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Popular Career Options in the Travel and Tourism Industry


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Needless to say, the travel and tourism sector is a super exciting field to be in. Just imagine the amount of fun you have on a vacay, lounging in the best hotel, and tasting delicacies from around the world. Well, we are sure most of you out there must be fascinated by this luxurious and amazing world. 

And now that teens are more WOKE and aware than ever, they are getting creative. They want to explore new things and run away from all things that look or sound monotonous. They need a thrill, something lively, something that inspires them to wake up and live life every day in satisfaction. This same logic applies to the career they choose. Most of them no longer want the 9 to 5 job cycle were sitting in one place and working in front of the computer is a part of their job description. If you are one of those free-spirited souls, you are at the right place. 

This blog will entice you in all ways possible because we are here to discuss some very popular career choices you can make in the field of travel and tourism. We hope you are in for a fun ride and get inspired. 

1. About the travel and tourism industry…

With obvious and attractive perks, this industry seems to excite us all. It is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the world. Opportunities seem to keep flooding in as the global infrastructure and standard of living are rising. The industry has great career prospects with amazing pay scales that lure everyone in (and for good!) This has also directly given rise to a lot of hotel management institutes around the globe. 

Students have also started gravitating toward this passionate field by admitting themselves into a hotel management institute and starting off their careers in the right direction. HM courses have also diversified a lot lately as the demand for the travel and tourism sector doesn’t seem to end. Thousand and thousands of students graduate every year from hotel management institutes to pursue their dreams. 

2. Popular careers in the travel and tourism industry

If you are one of those aspiring students who wish to enroll themselves in a hotel management institute and opt for an HM course, here are your options. The below-mentioned job profiles are just the popular ones. While there are countless profiles you choose from. 

a) Tourist Manager 

A tourism/tourist manager handles travel or holiday campaigns to fetch travel enthusiasts for upcoming trips. He/She uses various marketing and advertising strategies to run the campaign for a particular period of time. This role also includes helping people from varied cultures to have an experiential tour. It is more of a promotional job profile and therefore, stands very unique to everyone. 

b) Travel Agent

Whenever you feel like travelling, either solo or with your family, a travel agent is the one person you turn to. A travel agent works for a designated agency. He plans out the perfect itinerary for you and your travel mates according to your budget. He helps you book your tickets at the best rates possible and at your convenience. Not just that, he can also take care of hotel bookings, visa formalities, documentation, and local logistics as well. He makes sure you have a delightful stay and enjoy your trip on your terms. 

c) Tour Guide

A tour guide as the name suggests; walks with you on every step of your journey. He organizes travel trips by accumulating a group of enthusiasts who want to visit a place at a particular time. He then takes you there and provides a lot of information regarding the area you are in. Taking you sightseeing to some of the historic places, museums, religious institutes, etc. is their main job. He guides you through the various geographical terrain and makes sure you enjoy the beauty of it all. He is familiar with the localities, and local language and is good at communicating all of it to you. 

d) P R Manager

The main job role of a Public Relations Manager is to create and maintain the brand image of a travel agency. He/she is responsible for running advertising and media campaigns to help an agency stay on top, always. As a P R Manager, you can work for an airline, or any hotel chain as well. Your job will also include issuing public statements and press releases out to the public through media sources. There are a lot of hotel management institutes that offer such courses nowadays. 

e) Event Manager

An event manager plans. organizes as well as executes a particular event while supervising the logistics of the entire event. Various departments are been supervised and looked after by an event manager. He ensures the client is satisfied with all that he demands. 

f) Travel Writer

As a travel writer, you need to travel the world, explore new places and pen them down into words. Writing and publishing travel articles, vlogging, and sharing experiences related to hotels, places, services, and travel is what they have to do.

To grab any one of these above-mentioned job roles, you will have to compulsorily choose the appropriate HM course from any reputed hotel management institute. While there are so many universities and colleges to choose from, ITM IHM is the one to look out for. With an amazing curriculum and interactive pedagogy, this hotel management institute is one of the best in India. 

We have a full-fledged course named - Bachelor of Arts in International Hospitality & Tourism Management that covers every aspect of the industry and much more. Not just that, you do not have to worry about industry placements at our hotel management institute. We offer amazing and diverse placements opportunities at some of the global/international hotel chains such as - 

  • Grand Hyatt
  • Trident
  • ITC
  • Mc Donalds
  • Taj Wellington Mew's
  • Vivanta by Taj

We have the best facilities, faculties, and infrastructure to host you as our students. You can even book yourself a counselling session with our experienced education counsellors. This will further help you sort out any doubts or queries regarding our hotel management institute. 

Come, get yourself enrolled for this upcoming year by filling out the APPLICATION FORM for 2022. 

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