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List of After-Twelve-Grade Hotel Management Programs


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Humans are social creatures with a natural drive for novel experiences, which shows up in our urge to explore the world and try new things! People who know how to make every traveler's journey as easy as possible are in high demand in today's globalized society. The HM sector is a significant contributor to the booming hospitality sector. So, if you're unsure of what to pursue after high school, check out this blog post that lists all of the Hotel management courses after the 12th.

Overview of HM Programs for Students After Grade 12

You can work in the hotel industry after finishing courses in HM. You can seek a degree, diploma, or certificate in Hotel management courses after the 12th. We advise enrolling in a degree program to pursue a more fruitful and prosperous career. A degree program can go up to three years (BHM), but if you're looking to start working right away, you might want to look at diploma-certificate programs, which last between six and fifteen months. View the thorough information regarding the list of HM courses in this area after the 12th.

What Advantages Do Hotel management courses after 12th Education Offer?

After the 12th exam is over, we start considering potential courses that can be finished after the 12th grade. Candidates in the field of HM need to be charismatic and have excellent communication skills. The Vocational Courses in HM Stream is something you should consider even if you don't have much time.

Students taking HM courses are instructed by qualified professionals. They impart knowledge on how to manage guests and run a hotel. Additionally, after a predetermined amount of time, some authorized courses issue certificates of completion. After completing the 12th grade, students can enroll in programs leading to degrees, diplomas, or certificates in HM. Three years will pass during the course. HM positions call for expertise in a variety of areas, including food and beverage service, front-office operations, sales and marketing, bookkeeping, and others. Indian government colleges and institutions now offer HM courses in large numbers.

The Hotel management courses after the 12th are listed in the list below,.

After class 12, these are the best courses for hotel management.

Bachelor of Hotel management (BHM)

  • BSc in Hospitality and Hotel Administration
  • Bachelor in HM and Catering Technology (BHMCT)
  • BA in HM
  • BBA in Hospitality, travel & tourism
  • BBA in HM
  • Diploma in HM

The PG hotel management courses:

  • The top HM postgraduate courses are listed below for students to consider.
  • Master of HM (MHM)
  • Master in Tourism and HM (MTHM)
  • MBA in HM
  • MBA in Hospitality Management
  • MSc Tourism and Hospitality Management
  • MBA Hospitality

Courses by Diploma and Certificate

After completing the tenth grade, you can pursue a variety of diploma and certificate programs. Following are a few of the most popular hotel management courses.

Diploma Courses

  • Diploma in HM
  • Diploma in Hotel and Hospitality Management
  • Diploma in HM and Catering Technology
  • Diploma in Front Office Operations
  • Diploma in Food and Beverage Service
  • Diploma in Food and Catering Technology

Certificate Courses

  • Certificate in Food and Beverages Production
  • Certificate in Front Office Operation
  • Certificate in Housekeeping
  • Certificate in Hotel and Catering Management

Requirements for HM Course Enrollment

A high school diploma is a bare minimum required for doing HM courses in Class 12. Aspirants are chosen for government-approved HM institutions and institutes through entrance exams administered at the national level. For admission to a bachelor's program in HM, one of the most popular entrance tests is the National Council for HM Joint Entrance Examination (NCHM JEE). NCHMCT JEE is held every year in the month of April.

The test consists of multiple-choice inquiries in English, Reasoning Capability, General Science, and General Knowledge. After passing the admission test, candidates are invited to a one-on-one interview and round of small-group discussions to gauge their personality and abilities.

Scope in HM

After the 12th grade, courses in HM train you to oversee all the departments and duties of a hotel. To help the hotel where you'll be working maintain or even raise its standards, you'll learn how to develop team management and leadership skills. You need to have a keen eye for detail and a thorough understanding of operations, client interactions, financial management, and other areas to pursue a successful career in HM. Depending on the kind and size of the hotel you work for, your daily duties change.

There are many options in the dynamic hotel and tourism sector. Some of the job categories include the following:

  • Club Management
  • Event Management
  • Airline Catering
  • Catering and hospital administration
  • Resorts and guest houses
  • Management of the kitchen
  • Hotel Management on Cruise Ships

Take a look at some of the notable job opportunities available to you after earning a degree in Hotel Management in Institute of Hotel management:

  • Hotel Managing Director
  • Customer Service Manager
  • Manager of a restaurant
  • Manager of Catering
  • Manager/Planner of Events
  • Agent for Travel
  • Chef de Partie
  • Manager of a Conference Centre
  • Cabin crew in an airplane
  • Executive Chef de Cuisine
  • Executive in charge of business development

Career Opportunities in Institute of Hotel management

Given its status as one of the top international travel destinations, India is currently experiencing rapid growth in the hotel management industry. The Indian economy has benefited from the tourism and hospitality sectors, creating a number of career opportunities.

These days, visitors from all over the world are eager to visit locations on the national and international circuits. Even off-the-beaten-path locations are now being planned for. As a result, accommodations and transportation options have been developed practically everywhere in the nation. The need for more tourism and lodging facilities is being driven by the increase in visitors as well as high-level MNC business meetings, sporting events, and international film festivals.


Many of us intend to enroll in Bachelor of Hotel Management after the 12th grade because they not only pay well but also give us access to exciting job opportunities, global exposure, and chances to interact with people from all over the world. Hotel and hospitality management courses are the ideal choices for you if you share this passion.

Programs Offered