industry leaders. With a specially crafted soft-skills enhancement curriculum, you will be nurtured and coached by industry professionals. The mentors are curated from top-tier institutions. Valuable training obtained from them during this course will help you create your own personality in the hospitality industry.

Objectives of the course:

  • You will be ready to go anywhere with the global degree the institute provides.
  • International Hospitality and tourism organizations are eager to hire graduates with such a degree and a background in Industrial experience.
  • Provides business management abilities that are applicable in today's workplace.

2. Bachelor of Arts in International Culinary Arts

The Indian food culture is evolving to become more global. With the growth, there is a surge in demand for chefs who are trained in modern culinary techniques. The demand for a chef who can reach international standards in order to provide the finest customer experience is high. And this led to higher demand for establishing a culinary school in Mumbai. 

ITM-IHM's BA in International Culinary Arts program is designed in such a way that matches the market demand. This is one of the best and the only culinary school in Mumbai. The course teaches students industry-relevant skills and prepares them for a global career after graduation.

Objectives of the course:

  • Provides a high-quality learning environment in which students get a systematic grasp of the culinary arts.
  • Gives students a long-term perspective on kitchen management, decision-making, and menu planning, among other things.
  • Students gain the aptitude and skills that top recruiters globally are looking for.
  • Students can learn from industry leaders and connect with an extensive network of alumni.

3. B.Sc.in Hospitality Studies

Due to an unprecedented increase in Indian and international tourism, event management and the hospitality industry is booming. As a result, the demand for qualified hospitality employees has skyrocketed. ITM IHM offers a Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Studies degree in Hospitality Education to meet the expanding Human Resource demands of the Travel, Tourism, and Leisure Industry.

Objectives of the course:

  • To develop young professionals with solid industry knowledge, practical skills, and the proper attitude
  • Giving the hospitality industry enough exposure and developing a worldwide viewpoint
  • To equip students to pursue careers in the hospitality and tourism industries.
  • Developing entrepreneurial abilities

4. Bachelor Of Arts in Culinary Arts

Culinary arts integrates business and management expertise with culinary, artistic, and presenting skills. The three-year full-time program is meant to improve students' culinary talents. It'll be done through rigorous academic study and practical experience in the fast-growing sector. The course at ITM's institute of hotel management is designed for students who desire to pursue a career in the culinary arts. ITM IHM provides the best culinary school in Mumbai.

The objective of the course:

  • To prepare students to take advantage of newly generated opportunities in the culinary profession, both in the home country and abroad.
  • To open up a new entrepreneurship opportunity for the students

5. Diploma in Patisserie & Confectionery

This HM course is meant to teach the fundamentals of baking and confectionery. At ITM's institute of hotel management, they teach students essential skills and techniques.  How to do various baking techniques, introducing them to materials, and giving them hands-on experience with the necessary equipment are a few of them. All of this qualifies students to work in a bakery or open their own modest home bakery.

It provides a hands-on approach that leads to a satisfying career with numerous chances and entrepreneurial inventiveness.

Characteristics and Objectives of the course:

  • Students are taught about the bakery industry's practical and business components.
  • You'll learn the fundamentals of baking and progress to the finer points of making baked goods.
  • The course is meant to provide students with practical skills.

7. Certificate course in Cruise Operations

This HM course is for the Individuals looking for employment in the vast cruise ship industry, and then advancing to supervisory and managerial positions after gaining work experience. ITM Institute of Hotel Management now offers its Certificate course in Cruise Operations. It is one of the most popular and fastest-growing career paths for industry professionals. The six-month curriculum is designed for students with hospitality management experience. ITM's institute of hotel management provides students with the information and skills necessary for a successful career in the cruise industry's hospitality operations. 

Characteristics and Objectives

  • ITM IHM is Mumbai's first institute of hotel management to offer this program.
  • To give sufficient information, skills, and exposure in the cruise line industry.
  • Students will be prepared to work as expert cruise specialists.
  • Opportunity to learn about different cultures, travel to different countries and gain international professional experience.
  • Along with the course essential skills, STCW certification, and CDC are all included in the course package.

You can enroll in ITM's institute of hotel management as a student because it focuses on the grooming of the candidate on a personal level. This institute of hotel management offers 100% placement and also offers pre-placements. All the courses provide you with 6 months of industry experience. Overall, this professional development program educates you in the most comprehensive way imaginable, no matter what your career path in the hospitality sector is.

Programs Offered