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What is hotel management? 

Hotel management is the management of the services and functioning of things associated with a hotel. There are different aspects and different departments which come together for a smooth operation of a hotel. 

Housekeeping, Administration, Transportation, Catering and Accounting, are the different departments or areas of study that Hotel Management has to offer. On completing a course in Hotel Management, an individual can choose to go further in these niches.

The purpose behind Hotel Management is to deliver on customer satisfaction and to make a career out of it. 

Individuals need to possess a certain skill set to deliver results. These include good communication skills, politeness, problem-solving behavior, as well as making sure that the staff around you works their best to make sure guest expectations are met.



Aspiring students need to have a minimum qualification of 10+2 years for a hotel management course.

Aside from the qualifications, individuals also need to hold a couple of valuable skills to their name.

Having good communication skills, outgoing personality, being responsible, leadership skills, disciplined and polite behavior, customer-oriented approach, confidence, ability to handle a situation well, and handling multiple tasks at a time are some of the qualities that are required and may help an individual excel in his endeavor.

Let’s move on to talk about hotel management course after 12th.


Top hotel management courses 

Some of the hotel management courses are available to students in India. 

  • Bachelor of Hotel Management (BHM course)
  • BA in Hotel Management 
  • Bachelor in Hotel Management and Catering Technology (BHMCT)
  • BBA in Hotel Management
  • BSc in Hospitality and Hotel Administration 
  • Diploma in Hotel management 
  • Masters of Hotel Management 
  • MBA in Hotel Management 

While some of these courses offer individuals the option of becoming hotel managers.

Students who know about hotel management course after 12th know that the Bachelor of Hotel Management or BHM course is the most popular and most opted for among students who pursue hotel management after 12.

There are also certificates and internships adding to the advantage of the student's portfolio.

Students largely opt for Hotel Management course Mumbai as the city has the most popular hotels and staff requirements 


Different types of career options 

Students can choose from a variety of niches to narrow down to after the completion of their hotel management course and choose a suitable post from many that are available in this sector.

Some of the career paths are 

  • Chef 

Food is unquestionably the most important prospect of a trip or a stay, both for the customer as well as the ones who provide it.

Chefs are accountable for all things that are culinary - Be it basics like preparing a meal, training junior chefs, planning out menu items and food combinations, managing kitchen expenditure, ordering ration, and maintaining a balance among the kitchen staff.

Just as much as the importance of quality of the food, the chef needs to maintain a standard of safety and hygiene as well.


  • Housekeeping staff 

The housekeeping staff undertakes the cleaning and maintenance of rooms.

The housekeeping staff makes sure the rooms are hygienic and clean after checkout, the bedsheets and laundry are washed and cleaned, and room supplies are refilled from time to time. 

They are responsible for hygienic and clean surroundings for guests. They maintain the clean standard of the hotel.


  • Restaurant manager

Just as the name suggests a restaurant manager runs the restaurant, He does not manage the hotel entirely but just the restaurant division.

The quality checks over food, the quantity, and garnishing of the servings, overlooking the kitchen staff, managing the kitchen supplies, making sure the restaurant is clean and hygienic, and tackling customer complaints or employee issues are the duties of a restaurant manager 


  • Catering manager 

A catering manager is someone who manages the activities on the catering front.

The main responsibility of a catering manager is to make sure that all the food items get delivered to guests in a timely, hygienic, and ideal way. Buying food items and other ingredients is also a part of their job. 

They run everyday food and services efficiently and profitably.


  • Front office manager

A front office manager's task is to make sure everything functions satisfactorily on the front desk/reception of a hotel.

They have to make sure that guests have an experience with the hotel that is not only pleasant but hassle-free. 

The front office manager manages the accounts of the hotel. The finances, the number of reservations in the hotel also deal with the guest's check-in and check-out process.

The first welcome for the guests when entering a hotel is by the reception staff, so maintaining a healthy customer relationship is also something that they have to excel at to ensure repeat visits and goodwill. 


  • Accommodation manager 

Accommodation manager is the supervisor and head of the housekeeping staff. 

He makes sure the functioning and the services of the housekeeping staff are performed correctly. He also handles guest's complaints and issues regarding housekeeping service.

He inspects the rooms and surroundings of the hotel and ensures strict obedience has been maintained and cleanliness and hygiene standards of the hotel are met. 

The accommodation manager also makes sure the special requirements for the VIP room are satisfied. 


  • HR and training 

The duties of an HR and training manager are to hire, interview and train the recruits according to the hotel's needs and make sure they perform well in their selection.

The HR and training manager needs to make sure the staff is well trained and fits in their roles well.



Candidates applying for a hotel management course need to have a good set of skills as well as the right knowledge of what specific role they want to pick up.

In today's times where tourism and traveling are on the rise, people venture out on vacations and expect a good response from the hotel and its team, that's where the hotel staff and its employees come into play.

With the many courses available to students in today's time, they can choose to do it from the institute of their choice, or do hotel management courses  in Mumbai, Delhi, Ahmedabad, and such other metropolitan cities where there's a high number of tourists checking in hotels where maximum staff is required.

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