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Know why a Hotel Management Course at ITM Oshiwara, will be the best decision!


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The food industry has been growing ever since and will grow and flourish as people are getting acquainted with new tastes and cuisines. Now is the best time to get into this field and make a reputed career. The knowledge of hotel management has become transparent and the demand for this course is expanding. As India is a diverse country, the hotel management belt is expected to be on the rise. The opportunities in this field are also growing parallel and are one of the top choices of pupils around the country. 

However, many students struggle to understand what college will be the best choice for them. So, let us understand the reasons why ITM Oshiwara is the leading college for hotel management courses in India. 


You will be learning and training in one of the finest infrastructures in the country. ITM Oshiwara has given importance to the architecture of the college with a belief that every day in your college you will be learning new things and the college should support your journey. 

All the technologically advanced appliances that prevail in the industry are present on the college premises. This helps students learn the traditional ways yet also be experienced in the modern ways of hotels and their management. 

Overseas Opportunities 

Hotel management is a degree with a wide spectrum, you can work in any part of the world with a little training and learning. ITM Oshiwara encourages students to train at the international level so they can apply for jobs in foreign countries. 

If you have been thinking if I will ever be able to go abroad with a hotel management degree, it is completely possible. The chances depend upon your skills, university, and experience. 

So, you can choose from a series of hotel management courses, ITM Oshiwara offers about 6 options according to your interest. 

100% Guaranteed Placements 

ITM Oshiwara assists students to the best of their interest and market standards with a suitable profile and job. All the students from ITM Oshiwara step out with a degree and a job offer by the last semester of any course in hotel management. 

ITM Oshiwara offers one of the highest-paying jobs for fresh graduates nationally. 

During the last semester, each student is required to pursue an industry internship with the help of professors. This internship makes the student industry ready and can also get a direct offer from the hotel.

Innovative Curriculum 

Without a doubt, the food industry is a field of innovation and creativity. ITM Oshiwara makes sure each student gets the space and equipment to try out new innovative ideas. This helps students to build confidence in their experiments. It is quite important for students to explore innovation and creativity. 

The college offers separate kitchens for basic, advanced, and specialized learning. There are separate labs for students to conduct research and understand the science of food. 

In this way, ITM Oshiwara opens many doors of innovative learning that will help students to stand out in the crowd. Hotels demand students who can be creative to expand the hotel menu or try something new. Hence, building this characteristic is a keynote for ITM Oshiwara. 

Expert Talks 

Alumni of ITM Oshiwara and reputed collaborations of the college make it easier to interact with industry experts. Expert talks are held at the campus on a regular basis that empowers students with industry insights. 

The speakers hail from different sectors of the industry panning from confectionary to event management professionals. This helps students to understand the opportunities in the hotel management sector that can make their future vision clear. 

The growth of the students while being on the college campus is very important. Hence, ITM Oshiwara conducts such industry expert talks. 

Fascinating Activities 

ITM Oshiwara offers study tours and industry visits for students to learn more. Such tours help the students in being acquainted with how the hotels work in a day-to-day mode. 

Also, the college holds annual functions every year for students to showcase other talents making a fun environment for learning. 

Students have to prepare for presentations and projects every semester to make them experts in technical as well as primary aspects of hotel management. 

Soft Skill Training 

Without a doubt, soft skills play a huge role in shaping the career of a student. Hence, ITM Oshiwara has made it mandatory to go through soft skills training every year with mock interviews, tests with industry experts, public speaking with presentations, and many more. 

This builds the personality of the student and makes them ready for global opportunities as well. 

Why is ITM Oshiwara in Mumbai?

Have you ever thought about the above question? Why does the location of a hotel management course need a specific location?

Let us explain this to you. 

ITM Oshiwara is in the heart of Mumbai, giving you the best experience of being a Mumbaikar. But the presence of numerous malls, restaurants, and food joints makes this place a deal-breaker for hotel management students. 

You can understand the flavours of different cuisines from other states while being in the same city. This is a blessing in disguise for students learning at ITM Oshiwara. You can go study the street food culture of Mumbai, the high-end restaurant chains, the nightclub industry, the dabbawala sector, and many more. Hotel management students can learn a lot from the city.

Hence, ITM chose the city of dreams to educate students about the food industry.  

How to Apply?

You will first have to choose the degree you want to get into. 

1.    Bachelor of Arts in International Hospitality & Tourism Management

2.    Bachelor of Arts in International Culinary Arts

3.    Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Studies

4.    BA in Culinary Arts

5.    Diploma in Patisserie & Confectionery

Further, you need to apply on itm.edu according to your specialization and follow the application process to be admitted to the college. 

All the best!

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